Ch16 – “Doggie…!”

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Because Zhou An had bone cancer, Jiang Yunshu especially made an appointment for Bai Tang to have a bone marrow examination.




Jiang, your omega must’ve been abused…” The doctor took a few X-rays and pointed out several places to Jiang Yunshu. “He doesn’t have cancer, but there are several bones that have cracks after they grew back.
The most serious one is the bone in the left wrist, which will definitely ache in cold weather.” 



Perhaps it was Jiang Yunshu’s protective attitude when he came in with Bai Tang, or maybe it was Jiang Yunshu’s decent and well-mannered speech that had left a good impression on the doctor, which made him subconsciously think that he would not be the person who abused Bai Tang.


By the end of it, Jiang Yunshu’s face was even more ugly when they left the hospital.
Even Bai Tang, who was sitting in the co-pilot’s seat, felt the cold air around him and was afraid to move.



“Sorry,” Jiang Yunshu took a deep breath and rubbed his stiff face.
“I scared you.”



“You didn’t…sir.” Bai Tang pursed his lips and shook his head.
One thing that could be confirmed now was that Jiang Yunsu had amnesia, and during this period, Jiang Yunsu shouldn’t beat him again. 


But…when will his memory return? Tomorrow? The day after tomorrow? a week later? It could happen anytime.


Considering Jiang Yunsu’s nature, the moment he would recover his memory, he definitely wouldn’t continue pretending and would just immediately fly into a rage because he lost 170,000 for nothing, as well as the other check-up fees and so on. 


As Jiang Yunsu’s ruthless methods flashed before him one by one, Bai Tang saw his face, which was reflected on the glass window, turn deathly pale and bloodless.


“We’re here.” Jiang Yunshu didn’t drive the car into the garage, instead parked it at the entrance of the villa.
“I’ll carry you.” 


Bai Tang inclined his head a bit.
Through the car window, he glanced at the place where he had lived for more than three years lifelessly.
He didn’t want to go in… No, he hated it here.



Jiang Yunshu opened the co-pilot’s door and gently lifted Bai Tang.
He typed in  the gate’s combination lock, stepped on the lush grass, and asked, “Bai Tang, are you afraid of dogs?” 

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Bai Tang was dumbfounded.
He was absentminded and didn’t hear clearly. What did Jiang Yunsu say? Dog…?


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Looks like he’s not afraid. Jiang Yunshu sighed in relief and gently put Bai Tang down.
The black dumpling immediately jumped around its owner with its tail wagging.
Its claws hooked Bai Tang’s pants and used it as a support to stand up, pulling the bandage on the soles of his feet in the process. 


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“Tbeg bkcfg lr lcpegfv, rb abemtlcu tlr offa lr j ylu cb-cb.”


The black dumpling barked, his black eyes shining. 


All of Bai Tang’s attention was focused on the puppy, making him forget everything around him.
He unconsciously tucked his hands to his chest like dog paws, eagerly staring at the furry creature.


Bai Tang’s gaze was so scorching that Jiang Yunshu had to comply  and placed the dog in Bai Tang’s arms. 


The sunlight trickled in and warmed the patch of grass.
There was a faint grassy fragrance hovering on the tip of his nose and the halo of light lingered on the side of Jiang Yunshu’s sharp face.
He watched quietly from a distance.
Bai Tang was sitting on the grass, slowly stroking the dog’s fur like a treasure, with an expression he had never seen before, which was a pleasant surprise.



After hearing Zhou Zhaoyu’s proposal yesterday, Jiang Yunshu went to the nearest pet store without any hesitation.
He wanted a large dog that could give Bai Tang a sense of security and to protect and help Bai Tang heal.
It should not only be docile and obedient but also have the combative ability to protect its master. 


Of course, it shouldn’t let go of his hold.
Otherwise, with Bai Tang’s small body, if they go out for a walk, no one would know who’s walking whom.


In the end, he came back with a little black dog.
According to its name in his original world, it should be called a German Shepherd.
It’s one of the most loyal dog breeds. 


Jiang Yunshu looked at the time.
It was getting dark.
He stood up and said, “Bai Tang, let’s go.”


Bai Tang subconsciously held the dog in his arms and looked at the alpha vigilantly.
He had been so engrossed in playing with the dog just now.Only after this interruption did he realize that it was Jiang Yunsu’s dog. 


“I’m sorry, sir…” Bai Tang slowly released the German Shepherd’s paws and pushed the black dumpling’s round butt forward.


The little German Shepherd thought he was playing with it.
It stuck out its tongue to lick its owner’s slender fingers. 


Jiang Yunshu knew what Bai Tang was thinking when he saw Bai Tang’s movements.
He said, “Bai Tang, we’ll be raising this dog together.”


In fact, he really wanted to say “This is your dog,” but Zhou Zhaoyu deserved to be called a psychology professor as he saw through his intentions completely.
“If you plan to let Bai Tang connect with small animals, don’t tell Bai Tang that it’s his.
This will put him in a state of worrying about gains and losses all the time.
Because in his mind, as long as it belongs to him alone, it will be killed.” 


Bai Tang looked over, mumbling, “Together?” Then Jiang Yunsu wouldn’t hurt his own puppy, right?



“Mhm.” Jiang Yunshu affirmed.
He crouched down.
“But it likes you more, so it will protect you.


Bai Tang didn’t understand what he meant.
He raised his head only to see Jiang Yunshu raise his hand as if he were about to  slap him.
His pupils shrank and he sobbed in horror.
He closed his eyes reflexively and shrank himself into a ball, shaking.


The pain he expected in the next second didn’t come  but he suddenly heard a fierce “Arf!” and an emotionless “Aah!” from Jiang Yunsu.
He shuddered for a while and tentatively peeked a little.
The sight before him made his heart skip a beat. 


The puppy bit the alpha’s left hand and didn’t let go.
The alpha was frowning, his face twisting in pain.


“Sir!” Bai Tang, covered in grass, picked up the puppy in a panic and stepped back. 


Jiang Yunshu suddenly wanted to laugh.
He called out to him, but he was holding the dog in his hands.
Thanks to his painstaking acting, every facial muscle on his face was exerting force.
He also pinched the poor German Shepherd several times before he managed to make it bite him.


Jiang Yunshu wiped his drool-filled hands with a tissue and explained, “I didn’t want to hit you just now, it was just for demonstration.
See, it’s protecting you.” 


Bai Tang was baffled.
He looked down at the black dumpling in his embrace, holding  his clothes in its mouth and grinding its teeth, and couldn’t help but pat the fluffy dog’s head.


Little German Shepherd: ? tilting head.jpg 


Jiang Yunshu couldn’t stand the stickiness in his hands, so he walked to the faucet in the small patio and washed his hands.
The reason he acted like this was to make Bai Tang feel more at ease.
If he were to hurt Bai Tang, this little puppy would spare no effort to protect him, no matter who the abuser was.



“Let’s go.” Jiang Yunshu wiped his hands clean.
“It’s getting dark.
Are you going to carry the puppy?” 


Bai Tang didn’t know where they were going, and he didn’t dare ask.
He hugged the German Shepherd obediently and sat in the co-pilot seat.
He looked out the dark window and gradually became uneasy at the thought of the unknown destination.
He could only hug the only source of warmth in his arms even more tightly.


“You can give it a name.” After driving for more than ten minutes in silence, Jiang Yunshu found a topic.
“It’s a male.” 


“N-No, you can choose it, thank you, sir.
” Bai Tang huddled up beside the car door, pinching the German Shepherd’s paws nervously.
His hands and feet were a little cold and the flashing street lights illuminated the cold sweat that drenched his entire face.


Jiang Yunshu finally realized something was wrong and asked, “Bai Tang, what’s wrong?” 


He might’ve pinched the German Shepherd a little too strongly because the black dumpling grunted.
Bai Tang noticed the increasingly desolate scenery outside the window and the fear that had been brewing for a while finally burst in his mind, like that moment when he was drowning, preoccupying all his thoughts.
He asked with a trembling voice, “Sir… have you recovered your memory?”


“No,” Jiang Yunshu felt puzzled.
“I haven’t recovered them yet.
What’s wrong?” 


“Then, where are we going now? I was wrong sir, please don’t leave me…” Bai Tang’s voice was filled with sobs.


Jiang Yunshu was startled.
He cursed under his breath and hurriedly parked the car on the side of the road.
He turned on the lights in the car and instantly, a warm yellow light filled the entire space.
He said, “We moved, didn’t I tell you?” 


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Jiang Yunshu glanced at the snoozing kitten motionless in the glass cabinet, raised his long legs, and left without feeling nostalgic.

Jiang Yunshu: Don’t be a lazybone, thank you

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