Ch13 – “I’ll take you home soon.”

Translator: Abo Dammen

A plane was gliding through the clouds outside the window.
The weather was perfect; the sun shone in, and the green plants on the shelf were quietly photosynthesizing. 


Qin Zhongnan’s questions were frequently difficult to answer and tricky, but Jiang Yunshu remained calm and respectfully listened to the professional’s opinions.




“But don’t say anything,” Qin Zhongnan advised.
“so you meet the omega less frequently and give the omega a sense of security.” 




Swig by swig, Qin Zhongnan finished the fruit tea on the table.
He then leaned back on the chair’s backrest.
“That’s pretty much it.
Still, we’re all alphas here, so it’s tough to relate on a personal level.
Would you like to hear an omega’s point of view?”



Jiang Yunshu, who had already jotted down several notes in his notepad, looked up suspiciously.


Qin Zhongnan’s face was smug.
“My omega is a psychology professor.”



“I’ll listen.” Jiang Yunshu made no hesitation.


The call was quickly connected.
“Damn it, Qin Zhongnan, how many times must you call me in one day—”


Qin Zhongnan quickly hung up the phone and said mirthfully, “Sorry, something unexpected happened.”


When the call finally connected again, the subject of work brought out a completely different attitude from the other party.
After hearing Jiang Yunshu’s situation, he asked a pointed question that hit the nail on the head, “Someone has been playing tricks on you in a variety of ways, but one day he unceremoniously stated, ‘Oh, I lost my memory.’ What would you think?”


The two alphas present instantly formed a thought chain: He’s tricking me with new ideas.



Jiang Yunshu suddenly felt enlightened.
He abruptly raised his head and saw Qin Zhongnan smiling.
“Thank you, baobei.
You have to come back early tonight~”


There was a moment of silence in the consultation room during which neither Qin Zhongnan nor anyone else spoke.
Jiang Yunshu eventually asked, “Can I hire your omega to do psychotherapy for my omega?”


“It’s a separate price~” said Qin Zhongnan, who appeared to have expected it.


Jiang Yunshu agreed without a second thought.
“All right, I’m troubling you.”

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Bai Tang was still asleep upon Jiang Yunshu’s return to the ward.
He was curled up on one side of the bed, sleeping very unsettlingly.
He was on the verge of putting his fingertips under Bai Tang’s nose.
He had asked the doctor, and the doctor said that Bai Tang’s underdeveloped physique and his low drug tolerance wasn’t a major issue.


Jiang Yunshu reclined in the nursing chair.
He closed his eyes and attempted to release pheromones, which he had just spent another on so that Qin Zhongnan could teach him.


Slowly, a pleasant odor pervaded the entire ward, and he noticed that Bai Tang’s hand, which had been tightly clasping the quilt even when he fell asleep, seemed to loosen a little.



It’s extremely useful.
Pheromones could indeed truly appease an omega.


Jiang Yunshu felt a modicum of relief.
He walked out of the ward after gently smoothing Bai Tang’s wrinkled brows with his fingers, taking off his coat and placing it on top of his quilt.


He opened the notepad app on his phone and went through it one by one to ensure he hadn’t missed any important information.


Now we’ll get down to business.



Bai Tang woke up not long after Jiang Yunshu had gone.
He smelled his alpha’s pheromone before even opening his eyes.
Physically, he was so relaxed that he just wanted to curl up in the quilt and not move, but his psychological nausea surged.
He ripped open the quilt and dashed into the bathroom for a retching fit. 


The coat draped over the quilt fell to the ground, and one of its buttons clicked against the floor tile.


Bai Tang staggered out and knelt on the ground, his head lowered and his eyes fixed on the floor tile’s line, to endure the raging discomfort with all his might.
“I’m sorry, sir… I-I didn’t…vomit because I smelled your pheromone.
I don’t feel good…” 


However, the anticipated pain and insults did not materialize.
Bai Tang remained tense.
When he had knelt so long that his hands and feet were numb with cold, only then did he dare to look around the room with even a fraction of an eyelid raised.
No one was present in the ward.


He subconsciously assumed that the alpha was in the ward due to the presence of pheromones in the air. 


December had arrived.
Bai Tang shivered uncontrollably despite wearing only a thin layer of hospital clothes due to the lack of heating in the south.
He climbed back under the quilt, propping up his frozen, stiff body.
Even after a while of trembling, he was still uncomfortably chilly.



It was probably because he lacked vital energy and blood.
During the winter, his body struggled to warm up, and he frequently awoke with cold hands and feet. 


Just then, the silence was broken by a loud click.
Immediately after, the door was pushed open, and Bai Tang shrank under the quilt, staring vigilantly in its direction.


A female nurse entered the room, carrying a quilt.
She was a beta, so she couldn’t discern how strong the pheromone smell was in the room.
“Bai Tang, right? Your alpha rented an additional quilt.
Where should I put it?” 


Bai Tang’s eyes blinked slowly before reaching out to take it.
“…Thank you.”


The nurse placed an insulated lunch box and a plastic bag on the bedside table.
“Your alpha also brought these, and he asked me to tell you something.” 


When Bai Tang heard that Jiang Yunsu had a reminder, he lowered his head obediently like a well-behaved child, not feeling upset, as if he were a servant waiting for orders from his tyrannical monarch.


Was it “Be good, don’t cause me trouble, or else good things will surely happen to you when you get home,” or was it “If you act disobediently, I’ll throw you.
In any case, it wouldn’t do anything but cause you pain”? 


“He said,” the nurse thought back, then said, “don’t be afraid, I’ll take you home soon.”




Bai Tang suspected he had misheard.
He raised his head drearily after being rendered speechless for a brief moment.
He was about to ask if she had given the wrong message when he noticed the nurse had already left.



He spent a long time staring at the extra quilt.
Only then did he begin to fiddle with the plastic bag, which contained a brand new pair of plush slippers with a stupid-looking little bear sewn on them. 


Bai Tang’s eyelashes trembled. Jiang Yunsu would buy these kinds of slippers…? He lightly prodded the bear’s nose with his index finger.
He poked around for a while before putting his hand into the slippers and touching them.
Not feeling anything sharp, he threw it down and wore it.
The little bear’s head was just resting on his pale, slender ankle.


The alpha screwed the insulated lunch box shut so tight that Bai Tang had to use all of his strength to twist the lid open.
The lunchbox contained steamed pumpkin, vermicelli with baby cabbage, three varieties of stir-fried vegetables, and a few small meatballs, all of which had an overflowing aroma.
In response, his long-starved stomach snarled. 


Bai Tang swallowed his saliva.
He pulled the meatballs aside first, then stuffed spoonful after spoonful into his mouth, his cheeks bulging.


At 7:00 the next morning, when Secretary Xu saw Jiang Yunshu in the company, he thought that he might still be asleep. 


Secretary Xu burst into tears with joy.
There was still hope for his year-end bonus! “P-President Jiang! Are you studying fundamental design? Is there anything you don’t understand—”


His words were cut short when he noticed the stacks of books on the table and the alpha holding a copy of [Postgraduate Entrance Examination in Western Medicine Summary] in his hand, taking notes while reading. 


Secretary Xu stuttered in fear, “P-President Jiang! YOU! What are you, what are you DOING?!”


Jiang Yunshu didn’t lift his head, but his beautiful semi-cursive script proficiency flashed vividly on the paper at breakneck speed.
“I want to take the postgraduate entrance exam.” 


Secretary Xu, “H-Ha? HAA?!”



“Oh, that’s right,” Jiang Yunshu finally, albeit grudgingly, took his gaze away from the book.
“You should hire more designers with unique styles as soon as possible.
I’ll just be serving as a hands-off supervisor.” 


Secretary Xu was taken aback.
There was a tremor in his fingers.
“No, President Jiang, you…”


“I’m not kidding.” Jiang Yunshu retrieved a handful of stacks of paper and placed them in front of Secretary Xu.
“Please let me go.” 


Secretary Xu scrutinized the paper with trembling hands, only to discover that it was a completely unknown scribble, with crooked lines and dicey forms.
The pen’s starting and ending points never coincided. It was extremely bad looking at the hideous mess, which mirrored Secretary Xu’s current mood.


Jiang Yunshu arrived at the hospital at around 3 pm.
Even from a distance, he could make out Qin Zhongnan’s figure next to a somewhat shorter omega. 


“Hi.” Qin Zhongnan smiled and greeted, the silver chain on his glasses swaying.
“Finally here~? Let me introduce to you my partner, Zhou Zhaoyu.”


Jiang Yunshu gave a slight nod.
“Good day.
I’ll be troubling you…” 


The omega was dressed in a form-fitting light gray suit.
His short hair added to his delicate demeanor.
Before him stood an alpha who was a head taller than him, but he didn’t even bother to give him an upright regard.
“Don’t be presumptuous, I’m not helping you, I’m only helping the omega,” he said with a cold, indifferent humph.


“Ai~ Zhaoyu is so handsome ah~” Looking at Zhou Zhaoyu from behind, Qin Zhongnan’s eyes curved.
He offered a comforting glance to the gobsmacked Jiang Yunshu, but his tone was full of mockery, “Ah, don’t worry, it’s just that my partner is an omeganist. Standing before an alpha like Mr.
Jiang, you’re lucky he didn’t chop your dick off.” 


Author’s Feed:


I’m afraid that some readers will miss my words, so I hereby declare: In reality, undergraduate non-medical majors cannot take an exam from medical graduate students.
However, in this world, it is an individual preference.

Original note: In reality, undergraduate non-medical majors cannot take an exam from medical graduate students.
But it is possible in this world! It’s a personal preference! Otherwise, our book ge will be unable to pursue a career as a doctor~

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