Lesson 7.
I swear I’m not doing this because I like him – 4

Saturday morning, all the Rebellion members were gathered in the training room in the second annex of the academy.
It was allocated for each class to practice together, and surprisingly, they, treated as outcasts, could also use a very large training room exclusively set aside for them! If they had not been recognized as an official class, these benefits wouldn’t be theirs.
It was all thanks to Professor Yoo Mina.

“B-Ban, I have a question for you.”


And Light was now lying flat on the floor like a frog while Ban Yu-won kindly came close to listen to him.

“Since when did the word teaching…became synonymous with the phrase ‘beating to death?’”

“You’re a fool.”

But Dok Go-yeon, not Ban Yu-won, answered.
Unlike Light, who looked like a dried-up frog, she stood gracefully like a crane with her legs outstretched.

“Since it’s teaching the body, isn’t it natural to inject? It’s a different story if you’re a thief like Ban Yu-won, who sees something once and steals the true meaning.
But you’re not, so don’t be lying around like that and get up quickly.”

“Sword, give me…my sword….”

Of course, from the beginning, there was quite a difference in power between Dok Go-yeon and Light.
Even so, this was the first time that Light had been defeated so unilaterally, and the reason was that his sword wasn’t in his hands right now.

“You must first learn to fight without that sword.
Until then, you’re not allowed to use it.
The same goes for entering the Tower.”

“I am a swordsman!”

“Then do you plan to die if you lose that sword?”

“I won’t lose it….”

“Do you want to try to come at me with your sword? I’ll take it from you in three seconds.”

Light didn’t respond.
Instead, he resentfully glared at Dok Go-yeon, but she scoffed back.

“It’s something Ban Yu-won also agreed to.”


Light regarded Ban Yu-won as if he were a traitor.
Ban Yu-won scratched his head and replied.

I didn’t know it would end up this way…still, we indeed discussed it for your growth.”

“For my growth….”

“And if Dok Go-yeon chose this, I think it might be right.
Light, can’t you just trust me once?”

When Ban Yu-won gave him a serious look, Light bit his lips, then nodded.


Ban Yu-won didn’t think he would agree to it that easily.
It seemed that the hot chocolate he made yesterday did a great job…or maybe the words of that Constellation worked like shock therapy.

“You’re right on these things…so I’ll trust you this time.”


Dok Go-yeon smiled softly as Light raised himself back up.

“Okay, then let’s start again.”


When Dok Go-yeon prepared to attack, Light positioned himself.
For Ban Yu-won, still at a low level, watching their fight greatly helped, so he sat down and observed.

‘I expected it to a certain extent, but that guy gets really weak without a sword.’

The fight was really one-sided.
Dok Go-yeon constantly struck Light from up, down, and the sides with her fingertips raised.
Light was trying to avoid Dok Go-yeon’s attacks somehow, but his movements were noticeably dull and sluggish compared to when he was holding that sword.

“Kek, cough…!”

“All you need to see is the starting point of my breathing and attack! You have to feel it.
If you follow where my hand is going only with your eyes, you won’t be able to stop it in 100 years!”

“I…know that!”

“If you know, do it.
You could do it holding the sword, right? Have your senses rusted without it?”


Indeed, the holy sword’s ability seemed great.
It sounded like it raised Light’s body specs and, at the same time, acted as an assistant in battle.
If so, it was highly likely that Light relied on his sword rather than developing his senses in tandem with it.
The mishap yesterday during the expedition, when the web blocked his powers, proved as much.

‘That must be the part that Dok Go-yeon wasn’t happy about.’

He activated the Babylonian Code and observed them.
Of course, reading the concept of two people’s bodies at a distance in real time wasn’t easy, but he believed that something would change if he constantly tried.

It produced a half-success.
Although it was impossible with Dok Go-yeon, he succeeded in reading the changes in Light’s concepts.

‘Light’s Life, Body, Magic Power, and Soul…everything is decreasing?!’

All four concepts, which Ban Yu-won called [Core], slowly fell.
Light’s Life, which easily broke the 500 mark (Light holding the holy sword was a monster nearly three times higher than the special class Electo), was cut in half in just three minutes.
Even without a sword, he thought Light was strong, but his situation turned out to be quite serious.

“You are getting weaker! Is your body the sword? Is it the sword?”


Dok Go-yeon also seemed to have noticed and fiercely criticized Light.

“Are you here to protest because you can’t do anything without a sword? If that’s the case, say so!”

“I’m not!”

“Then don’t look for a sword you don’t have, and face me with your bare hands!”


When Light clenched his fists in anger at Dok Go-yeon’s words, surprisingly, the deterioration of his concepts stopped.
It did not recover, but it was maintained at around half.

‘What did Dok Go-yeon say now? Did she tell him not to look for the sword?’

Perhaps Dok Go-yeon, who was fighting Light, saw him inadvertently making movements that assumed the existence of a weapon in his hands.
But if the deterioration stopped the moment Light came to his senses after hearing those words, could it be that some other factor, which Ban Yu-won could not possibly guess, was influencing the contract between them?


At that moment, Ruchel, watching their battle with Ban Yu-won, opened her mouth.

“What’s wrong, Ruchel?”



“It’s changing.”

He looked at Light, and to his surprise, he saw that his face had changed.
Specifically, the face line became softer, the eyelashes grew, and the chin slimmer…

“Have you given up hiding?”

“It’s not that I gave up; it feels like I let go of the things I had been holding back….”

It went without saying that all of Class 11’s members were aware of Light’s true identity.
But wasn’t that different from Light revealing her true identity?

At that moment, Ruchel and Ban Yu-won exchanged glances while thinking that way.


Suddenly, something bright gleamed from her chest, and Light screamed and fell to the ground.
Dok Go-yeon’s face turned slightly serious as she looked down at Light.

“I guess it won’t be that simple.”


“…Light, you know that too, right?”

“But…I have to overcome it.”

Light clenched her teeth and replied as her seizure subsided and her face changed again.
It was different from when she was overtly feminine but still gave a significantly different impression from before.
But each Class 11 member could recognize her at once, though it might be an issue for those unfamiliar with her.

“Ban, and you are right.
Because I thought it couldn’t be like this too…can I ask for another fight?”

“…I must apologize.
I’m sorry, I misunderstood you.”

Dok Go-yeon apologized to Light.
Light smiled sadly and shook her head.

“It’s okay because I couldn’t tell you either.
Maybe, from now on….”

“I thought you were just an ignorant idiot who didn’t know your place, but you were an idiot with a bomb in your body.
I hope that your weird sickness does not activate in the Tower.”

“I really hate you!”

“Then get up now.
You said you wanted to fight, right?”

“Your veins must pump poison instead of blood.”

It was true that Dok Go-yeon’s attitude toward Light had softened even though her evil words were still there.
Light also realized that Dok Go-yeon was sincerely trying to improve her, so her antipathy diminished slightly.

Ruchel, who was usually afraid of Dok Go-yeon, giggled at the sight of their bickering.

“Ban, we too…uuh.”

Seeing the dramatic improvement in their relationship, Ruchel, mustering her courage, spoke.
However, Ban Yu-won could not answer Ruchel because he was concentrating on the concept he had just seen for a brief moment.

‘What’s that? Did I see it wrong?’

It would be better if that were the case, but somehow that didn’t feel likely.

[Holy Spirit, Magic Spirit]

At the moment when that small burst of light beamed from Light’s chest, two concepts appeared before Ban Yu-won’s eyes.
It wasn’t a concept from Light’s body but something she was probably holding.

However, the fact that two opposing concepts resided in one thing, and those two were related to the Soul…moreover, considering that it was the probable cause of Light’s seizure, it was impossible to ignore it.
If only he could do something about that, wouldn’t it be possible to solve Light’s problem?

‘But she’s not the kind to easily answer if I ask.’

They shared the same room, at least.
He would have many opportunities to talk about it in the future, so he didn’t need to be in a hurry.

As the class president of Class 11, Ban Yu-won could only think of it as one more task he had to solve.
Light wasn’t the one that mattered the most right now; it was Ruchel.

“Ruchel, did you call me? I’m sorry, I was thinking about something else.”

“Gasp?! N-No.
That’s not it….”

After being ignored by him and giving up on talking, Ruchel was startled and backed away a bit.
But she soon cautiously approached.

“Actually, I wanted us…to fight too.”

“Will you be okay?”

Of course, Ban Yu-won wasn’t declaring something like, ‘Can you surpass me?’ He worried that she would succumb to the same madness as yesterday.

…As a matter of fact, this party was really full of landmines.


Ruchel shook her head.
Then, with a slight blush, she glanced at Eve wrapped around his forearm.

“I’m sorry, but…if you have to, you have the means to restrain me.”


Eve hissed as if to say to trust it.
Ban Yu-won, embarrassed for no reason, cleared his throat and nodded.

Shall we do it then?”

“Yes…um, please.”

Ruchel nodded shyly.
Ban Yu-won felt an indescribable pride at her smile.
Could it be that the fragment of youth he wanted was here? Although the direction was slightly different!

‘Okay, this is it.
A young man and a woman cheering each other up and doing everything right! This is real school life!’

Of course, Class 11 was an environment that was a majority female.
However, there was a slight problem with the composition of the members.
There was Professor Yoo Mina, who clearly showed that there was something she wanted while giving him uncomfortable support, and Dok Go-yeon, who he thought of as a teacher because of the huge difference in their abilities.
Than Light, who was hiding her identity, was oblivious and indifferent…wasn’t it a composition that wasn’t even close to youth?

‘The only hope is Ruchel.
It’s not that I want to do something; I’m just trying to feel the atmosphere of youth!’

But his last hope was shattered in just five minutes.




Was it because she took his word that he would solve it somehow? Shortly after starting the match, Ruchel started showing signs of going rampant.
As she embraced her emotions and burned her heart, she initially ignited emotions such as Fun, Exhilaration, and Joy and fought to win.

Ban Yu-won, who had now become quite strong, skillfully evaded or Reversed her attacks several times.
Then, she went mad as the Anger and Rage started piling up inside.


“Eve, hold on tight!”


At the moment when Madness and Death appeared, she became a perfect beast.

‘It seems that the degree of activation of the body and the effect on reason are different depending on the type of emotion.’

For now, it was best to observe the changes in her heart, but no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t bring out or change them.
Ban Yu-won thought of as one of the countermeasures to calm her by bringing his own feelings into a concept and giving it to her, but this also failed.
The confrontation couldn’t be resolved if they kept going back and forth like this.


But this wasn’t a battlefield where blood, flesh, and bone littered the ground.
He bound her with Eve’s chains and left her alone for a few minutes before she was able to regain her sanity.

“Ugh, I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay, I said I’d help.
I was prepared for this much.”


“While I was teaching him, I see that you were able to smoothly seduce the beast.”

Dok Go-yeon intervened as soon as Ruchel could speak.

“Seduce? Didn’t you see me struggling against Ruchel?”

“I saw you whisper sweet words to an innocent beast.”

“It’s not like that.”

While Dok Go-yeon was making fun of Ban Yu-won, Ruchel defended him.

“Ban was really worried about me….”

“Then the indecent desire is from the beast’s side?”


Innocent Ruchel blushed, having a hard time responding.
Ban Yu-won smiled as he checked the message that had arrived in his mirror.


“What happened?”

“Yesterday, while having dinner with Professor Yoo Mina, I asked if I could take one of you along when I left the Floating Island.”

And he had just received permission in the name of the president.
It was normally impossible to get, but perhaps the video on the uploaded channel had a positive effect on the president.

“Nice, I thought it was frustrating to be stuck in this place….”

“So, Ruchel, let’s go outside.”




Not only Dok Go-yeon, who was sure he was going to take her, but also Ruchel, who didn’t know that her name would appear there, and even Light blinked their eyes repeatedly.
Ban Yu-won frowned at Ruchel and pointedly ignored Dok Go-yeon’s gaze.

“Let’s go on a date.”


It wasn’t because he liked her.
It was only to deal with Ruchel’s abilities, so he hoped she didn’t misunderstand.

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