In Jiang Yunshu’s mind, he feared that the worst-case scenario was that Bai Tang’s string would be stretched to the breaking point.


The fresh flowers on the headboard were still moist with dewdrops.
Jiang Yunshu checked the time.
It was 6:47 in the morning, 13 minutes before the alarm clock was scheduled to go off.
The moment he opened the beige curtains, the green screen flashed before his eyes.
A number of sparrows flapped their wings and fled in fright.
He observed a leaf-covered branch that was about to reach into the window.
He felt much better after stretching out his hand and twirling it in his fingers. 


Jiang Yunshu walked out of the door lightly after washing up, and saw a lone key hanging on the door handle of Bai Tang’s room.



Sure enough, he still didn’t accept it.
He didn’t know if the child slept in bed last night… He retracted his gaze and was about to go downstairs when he heard a soft sound.
The door opened, and Bai Tang’s flushed face poked out from behind the door.
The middle-length hair that reached his shoulders seemed to have been trimmed, but there was a stubborn tuft peeking. 


The instant he saw Jiang Yunshu standing next to the stairs, he immediately sobered up.
He had been so frightened that he hurriedly opened the door, but had forgotten that he was still behind it.
The door slammed shut with a loud bang on his head.
“Ow! S-Sir, you’re up!”


“Good morning, Bai Tang.” Jiang Yunshu greeted with a voice as soothing as a breeze, which bafflingly reduced Bai Tang’s fear.
He couldn’t help but chuckle.
“Rub your head.” 


When he worked at the city hospital, all the doctors who knew him said that his voice was so pleasant that patients were willing to listen to him nag for a few more minutes, but unfortunately, Dr.
Jiang didn’t talk much.
Lin was also very jealous because of this.
“Ah~ so annoying.
That lovely new nurse in our department would always say that you have a great voice aaaaaaaahhhhh.”


Bai Tang was stupefied.
His recently awakened mind was still very confused.
He rubbed his head absentmindedly. 


Jiang Yunshu’s smile grew bigger.
Bai Tang’s usual bathroom was next door.
He said, “Go wash up.
Can you go there by yourself?”


“Yes!” Bai Tang immediately put his hand down.
“I don’t want to trouble sir…” 


Jiang Yunshu responded, “But when you go down the stairs, I’m going to carry you down.
Hopping down is dangerous.”


Bai Tang pursed his lips uneasily and said, “Okay…Thank you, sir.” 


After that, the both of them remained still.
Bai Tang looked at him nervously.
Jiang Yunshu’s eyes softened.



“Ah, I’m sorry, sir…!” Bai Tang immediately turned around.
He leaned against the wall with his left hand and hopped to the bathroom on one foot, turning his head from time to time for fear of Jiang Yunshu chasing him and hitting him. 


Jiang Yunshu stood in the same place.
After watching Bai Tang enter the bathroom, he walked to the bedroom door and glanced inside.
There was no indication that anyone had slept on the bed.


He sighed.
He had already predicted it. 


There was also an east-facing window in the kitchen where sunlight would enter.
On the window sill was a small, succulent, and plump green plant.


Jiang Yunshu originally wanted to cook lean meat porridge, but he was worried that Bai Tang wouldn’t eat it, so he decided on green vegetable porridge instead.
As soon as he turned his head, he noticed Bai Tang staring at him dumbfoundedly from the top of the stairwell.
He had no idea how long he had stood there.
He took a few steps, lightly pressed his palm on Bai Tang’s back, who instinctively retreated, and said, “Next time, just call me directly.” 


Arriving on the first floor, he put Bai Tang on the ground.
“Do whatever you want to do, I’ll steam some lean meat.”


Bai Tang had an anxious look on his face.
Just as he was about to speak, Jiang Yunshu said, “Your hand is injured, so you can’t touch the water.” 


Bai Tang still wanted to say something, but Jiang Yunshu cut him off, “No.”


Bai Tang’s mouth closed, and his pupils were trembling with confusion.
He no longer knew what Jiang Yunsu‘s purpose was for doing this.
He felt a sense of emptiness and panic, as if his feet couldn’t touch the ground and he had no idea when the guillotine hanging above his neck would fall. 


If the purpose was to make fun of him and see how stupid he looked, this game has been going on for almost two weeks.
Given Jiang Yunsu’s personality, he ought to have been bored long ago. Jiang Yunsu had already attained his objective if he had sought an excuse to inflict cruel suffering on him.
Why hasn’t Jiang Yunsu lost his temper yet, given that he let the alpha make the bed last night, didn’t sleep under the alpha’s feet, and allowed the alpha to cook porridge this morning?



But if Jiang Yunsu really wanted to make fun of him, did he even need to find an excuse…? Did he not simply want to play? Bai Tang’s lashes trembled in panic. 


Or, did he really lose his memory…?


In any case, Bai Tang had no idea how to handle such an unfamiliar alpha, which was outside of his area of expertise. 

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