Lesson 7.
I swear I’m not doing this because I like him – 3

When Ban Yu-won returned to the room, he found Light with a chair pulled out of the table just a little bit.
After a moment, Light slipped through the narrow gap and crumpled into himself.

‘When I go to a friend’s house, the house cat always does that.’

Somehow, they find a narrow space and crumple their bodies into it.
People said they felt a sense of stability there or something, but Ban Yu-won could never understand it.
Who would’ve thought he would find someone who could understand it here?


As he was thinking about it, their eyes met.

Ban Yu-won opened his mouth first, unable to stand Light’s characteristic gaze that seemed wretched and angry.

“You are impressive; how did you fit?”

“Ban, are you trying to make fun of me, saying that my physique is too small for a man?”

He hadn’t thought that, but Light’s body was small.
But Ban Yu-won thought it was normal, so he didn’t intend to make fun of him…wait a minute, did he think he still hadn’t been caught?

“I’m not.”

Actually, I’m just lashing out.
You can curse me.”

“I have no intention of cursing you either….”

Ban Yu-won sighed, pulled out a chair on the other side, and tried to sit down, then realized that he had just returned from the dungeon and hadn’t washed up yet.
Light noticed why he was uncomfortable and said:

“I don’t mind; I haven’t washed up either.”

“I do mind.
It smells.”

“I don’t like you a bit.”

He’d get upset if Light said he didn’t like him here.
But while Ban Yu-won hated irrationality, he knew that some absurdities had to be accepted and overcome.
If he didn’t acknowledge that, it would be impossible to converse with this ‘man.’

So, that’s the way it was in his experience.

‘Okay, I’m ready.’

Realizing there was no way to escape, Ban Yu-won quietly pulled out a chair and sat down.
Light stared straight at his face like he wanted to sigh, but he held it back.

“If you want to say something, say it.”

“It’s just a complaint.”

“It must be a complaint that you want someone to hear.”

“Are you only satisfied after nitpicking every single thing?”

Ban Yu-won decided to zip his mouth.
Acknowledging the absurdity…he was acknowledging it.
As Ban Yu-won silently waited for him to speak, Light started talking with a pout.

“You may not believe it, but I was one of the best geniuses in my world.”


“I am not lying.
F…Father, mother, brothers, and many others.
Everyone admired and praised my talent.”


“So I signed a contract with our heirloom holy sword.
Everyone had expectations of me, and everyone believed in me….”

His Majesty the King of an unknown country of an unknown dimension, will you be all right? It seems that your daughter is leaking her identity! Also, what family would pass on their holy sword as an heirloom? Just say it’s a country! You can say it’s a small country!

‘You’re making me even more curious about what country it is if you try to hide it like that!’

“But what is this?”

Light’s voice grew a little louder and then quieter again.

“What the heck was that, treating me like trash….”

“They’re losers who think everyone will listen to them if they say they are Constellations.”

“You can say that.

‘Oops, I made her talk even more while trying to comfort her!’

“Because you were chosen, you can ignore it.
But me? I became a burden for the two chosen by the Constellation.
An extra that will die right away!”

“That didn’t happen, and the choice was ultimately that Constellation bitch’s.
If you are swayed by those words, you are weak.”

“Yeah, I have a soft heart.”

‘I ruined it.

There was no bottom to Light’s self-deprecation as he plunged into his negative mode!

“It’s a Constellation.
A transcendent which is far stronger than a human and knows much more.
I don’t understand how you and Dok Go-yeon could easily ignore it.”

Desperately sad, Light muttered as he crumpled deeper into himself.

“But I can’t do that.
I’m sorry, Ban.
There’s no point in telling you this.”

“What is a good friend? This is nothing….”

“Are we friends?”

As soon as Ban Yu-won heard those words, he stopped moving and thought: I knew this bastard was oblivious, but really…can I just give him one punch? But looking at Light’s expression, he realized it wasn’t the right mood to say, ‘Did you think we were friends? Go and buy me some bread, you bastard.’

To put it bluntly, Ban Yu-won felt moved.

“You thought of me as a friend…thank you.”

“Yes, my friend.
If you’re thankful, don’t think such nonsense in the future.
You’re much stronger than me in the first place.”

“In just one day, you caught up with a third of my entire life; you’re the one who shouldn’t be talking nonsense.”

Light grunted at Ban Yu-won.
It seemed as if waves were swirling within his deep blue eyes.

“With the giant spider too.
While I was struggling with it, you grew in the middle of your own battle and ended up finishing it much easier than I could.”

Light faced a sharp decline in combat power during today’s battle from when his sword was caught in the spider’s web.
It was from then on that the young swordsman’s pride and confidence fell.
Unless he was an idiot, he could see that the problem Light was carrying was serious, but maybe that’s why the Constellation chose Light as a sacrifice.

Ban Yu-won decided not to discuss that for now.

“If you’re talking about your sword being entangled in a spider’s web, it’s purely because of my ability that I didn’t get hit, so don’t worry too much.”

“It’s usually called talent.
You’re full of it, a diverse and overwhelming talent….”

Light’s expression as he said those words looked very pained.
If it were a matter of talent, Light, the contractor of the holy sword, possessed plenty.
But for some reason, he was looking at Ban Yu-won, longing for what he didn’t have.
Maybe it had something to do with his disguise as a man too?

“Even if I were chosen in that situation.”

Light said to himself.

“Would I have been able to reject the offer as resolutely as Dok Go-yeon?”


“I have no confidence.
Because I have no talent, I have to do something.
If I climb the Tower, even a devil’s contract….”

Ban Yu-won listened quietly.

“So…my body trembles at the thought that if it were me, I might have casually sacrificed you.”

Light closed his eyes and lowered his head.
He murmured, folding into himself in a gesture that reminded Ban Yu-won of Ruchel.

“Actually, that’s the most annoying and scary thing.”


* * *


When Ban Yu-won finished taking a shower, Light was already lying in bed.
Ban Yu-won smiled as he recalled how his older sister also relieved her depression by eating or napping.

“I will make a mug of hot chocolate, so if you want some, come out and drink.
It’s warm and sweet.”

Hot chocolate, when the cold wind blows, whether it be outside the window or in the heart, was very effective.
He put the hot chocolate in a mug and then smiled as he watched Light grab it without answering.
Then, he left the sad swordsman to his thoughts.

“You came out.
I’m glad I didn’t have to go in.”


Ban Yu-won was startled as he found Dok Go-yeon waiting for him in the hallway.
He thought his heart was going to drop.

“Why are you here? This is the men’s dormitory….”

“It’s not a crime if you don’t get caught.
Don’t you know that?”

Dok Go-yeon said it like it was just something she had heard before and, with a bewitching smile, pointed to the ceiling.

“You want me to follow you to the roof?”

“Actually, I went to a tea shop located in the annex, but there were too many people to have a leisurely chat.

“That’s why you just came in here.”

Then let’s go.”

Of course, he had no way to veto.
The two headed to the roof, and fortunately they didn’t meet anyone along the way.

The rooftop was also decorated quite nicely, with flower beds and benches, but no one was there.
Did everyone go to the library, training room, cafe, or restaurant? Maybe with what happened today, everyone was shaking in their rooms.

While thinking about it, Dok Go-yeon picked a bench and sat down, then tapped the seat next to her.
He sat down and quietly asked:

“So…what did you want to talk about?”

“I came here because I wanted to know about the luggage’s condition.”

“You really….”

It was surprising that she cared about Light’s condition, but it was shocking to hear her call him luggage.
What was in this woman’s head? Her eyes became sharp as he looked at her with suspicion.

She was already terrified because of her unusual eyes, but when she glared at him, it was at a level that could kill him.

“It’s a rude gaze.”

“I was just surprised by your choice of words.”

“But it’s the truth.
A pathetic thing that only knows how to wield power like a fool but has no talent or idea of the application.”

Ban Yu-won grabbed his forehead.
If Light heard this now, he would be willing to sacrifice Dok Go-yeon.

“What’s wrong with Light? He is also good at swordsmanship and has many other abilities.”

“The problem is that it’s all that sword’s ability.”


“Do you want me to list them one by one? It was the sword that controlled the opponent who provoked him in class, and it was also the sword that created those wings.
His keen senses and combat skills are also thanks to the sword.
Did you see it? The moment it was caught in the spider’s web, its movement slowed dramatically.”

Of course, he knew it.
His eyes caught the concept around the holy sword.
But Dok Go-yeon, who didn’t have his eyes, still caught it all.
Wasn’t this amazing observation ability really from a teacher?

But Dok Go-yeon’s thoughts weren’t over there.

“It’s already a mess, but it’s over if we lose our courage there.
It really makes no sense to be together.”

“Hey, worry or curse, just do one thing.”

“Really? Then I’ll just curse.
It’s a waste of a sword on that ignorant swordsman who only relies on Form and can’t even grasp the meaning.”

“I was wrong, so stop.”

Dok Go-yeon grinned.

“Still, seeing you stick up for him like that, I think you have comforted him well.
But with words…or your body?”

“Don’t be ridiculous.”

Dok Go-yeon laughed again as Ban Yu-won replied, disgusted.
But she couldn’t laugh any longer as she watched Ban Yu-won pull a thermos from his pocket and pour the contents into the lid.

“What is that?”

“Take your hands back first and ask.
It’s hot chocolate.”

Smelling the sweet scent of cocoa, she had already reached out for the cup.
If he said he would drink alone, she might drag him back into that Tower and ask the Constellation if it was too late to sacrifice him, so Ban Yu-won poured her a cup.

“Ho, hoooo….”

The crosses in her pupil turned round and round.
He could tell, without even having to say it, that she was deeply impressed.

“So, you comforted him with this…!”

“Well, I wish I did…but are you okay?”

“Are you worried about me now?”

Dok Go-yeon, looking at Ban Yu-won as if it was a pity, calmed down after drinking the hot chocolate.
She then asked with a deep sigh.

“Did you find out by your powers?”

Just because your face looked like that.”

“To think I was weak enough to be read by someone who doesn’t even know me.”

Didn’t these guys make a promise as a group? Why were they so anxious about treating their classmates as friends?

‘I should have gone to S.
There was also a girl I knew who promised to join S University too…though we were just classmates.’

As he recalled the past grimly, Dok Go-yeon let out a soft sigh.

“I’m blaming myself, so there’s no need for you to be gloomy.
Did you say hot chocolate? I can get another one, right?”

When Dok Go-yeon’s cup was refilled, she couldn’t hide her joy.
After another sip, she casually confided in him:

“I was slightly annoyed that I had similar thoughts to the Observer.”

“What nonsense are you saying?”

Ban Yu-won frowned.
Dok Go-yeon turned around to hide her face before replying.

“It was essentially the same.
I was thinking of removing them if they didn’t help.”

“How could you agree with that maniac…!”

“That made me even more annoyed.
If I had thought more radically if I had become engrossed in the thought of bringing only capable people up, if I had let myself be swayed by the magic of the Tower….”

Even if she didn’t kill them directly, she might’ve let them die.
So, as soon as they heard the Observer’s offer, she became even angrier and rejected it, Dok Go-yeon confessed.

“Is that so?”


“Then you are stupid too.”


At that moment, Dok Go-yeon turned around and put a hand out to him.
Ban Yu-Won saw Death approaching his very nose, then it vanished before her great control.
He thought his heart was going to explode, but at least he didn’t show it, and Dok Go-yeon continued with a snort as if she knew how he would react.

“You mean you think those two have talent, right?”

“…Of course.
No matter if the artifacts are good, how could they get here if they didn’t have their own talents? Your standards are weird, and that Constellation didn’t have the eyes to see.”

“Their standards are strange.”

“Nearly all of the talents you are talking about are confined to the realm of the mind and spirit, right?”

Dok Go-yeon didn’t answer.
She continued to point out that Light could only wield a sword, but in Ban Yu-Won’s eyes, Light had an innate talent for wielding a blade.
His tendency to rely too much on the holy sword was a weakness, but it could be overcome.

The same went for Ruchel.
Although all of her potential, including her physical abilities and combat skills, was absurd, she had no control over her own psyche.
That made it, so she didn’t stand out much, but her natural talent was dazzling.

In this way, when Dok Go-yeon called the two of them incompetent, their evaluation in the spiritual aspect rather than their talents was the deciding factor.

“…All right, let me trust you.”

In the end, Dok Go-yeon nodded and took a step back.

“If you want to train, you will know the results sooner or later.
From now on, I will sincerely teach you, and you will have to work together.”

Still, there are things that Ruchel wanted to try.”

“If, as you said, they can overcome and grow, then I’ll admit you were right.”

But, Dok Go-yeon said, with her cross eyes wide open and looking straight at Ban Yu-won.

“If I don’t like the result, then you will be held accountable.”


“Please think carefully about the cost of breaking my expectations and letting that idiot waste my time.”

“Huh? Hey, wait a minute.”

Dok Go-yeon didn’t answer but disappeared on the spot.

Ban Yu-won, left alone, realized that despite her complaining, she had agreed to help.

That day, Dok Go-yeon and Ban Yu-won made a secret contract.

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