Ch15 – “I will be responsible for you.”

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Fengqi Omega University was Bai Tang’s alma mater.




In a world dominated by alphas, it was inevitable that the alphas wanted to instill servile thinking in omegas since childhood.
The concept of equality for everyone that came out of the mouths of teachers turned into that omegas naturally depend on alphas.
And there were never any physical education classes, but in its place were housework chores classes that taught omegas how to be a virtuous wife and how to be more appealing to alphas. 



As a result, many married omegas who were victims of domestic violence only felt that their husbands were in the right, and that they were always the one who did something wrong.
It was perfectly justified for alphas to discipline their omegas.


However, Fengqi Omega University was the only school in the Second Star’s 2nd District   that had not dipped its finger into this.
90% of successful omegas in their society graduated from this college, like Zhou Zhaoyu.



The omegas in the school studied the same content as the alphas.
Even more, there was an ideology class once a week; without propagating ideals, without any teachers giving lectures, it was just more than 300 omegas sitting in the lobby, quietly watching one real incident after another on the projection: the treatment of omegas in this society.



It was gathered by their principal from the news, from magazines, and from newspapers bit by bit. 


For example: #an omega scratched an alpha’s vehicle in the street and was slapped#.


But the video clearly showed that the alpha suddenly opened the door and knocked the omega down. 


Another example was: #Alpha sentenced to one year and three months for domestically abusing his omega wife near death#.


It was a mere two years of probation. 


The auditorium was very quiet, with only the sound from the projection present.
The students silently looked at the blood-stained faces on the screen.
There were two main reactions.
One was anger with gritted teeth, like Zhou Zhaoyu, whose fists were clenched tightly as blood dripped from his palms; the other was angry tears, like Bai Tang, who not only shed tears with anger, but also with unwillingness, powerlessness, and rage.



It was a small auditorium, but suddenly it was filled with resentment. 


Someone gave all their strength to roar, “Everyone must give their best—”


The headmaster stood on the podium with his hands behind his back, looking at the fierce students below the stage.
His calm and powerful voice echoed throughout the auditorium.
“Meeting adjourned!” 

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Even if the students of each class raised funds on their own initiative and donated at the same time, the school could barely manage. 


Even now, the area covering Fengqi Omega University has been cut by two-thirds, with less than 200 students and only six teachers.


Bai Tang’s hands holding the certificate were shaking.
The 170,000 yuan was undoubtedly a timely gift for his alma mater. 


“This is the money that the sapphire sold,” explained Jiang Yunshu.



Bai Tang stroked the school logo on the certificate, and after a long silence, he asked softly, “Sir, did you really lose your memory?” 


Jiang Yunsu, who had no amnesia, would never be able to do this.


If Jiang Yunsu had lost tens of thousands in stock trading, Bai Tang would get a good beating.
That money-loving character, first of all, would make donating 170,000 to Fenqi an impossibility, because Jiang Yunsu was one of the alphas who supported the banning of the university. 


It would be even more impossible if such a huge price was spent just to tease and torment him, because in Jiang Yunsu‘s heart, he did not deserve it.


“Yes.” Sure enough, as Zhou Zhaoyu had said, Bai Tang thought he didn’t have amnesia.
Jiang Yunshu said seriously, “I really lost my memory.
I can’t remember everything in the past.
When I woke up and learned what I had done to you before, I felt very angry and regretful, that’s why I won’t treat you badly anymore.
It won’t happen again.” 


Bai Tang listened quietly.
He suddenly noticed that the tone of the alpha’s speech had changed.
It was obviously the same voice, but the speed and pitch were within a comfortable range.


Such a lengthy speech, it somehow gave people a reassuring feeling.
Bai Tang almost believed it. 


If he didn’t hear that last sentence.


“Thank you…sir.”  His lashes lowered.
Even if Jiang Yunsu lost his memory, his nature would not change. 


Besides, someday, he would remember, and when that day came, Bai Tang would be done for.



When the doctor had diagnosed Jiang Yunsu, Bai Tang was next to him.
The doctor looked at the CT scan in his hand and said, “It may be temporary amnesia.
He might remember soon, or his memories might never come back.” 


Bai Tang still couldn’t relax.
He looked pale.


“Then I’ll go first.” Jiang Yunshu put a suit’s coat full of pheromones on the hospital bed.
“I’ll pick you up tomorrow.” 


Bai Tang lowered his head and said obediently, “…Okay.
You’ve worked hard, sir.”


After Jiang Yunshu left, Bai Tang came to a long standstill, and it was almost dark when he regained his senses.
He opened the donation certificate again and read it back and forth many times, completely reluctant to put it down.
Suddenly, the mobile phone in his quilt rang.
He was afraid that it was Jiang Yunsu, so he quickly pulled it out. 


Zhou Zhaoyu: I saw that the school’s official website published a thank you message for your donation of 170,000 yuan.
What’s going on?


Bai Tang typed sluggishly: Jiang Yunsu donated it under my name… He really seems to have lost his memory. 


The reason why Zhou Zhaoyu and Bai Tang got acquainted with each other in just five days was because when Bai Tang was in school, he had an impression of Zhou Zhaoyu, an excellent senior.


On the third day of their psychological counseling, when Zhou Zhaoyu learned that Bai Tang was a student of Fengqi, he was very surprised.
“Then how did you…” 


“Because I’m an omega.” When Bai Tang said this, he quietly looked out the window, his overgrown eyelashes fanning desolately.
“My parents left me alone on the day of their divorce.
My grandmother took custody of me and helped me apply for admission to Fengqi, but before I graduated, my grandmother died.”



There was no need for Bai Tang to talk about the rest.
Zhou Zhaoyu also understood that an orphaned omega’s survival rate with no one to depend on and no property in the society was almost equal to zero.
The reason why Zhou Zhaoyu was able to achieve this status was greatly due to the protection and support of his family until now. 


Bai Tang looked at Zhou Zhaoyu’s reply: “Mhm.”


He locked the screen of his phone and placed it back in the cabinet.
He slowly fell on the hospital bed, and gradually curled up.
He covered his thin body with a quilt, and the tears he’d been harboring flowed silently.
He choked with sobs, “At that time, my ideological and political performance was obviously… obviously the best in the class…” 


The next day, Zhou Zhaoyu still appeared in the ward on time, but he found that Bai Tang’s mood was much lower than yesterday.


After the counseling session ended, he simply explained the situation to Jiang Yunshu who was waiting outside the door and left. 


Jiang Yunshu nodded to express his thanks.
He knocked on the open door.
“Bai Tang, don’t go down.
I’ll carry you.”


Bai Tang had already packed his things, and put them all in a small traveling bag.
His toes were about to touch the ground but he pulled them back.
He sat nervously on the hospital bed, his hands wringing the innocent sheet. 


“Come on.” Jiang Yunshu let Bai Tang sit on his right arm, and lifted the travel bag with his left hand.
“Hold steady.”


Little Bai Tang leaned on the alpha, looking like a child.
Although his arms were indeed wrapped around Jiang Yunshu’s neck, his hands did not relax at all.
ُThey were just clasped together, and his posture was tense all over. 


Yesterday, they had come to an agreement to do a full body checkup before going home.
Bai Tang was very quiet and cooperative throughout the whole process, doing what he was asked to do.



The doctor in the gland department was an omega, and he didn’t have a good impression of this kind of alpha who didn’t abide by an alpha’s ethics.
“Your omega’s glands hadn’t even developed normally yet, how could you permanently mark him? Don’t you know how painful it is?” 


Jiang Yunshu’s mind flashed through the concept of the permanent mark that was in the pamphlet.
He fell silent. He was already permanently marked? Forget it, the original owner was a scum, so it was not surprising.


When Bai Tang closed his eyes, there was a wide expanse of fiery red, and he saw himself on the verge of death on the day he was forcibly marked. 


Jiang Yunshu was not angry when he was looked upon in disdain.
“Doctor, can I ask why his development is abnormal?”


“Shouldn’t I be the one asking you?” The doctor sneered, pointing to the deep and shallow scars on Bai Tang’s nape, specifically his gland.
“It’s either forcibly damaged, incorrectly marked or perhaps inborn.
But this looks like it’s probably the first two.
As for the specific cause and treatment plan, we’ll have to do a special gland examination.” 


It was also the first time that Jiang Yunshu saw Bai Tang’s nape.
After a long silence, he asked, “Then may I ask if there are still appointments available for examination in the gland department today?”


“No,” said the doctor unhappily.
“After a few days.” 


He walked out of the gland department with Bai Tang in his arms.
“I’m sorry, but don’t be afraid, I’ll be responsible for you.”


Good thing Bai Tang couldn’t see his expression, otherwise he would definitely be frightened, because at this moment Jiang Yunshu was expressionless, his eyes were cold, and he was obviously angry. 

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