ABOSOCIETY Ch9 – “Do you still want your feet?!” – Chrysanthemum Garden

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Abo Dammen [Translator]11-14 minutes

Translator: Abo Dammen 

In the bright and warm room, Bai Tang stared blankly at the man hidden in the dark corner.
The tools that had previously harmed him were poured out and discarded one by one into the large garbage can.
Suddenly, a CD glimmered for a moment, in a sudden and strange manner. rmpkT

Bai Tang’s pupils shrank.
He turned his face away in a hurry.
His recollection was foggy as the ocean at dusk.
Dark and salty, it dragged him to the ocean floor.

Chrysanthemum Garden.

Jiang Yunsu sat next to the bed and said, “Hey, Bai Tang.” His long, bony fingers turned a pair of handcuffs, and a round sapphire flashed briefly.
“Crawl to me.” ZN9Lak

Bai Tang, who had just showered, paused for only a second before skillfully landing on his knees and crawling to Jiang Yunsu’s feet.

Jiang Yunsu’s lips curled.
He glanced at the kneeling omega, moved his legs charitably, and Bai Tang obediently rubbed the back of Jiang Yunsu’s thighs with his cheek, as if he were a coquettish cat.


Jiang Yunsu placed the handcuffs on Bai Tang’s wrist in a euphoric state.
“How is it? Doesn’t it look good?”

Bai Tang raised both hands in a prisoner-like manner.
He observed that the handcuffs were not circular, but rather had an irregular shape.
The corners were engraved with a beautiful rose pattern, with a beautiful sapphire in the center of each rose. jDhiJO

“I got this sapphire in an auction for hundreds of thousands of dollars, and I designed the handcuffs myself.” Jiang Yunsu said proudly, “It’s pure silver.
It took me three months to complete.
Wearing it on your hand will give you face, you know?”

The irregular noble metal chromium caused redness and cuts on the wrists of Bai Tang.
His drooping, crooked eyelashes rose in gratitude.
“It’s quite lovely… Thank you, sir.” QDZkCU

Later, during a rough and heated affair, he accidentally got a drop of saliva on the handcuffs.
He was then tortured and beaten

Bai Tang hugged his knees and curled up in the corner, his eyes staring blankly for quite a while. FBtscS

Jiang Yunshu saw that the bandage on the sole of Bai Tang’s feet was stained with blood, but he did not dare to act rashly, because Bai Tang was obviously still in an acute stress reaction.

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Any change in the outside world, like him getting up, walking to the couch and sitting down, or even just changing his posture, would make his condition worse and would elicit more violent reactions, let alone touching him. bBVoIp

Jiang Yunshu remained on one knee and observed Bai Tang’s expression carefully.
He was now sure that Bai Tang had PTSD, and the trigger was that box of tools.

Although he wasn’t a professional psychologist, he’d only had a psychology-related elective in university.
He had to get Bai Tang to trust him as soon as possible, as he had to undergo psychotherapy. cOKQdd

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Bai Tang’s eyes sluggishly shifted.
For more than 20 minutes, he was completely blank, and he only vaguely heard someone whispering to him in a trance, “No one will hurt you again in the future, don’t be afraid,” repeated several times.

He lifted his sweaty face away from his knees and saw the alpha a few steps away, seated in front of him. poTdrP

Memories flooded in, and Bai Tang’s eyelashes trembled like transparent cicada-wing-thin butterfly wings.

He began to wonder if the alpha really had amnesia, because how could that condescending, overconfident man sit on the ground for almost half an hour just to wait for him? How could Jiang Yunsu, a miser who valued nothing but money and had a high opinion of himself, throw his creations, which he was overly proud of, in the trash? SeA5En

Or, is this another test? A drop of cold sweat dripped from his neck to his collarbone.
Bai Tang’s eyes were dull.
Yes, this must be another test…

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

To discern whether he was truly obedient during his “amnesia,” whether he adhered to the rules established in the past, and whether he would act defiantly during his “amnesia.” niXv89

Although Bai Tang wished to destroy all those tools and throw them away, he would not risk his already difficult life to satisfy his desires.
He wasn’t foolish enough.

He said in a hoarse voice, “Sir… you can’t throw it away.” qub67j

“Hm?” Jiang Yunshu hummed with uncertainty.

Bai Tang didn’t dare look at the alpha’s face again.
“There are sapphire handcuffs inside… that couldn’t be thrown away.” OC3cuh

“Don’t want to.” Jiang Yunshu expressed his attitude without thinking.
“Come, let’s walk you to the sofa so I can replace the gauze.”

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“But…” Bai Tang’s face was a mixture of old and new tears, and he spoke with caution, “Sir, you said that you spent more than 100,000 yuan on that sapphire, and you designed it yourself…” GidEcT

Jiang Yunshu’s outstretched hand paused.
Hundreds of thousands?! His half-year salary in his original world?! ‘Employee’, Doctor Jiang hesitated.


Perhaps Jiang Yunshu’s expression was too shaken.
Bai Tang hung his head again, covering his ashen gaze.
It turned out he was waiting for this.
How could God’s favorite alpha become a garbage collector? How could the alpha, who adores wealth, be willing to waste hundreds of thousands of dollars for no reason? It turned out… It turned out he was waiting for this.

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Jiang Yunsu wanted to scrutinize the stench emanating from his entire body and filthy hands.
He pretended to be distressed on the surface, but on the inside, he was undoubtedly laughing at him.
“Sure enough, this disgusting bitch is only fit for rummaging through garbage.”


Bai Tang suppressed his fear of being abused by that box of tools and raised a reluctant smile on his pale face.
He supported his stiff body and stood up shakily before sensibly saying, “Sir, let me help you pick it up.”

Jiang Yunshu refused, picked him up, and placed him on the sofa.
“You sit, I’ll pick it up.”


Walking brought a slight breeze, making Bai Tang, who was covered in cold sweat, to shiver.
His attire clung uncomfortably to his body.
After taking a fresh shower, he had sat on the floor and rubbed himself against the wall.

But this wasn’t the most important point.
The most important point is that he’s currently dirty.
Jiang Yunsu hugged him unexpectedly and without disgust.
Bai Tang looked at the alpha’s jaw line in disbelief.
How is this possible….


He didn’t believe that a person of Jiang Yunsu’s character would endure to this extent in order to simply tease him.
Before, Jiang Yunsu would hate him for soiling the floor and would only kick him away

However, there was no longer any room for Bai Tang to think deeply.
Seeing the alpha turning around and about to leave, he reflexively grabbed the corner of Jiang Yunshu’s clothes and begged, “Si-Sir, let me pick it up…”


“Don’t be ridiculous.” Jiang Yunshu frowned and advanced one step.
The pulling sensation in his clothing vanished instantly.
He grabbed a broom and left.
“Just sit.
I’ll be back soon.”

Bai Tang stared at his empty palm in disbelief for some time before reacting.
He was turned down… How could that be possible… But now there was only one thought in his mind.
He couldn’t let the alpha walk out the door, or he would be punished….!

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Bai Tang couldn’t handle that, so he eagerly jumped to the ground, ran barefoot towards Jiang Yunshu, who was about to step out of the door, and grabbed the alpha’s thigh.
“Sir, sir, I’ll go, I beg of you… You mustn’t dirty your hands.

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Jiang Yunshu stared at him incredulously, quickly grabbed Bai Tang, and admonished him in a low voice, “Do you still want your feet?!”


Baj Tang trembled at the scolding, tears fell on his paper-thin chin, and he said pitifully, “I can help Sir pick it up…”

Being physically and mentally healthy was Jiang Yunshu’s bottom line.
Before addressing the fundamental issues, he could follow Bai Tang and take it step-by-step without preconditions, but once his core principles were at stake, he would not compromise.


And judging from Bai Tang’s current stress response, it is clear that this toolbox was the catalyst for his PTSD.
He couldn’t let Bai Tang see it again.

“No,” Jiang Yunshu looked at the already-red gauze, sighed, and used the same coaxing tone he’d used to coax Zhou An, “Good boy, your foot is injured, so no, you can’t pick it up.”

  Pl paQ

“I-I can do it…” Bai Tang’s shaking hands carefully grabbed Jiang Yunshu’s collar.
He was alarmed and afraid, as if not letting him help would kill him.
He shook his head, sobbed, and said incoherently, “No, huk, no… if I don’t pick it up, Sir will hit me, will hit me…”

Jiang Yunshu was baffled.
“No, I will not hit you now or in the future,” he stated with a stern expression and a firm voice.


It was unknown which words provoked Bai Tang, but his face was suddenly filled with unfathomable frustration and despair, and his trembling worsened.

Jiang Yunshu, in a predicament, seated Bai Tang on the sofa.
He rarely felt at a loss for what to do.

  VUI 2u

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But within a few minutes, he decided, “Then let’s not pick it up, we don’t want it anymore.”

Chrysanthemum Garden.

Anything that harmed Bai Tang was worthless.


But this sentence sounded like a disguised threat to Bai Tang.
He raised his head, and his pale lips trembled.
“No, sir, I beg of you.”

Jiang Yunshu, “….”


He calmed down and deeply pondered.
The problem now was that the handcuffs had to be picked up, but Bai Tang wouldn’t let him pick them up.
He also wouldn’t let Bai Tang pick them up.

Suddenly, he had a flash of inspiration.
Under Bai Tang’s surprised gaze, he knocked his head and sighed as if he was stupid.
So why not find a third person to pick it up for them?!


He called the property management.
“Hello, this is room 1507.
Can you call the cleaning lady?”

Soon, someone rang the doorbell.
Jiang Yunshu warned “Don’t walk to the floor again, Bai Tang.”


Bai Tang refrained from speaking and instead bit his lips and nodded.
He stared closely at the alpha who went to open the door.
He saw Jiang Yunsu politely thank someone and then give two large bills to the person outside the door.
After the door was closed, the alpha was carrying a black plastic bag in his hand, which should contain the pair of sapphire handcuffs.

Jiang Yunshu stood a few paces away from Bai Tang and shook the plastic bag in the direction of the omega while keeping a safe distance.
There was a slight metal collision sound inside, and with a helpless smile in his eyes, he said, “Can I change the bandage now, Bai Tang?”

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Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

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