her she should take a little more of his Magic Power because it was taking too long, but then a brilliant red light rose from Ban Yu-mi’s body.

“Done! It’s this, right?!”

“Oh, this works.”

Her presence swelled.
Since she was already pretty strong, the change was dramatic once she awakened her Magic.
Her strength and stamina grew.
Meanwhile, their mother covered her forehead and lamented as she watched her daughter do a handstand with one finger to test her strength.

“Oh my, even my daughter has become weird.”

“I’ll give Magic Power to you too, Mother.
When you realize this, your body gets stronger.”

“I’m fine.
I don’t want it.”

“It doesn’t hurt.”


Perhaps she was strangely scared by seeing her daughter emit red light from her body, but their mother blindly refused.
Meanwhile, Ban Yu-mi, realizing her new strength, grabbed Ban Yu-won and dragged him away.

“Ban Yu-won, let’s fight!”

“I never learned swordsmanship.”

“Don’t lie, you bastard.
You got the posture down.
Your sister will take good care of you, so hurry up and follow me.

“Wait, before that, grandpa….”


As he resisted his sister, their father and grandfather returned to the living room.

“I told them to come by around noon tomorrow.
They’ll bring something.”

“Who did you call?”

“The banker, who did you think I would call?”

Banker? Ban Yu-won remembered a glimpse of his family have an account in a Swiss bank.
Looking at his father, he nodded, still bewildered.

“You had an account in a private bank that looks like something out of a movie.
And you haven’t even told your daughter….”

“You don’t have the talent! The account was originally going to be handed over to Won!”

“Oh, Dad.
And grandpa too.”

Ban Yu-won gave his father and grandfather 0.1 each of his Magic Power.

Even if it wasn’t right now, if they could awaken Magic Power someday, it would benefit their health.
In particular, he thought it would be great if he could delay his grandfather’s dementia.

‘Now my Magic Power is exactly 16.’

It was an investment in his family, so he didn’t feel like it was a waste.
He also wanted to give some to his mother, but she adamantly refused.

“You can feel the energy in your body, right?”

“It’s good for your body, so focus on it and feel it.
Then since we’re done talking, we’ll be going!”

“Wait, I have to explain the academy to grandpa too….”

“Explain to him, mom!”

Ban Yu-mi dragged Ban Yu-won down the road, and she forced him to become her rival.
If there was a positive realization he had gained from this, it was that confrontation with a powerful person that made the various concepts he possessed grow.
In particular, the growth of swordsmanship was shockingly fast, and through only a few hours of fighting, it rose from 3 to 5.6.

“What the heck, you? Why are you getting strong so quickly!”

“Oh, this is what talent is.”

“I really want to kill you.”

Even though Ban Yu-mi became stronger after she realized the Magic Power, it was the same with Ban Yu-won, and he was ahead of her in the amount they possessed.
But more than anything else, Ban Yu-won had a higher level of Life.
While her life spent training gave her an initial edge, he was catching up in no time.

‘Well, I guess it’s too much to describe simply as talent?’

Ban Yu-won also felt suspicious about his growth.
Then, he suddenly realized that he had his unique concept of Complete Sight, Complete Hearing, and Complete Speaking.
It seemed that this might not only apply to language.

‘What is the reason why my swordsmanship is developing so quickly now? That’s because I’m looking at my sister’s movements, interpreting them, and applying them to myself.
It’s not just about reading language.’

Ban Yu-mi, who had never lost to her little brother when it came to sports all her life, held some resentment toward him.
Thanks to her renewed efforts to defeat him, Ban Yu-won grew his swordsmanship to 7.2 and was able to develop his other body concepts a little.

However, he slept until noon the next day from the resulting exhaustion.

“Are you awake?”

“Oh, grandpa…are you okay?”

Ban Yu-won was slightly worried, looking at his grandfather Ban Ji-won, who waited for him to get up.
But he nodded, putting on a strong face to dispel his grandson’s worries.

“I can’t lose my mind at a time like this, right? Don’t worry; I’m not going to do anything weird until our Won makes sure it’s ready.
More importantly, check this.”

As he turned his head following his grandfather’s pointing, he saw, to his surprise, a pile of ingots made of pure gold.

“What is this…?”

“I took some gold out of my account.
Gold works anywhere in the world, so take it with you.”

“What will you do if you give me all of this?”

“Boy, there’s still a lot left, so don’t worry.
You can’t underestimate the family wealth that our ancestors built up.
Ahem, more than that, this is the real thing.”

A large trunk in the corner of the room came to Ban Yu-won’s notice after he took his eyes off the dazzling gold.

Although it first appeared as a common trunk, it strangely caught his attention and didn’t let go.
Ban Yu-won realized that it was because of the Magic Power he felt inside.

Magic Power! Wasn’t there no Magic Power on Earth?


Ban Yu-won got up, opened the trunk, and found all objects.
He knew well that his ancestors had traveled worldwide, and he remembered that even his grandfather, Ban Ji-won, had been an experienced diplomat and returned with souvenirs in his spare time.
However, what was contained in this trunk weren’t small souvenirs but real relics containing history and tradition.

Even the gold paled by comparison.

“Grandpa, how did you…?”

“These are the traces of ancestors who tried to find the Tower of Babel.
It’s all yours now, Won.
Will this help?”

Ban Yu-won picked up one of them, a slingshot that looked very old.
It was carved from a sturdy branch, with strange characters written on the surface, and with a tendon from an unknown animal in place of a rubber band.

[Are you sure you want to steal Magic Gun 5, Shooting Gun 17, Hunter 21, and Wild Beast 8 from the slingshot that pierces the eyes of a lion?]


Ban Yu-won nodded frantically.

“It will be very helpful.”

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