Ch17 – Less disgust.

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The screen brightness of the laptop was adjusted to 37%.
The contents of the webpage were quite a mixed bag.
Seeing this, Jiang Yunshu was dazzled.
Raising the tip of the pen, he ticked the last item on the schedule and glanced sideways at the wall clock; it was 5:02 in the morning.
His sore eyes began to throb, and he tiredly raised his neck and rested his nape on the back of the chair.
He let out a big sigh.
“I’m going to pick up Bai Tang tomorrow…”




He had been really busy the past five days.
He was so overwhelmed that he would only sleep less than five hours a day.
There were too many things that needed to be done within the time limit.
Getting certificates, issuing house credentials, negotiating prices with buyers, signing sales contracts, moving houses, etc., blah, blah, blah.


Prior to junior high school, his father would draw up a daily schedule for him, and punishment awaited him if he didn’t finish it.
Later, after high school, the person making the schedule shifted from his father to himself.



He would carry a diary with himself, densely packed with his everyday schedule, right from the moment he opened his eyes, to the time he would close them at night.
The contents written in the diary had to be completed every day.



He had used up 32 diaries in his previous world.


Perhaps it was the influence of his original family, or perhaps it was due to his inherent self-discipline, but even after so many years, to the point of morbidity, the absence of pressure would cause him to feel void and anxious.



He couldn’t leave Bai Tang all by himself in the hospital for too long, and he couldn’t wait for Bai Tang to come out before moving his plans forward.
He had to see everything through, stabilize everything, and create a stable environment for Bai Tang’s recovery.


It was a must.


For such an important thing as moving houses, he was a type of person who would definitely inform Bai Tang immediately.
That was why he always assumed that he had already informed Bai Tang about it.
It turned out he’d made a mistake from the very first day… Jiang Yunshu heaved a sigh.
He refused to succumb to old age.
He could forget one-fifth of the English words he memorized the next day.
He used to remember everything after just one reading when he was studying.


“I sold the old house.” In an effort to appease Bai Tang, Jiang Yunshu spoke as softly as possible.
“We’ve moved, and now we’re on our way to our new house.
Don’t worry, we’ll be there in about ten minutes.”


The little German Shepherd shrank his four short legs and fell into Bai Tang’s trembling embrace.
It put a warm paw on its owner’s arm, hunched to tilt its head, and made an “awoo” sound, as if it could sense its owner’s fear.

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Jiang Yunshu remembered something.
He pulled out his phone and went to the gallery.
“Look at these pictures of our new house that I took during the day yesterday.
We’re on our way there right now.”


Bai Tang’s lower face was hidden in the little German Shepherd’s body, and all that could be seen were his enchanting lunar eyes as he viewed the photos on the phone in silence.


“Because the time was too short, I only got to take a few pictures.” Jiang Yunshu smiled.
“Why don’t we look at it for ourselves now? We’ll be arriving soon.”


Eventually, Bai Tang’s shaky frame subsided and he nodded slightly in agreement.


“Then let’s go,” Jiang Yunshu said, having been waiting patiently.
He looked ahead, pulled the handbrake, and pretended to chat casually, “What name does Bai Tang plan to give the dog?”


“It’s better if sir chooses…” Bai Tang’s voice was muffled.


“I don’t really have a good name sense.
If it were me…” Jiang Yunshu appeared a little concerned while mulling about it.
“Perhaps it’ll be called Shang’an.”



The tension in the car had visibly lessened.
Bai Tang blinked his eyes and subconsciously replied, “Why…” After reacting, he quickly closed his mouth.


Jiang Yunshu didn’t mind, and deadpanned, “Because I want to take the postgraduate entrance exam.”


Jiang Yunsu wanted to take the postgraduate entrance examination? Bai Tang was silent. He’s almost 30 years old.
Why all of a sudden…? A sudden realization after losing his memory? It’s already December.
If he wanted to take the test, he could only wait until December of the next year.


Although he was full of doubts, Bai Tang said nothing.
The two of them didn’t get along well enough for him to ask the alpha about his personal affairs.


“Did I not tell you about this?” Jiang Yunshu continued, “I plan to take the postgraduate entrance exam next year.
I don’t intend to run the company myself anymore, but don’t worry, the revenue is still a considerable figure.”


Bai Tang was somewhat surprised that the alpha would take the initiative to tell him these things. This…was the first time. He lowered his eyelashes to cover the emotions in his eyes.


Studying for the postgraduate entrance exam, that’s really good.


Jiang Yunsu never let himself go to study, otherwise, he would definitely take the entrance exam and be able to get into a university… He was such a fool.


The next second, Jiang Yunshu said lukewarmly, “Bai Tang, do you want to go study too?” Bai Tang was 21, if he remembered correctly.
He had just graduated from high school when he married the original owner at the age of 18.


Bai Tang thought that there was something wrong with his ears.
His head took a quick turn, his eyes wide open.
He exclaimed in shock, “R-Really?”



He unwittingly slipped out.
Bai Tang was taken aback immediately after.
At that moment, he felt as if a large iron hammer had been slammed into his head, the impact making his eyes blank, bringing him back to his senses.
A layer of cold sweat instantly broke out on his back, and he panicked.
“I’m sorry, sir… I spoke nonsense.
I don’t want to go…”


Have you lost your mind? Bai Tang bit his lip so hard.
He actually took what the amnesiac Jiang Yunsu said seriously? Did he think life was not difficult enough? That word alone would be enough to make the Jiang Yunsu who had his memory furious.


“Don’t worry.” As expected, Bai Tang still couldn’t trust him yet.
Jiang Yunshu turned the steering wheel to the left.
The car drove into a high-end villa area.
“Wait, can you press the car window on your side and let the security guard recognize your face?”


“I can…” Bai Tang whispered.


The window shade gradually moved down, allowing more light to gently illuminate Bai Tang’s face.
Uncomfortably sitting in the passenger seat, he stared at his feet in awkward silence.


With the security guard’s greeting serving as a backdrop, he heard the alpha’s voice resonating in his ear, leisurely and authoritative.
“Hello, this is my partner and the owner of house 3201.
This dog is the pet we’re raising together.”


…Partner? It was the first time he’d heard Jiang Yunsu address him as such. No, it was the first time Jiang Yunsu revealed his existence to the outside world. Momentarily, Bai Tang was in a trance, but he quickly regained his composure.


Don’t take it seriously. Bai Tang forewarned himself. Jiang Yunsu had always had a quick wit, and he’d recently lost his memory.
The inherent nature of a person is unlikely to change.


“We’ve arrived.” Jiang Yunshu drove his car into the garage.
He pushed open the passenger door and extended his hand to Bai Tang.
“Come on, let’s go.”


Bai Tang surveyed his new surroundings quietly.
The garden in front of the villa was bigger than before.
The large lawn remained unchanged, but unlike before, where there was a tree, only an empty patch of grass was present here.



“If Bai Tang has time in the future, you can plant whatever you like.
You can also buy and install your favorite outdoor equipment, such as a swing set with a slide and dog training tools, all of which can be placed in the garden.
Or you can even have it modified by things like paving a cobble path or digging a small pond to raise some fish.” Jiang Yunshu patiently narrated what he could do in the future with a smile.
“How about when that time comes, I do it with Bai Tang?”


Qin Zhongnan said that it was important for Bai Tang to get in touch with nature more, do some relaxing but focused activities, and re-establish hobbies and interests so Bai Tang would avoid thinking wildly, making blind assumptions, and succumbing to depression and despair.


Imagination was truly a magical force.
The alpha wasn’t very good at telling stories, and how he told it to Bai Tang was very boring, but in an instant, these beautiful images appeared in Bai Tang’s mind, and they gave him hope for his future life.


Bai Tang pursed his lips.
He spoke as if he could really achieve it… with less disgust.


He stayed quietly in Jiang Yunshu’s hold and whispered, “Okay… Thank you, sir.”

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