Lesson 7.
I swear I’m not doing this because I like him – 2

“I’m glad everyone is safe!”

Seeing Ban Yu-won and the party coming out of the Tower, Yoo Mina’s shoulders drooped in deep relief.
Not only her but all the faculty and staff of the academy around them, including the professors and associate professors, and the students, were gathered around.
The one thing they shared in common was that they were all restless.

“What happened?”

“That, wheeew…let’s go somewhere else first.”

When Ban Yu-won asked, Yoo Mina let out a loud sigh and fiddled with the pendant hanging around her neck.
The next moment, the party entered the doorless classroom.

“It’s not a good thing, and we can’t talk about it loudly, so I brought you all here.
I also want to hear about your first expedition.”


Dok Go-yeon gave her an annoyed look.

“Why did this happen on the first expedition?”

“It’s because of the Irregular.”

They knew it before they even heard the answer.
Knowing that this wasn’t the answer they wanted, Yoo Mina nodded and continued.

“I told you about the intruders in the morning, right? We found the presence of an intruder, and a student…died at their hands.”


Ruchel, now gloomy but otherwise calm, startled and reflexively grabbed for Ban Yu-won’s forearm.
Ban Yu-won, who had been prepared for the worst, asked to make sure.

“It’s not that they just died, but they weren’t able to leave the Tower, right?”

Those in the same party as the student testified and missed the intruder.”

It hurt as Ruchel held his arm even tighter.
Still, Ban Yu-won let out a laugh.

“Then what will happen to the intruder?”

They could have been recognized by the Tower as a Climber.”

Yoo Mina’s expression was very bitter as she said that.
Ban Yu-won saw that what she said was the truth, not an assumption.
A flash of intuition struck him.

“Did the Tower intentionally induce it? To make an intruder kill an existing Climber?”


If he hadn’t looked at Yoo Mina closely, he wouldn’t have noticed her slight nod.
Ban Yu-won gritted his teeth.
It was at that moment his view of the Tower changed.

“It was a qualification test, so.
That kind of test recognizes you if you kill a Climber, and if you can’t, you die.”

If they couldn’t beat an existing Climber, the intruder didn’t even have the minimum qualifications.
Conversely, if they defeat the Climber, they are given a chance to climb the Tower because they have proven they were better than the previous Climber.
That…was an incomprehensible test for Ban Yu-won from an ordinary human perspective.

“Is that why there were more intrusion attempts on the day freshmen entered the Tower? Intruders want to be recognized as Climbers by killing relatively easy freshmen.”

Yoo Mina didn’t answer his question, but her expression was enough.

“What a great place, this Union Academy.”

After listening to the conversation and understanding the situation, Dok Go-yeon sat at a nearby desk.

“The fact that there are intruders in the Tower, which is the reason for the Academy’s existence, and you cannot even prevent the Tower from convincing the intruders to kill a student…it is ridiculous to say that this is the most prestigious school across all dimensions.”

“There is a misunderstanding, student Dok Go-yeon.”

Yoo Mina said with a sad smile.

“Union Academy must protect students, but once you enter the Tower, you are responsible for yourself.
What’s more, if the Tower chooses an intruder instead of a student, that’s not something we can interfere with.
Because that is the Tower’s meaning.”

“The meaning of the Tower….”

Dok Go-yeon muttered blankly and looked out the window.
Even though one student had died in it, the Tower remained unchanged.
Was the intruder, now a Climber, still inside? Perhaps they were.

“…I don’t like it.”

“Wait a minute, student Dok Go-yeon—”

Dok Go-yeon, mumbling like that, put her hand on her student ID.
Yoo Mina, who knew what it meant, called her name, but Dok Go-yeon was already gone.

“Haah, really.”

“Please understand her, Professor.
Something bad happened inside the Tower.”

Ban Yu-won comforted Yoo Mina as she looked depressed.
She raised her head.

“A bad thing? What?”

“A strange voice identified itself as an Observer of the Complete Sight….”

“A Constellation?!”

Yoo Mina’s reaction was really intense, enough to startle Ban Yu-won.
But Ruchel and Light only smiled bitterly as if they were expecting her reaction.

“It’s the first time in the academy’s history a student has contacted the Constellations on the first day of entering the Tower! No matter how irregular they are, even with the boundaries of the Tower loosened, still!”

Her reaction was in stark contrast to her prior depression, which raised Ban Yu-won’s doubts about whether she had been acting this whole time.

Ban Yu-won shook his head and asked.

“So, what is a Constellation?”


At Ban Yu-won’s question, Yoo Mina let out a weird sound.
She glanced at Ruchel and Light, asking if they didn’t know, but they shook their heads to indicate that they already knew.
Yoo Mina, slightly relieved there, looked back at Ban Yu-won.

“Unbelievable…I heard that some lower dimensions have no Mana, but to think they are blocked from accessing Constellations, what kind of underdeveloped area is that?”

The Earth was being treated like some shady place! Just because there was no Constellation or whatever!

“So, what is a Constellation?”

“A sponsor or observer.”

The answer came from Light.
For some reason, with a very contemptuous look, he explained:

“The term refers to the transcendental beings who observe countless dimensions, find a being they like, make a contract, and exercise influence in that dimension through that contractor.”

“They give them Magic or power…or something like an artifact.
In return, they demand a lot.”

Ruchel added to his explanation with a similar expression.
Ban Yu-won nodded, remembering what had happened in the Tower earlier.

A higher being arbitrarily observed the existence of other dimensions and gave abilities at their leisure.
Didn’t that fit pretty well?

“It really feels like a fantasy.
Looking around the dimensions as if looking at a neighboring country.
Besides, how can they give abilities away that easily…?”

“Student Ban Yu-won really talks funnily.”

“It’s really a fantasy.”

From what Ban Yu-won knew, for example, was Daddy Long Legs [Note: 1955 Film] similar to this? If everyone had diligently read Daddy Long Legs, they would know well that there was no unpaid support in the world.
After all, wasn’t a young girl’s life, with a bright future ahead of her, taken as mortgage by an uncle who was 14 years older just because she received some tuition assistance?

“They are doubtful contracts, and we don’t even know what they can ask for.”

“The needs of the Constellations are different, but to borrow their power, plenty of people are willing to pay the price.
That’s how much power is needed.
Especially…in the Tower.”

Yoo Mina’s gaze turned to the Tower.

“The Tower is the space with the most Constellation contractors, and it is also the space that attracts the most attention from Constellations.”

“What is the Academy’s position on these contracts?”

“Even though they advocate for neutrality on the surface, the reality is that if an opportunity comes up, they will suggest taking it.”

Yoo Mina added:

“I told you that you can’t enter the Tower without your student ID, right? But how else would an intruder appear? What kind of method would they use to do that?”

“No way….”

“Yes, it is the power of a Constellation.
If it allows you to dream of being a Climber, is it still strange that some bet their fate on the Constellations?”

But to become a Climber, they inevitably had to kill other Climbers.
The Constellations, of course, knew that and supported the intruders.
Ban Yu-won felt even more disgusted.

Yoo Mina adjusted her sparkling jewels and asked:

“What were the demands of the Observer?”



Professor Yoo Mina’s expression hardened in place as she leaned closer.
Ban Yu-won pushed her away.

“They said: I will make a contract with two out of four of you, so whoever wants to sign a contract must first kill the others.”

It was actually a little different from that, but that would be a little too much to talk about here.
The Constellation’s voice was still ringing in Ban Yu-won’s ears.

―Only hot blood, full of vitality, will earn my praise.
You children of amazing potential, when you cut off a colleague’s head and offer it to me, I will make you my closest children.
My love will not leave you until you reach the end of this Tower and get what you want!

Who would trust and follow the maniac who asked them to kill their friends for strength? Fortunately, before anyone could react, Dok Go-yeon became angry and ‘kicked it out.’

To show it wasn’t an easy opponent, Dok Go-yeon struggled a fair deal, but they could escape from the space safely and leave the Tower thanks to her.

“Oh, my….”

It seemed that the prize was worse than she had imagined.
Professor Yoo Mina grabbed her forehead and sighed, then murmured as she looked at Dok Go-yeon’s empty seat.

“That’s why she reacted like that….”

“She must have been fed up with dealing with someone who saw our death as if it were a fun prank or a test.
In fact, so am I.”

Whether it was the Tower or a Constellation, he had feelings about those who tried to control humans.
Maybe somewhere, there was a Constellation that was very friendly to humans and wanted to give unconditionally, but today’s experience was enough to impair Ban Yu-won’s trust.

“Professor, we can’t enter the Tower this week, can we?”

“Yes? Yes, it’ll probably be hard.
Still, they’ll watch the Tower over the weekend, trying to find the intruder….”

“You have nothing to apologize for.”

It meant Ban Yu-won, who was about to face off against Electo on the coming Tuesday, was in trouble.
If it turned out like this, the only choice was to explore the external dungeons with greater difficulties…

“What happened at the Tower? I would like to present it in a simple report format.
Is that okay?”

If possible, I’d like to hear it in person…yes, do you have time tonight? Let’s talk about it over dinner.”



Yoo Mina clapped her hands as if she had a good idea, and while Ban Yu-won grew still, Light and Ruchel stared at her.
Then, Yoo Mina blushed slightly.

“I’m sorry if you all wanted to have dinner with me too.
But since the class leader is already suffering a lot, I have to take care of it myself…I’ll have dinner with you guys next time!”

“No, it’s not that…forget it.”


In response to Yoo Mina’s response, which seemed to have missed the point, Light shook his head and gave up on saying anything.
At least Yoo Mina didn’t seem interested in Ban Yu-won as a man, so that seemed enough to him.

On the other hand, Ruchel, still staring at Professor Yoo Mina with suspicion, glanced at Ban Yu-won, sighed, and placed her hand on her student ID.
The next moment, she disappeared.

“Then students Ban Yu-won and Light, you’ve worked hard.
From next week onwards, we’ll be careful not to let this happen again, so I hope you don’t view the academy too badly.”

“I understand the professor’s position.
Anyway, thank you for your concern.”

“Haha…then, I’ll go take a rest.
Have a good weekend.”

Light, out of energy, left the room first.
Ban Yu-won watched him go with his head bowed and was about to leave the room after him.

“Student Ban Yu-won, one thing before that.”

Yoo Mina caught him first.

“I have something to ask.”

“Can’t you ask it in the evening?”

“No, I want to be done with the depressing talk now.”

At her sad voice, Ban Yu-won realized that his shallow tricks wouldn’t work on her at all.
Giving up, he shrugged and turned around.

Yoo Mina asked, looking straight at him.

“I will be straightforward.
The Observer…didn’t it actually point out a sacrificial lamb?”


After hesitating, Ban Yu-won closed his eyes tightly and nodded.
If you want to become a contractor, kill the others? No, they weren’t that kind.


* * *


―If it’s the two of you, you can definitely reach the top of the Tower.
Yes…if you get rid of the useless luggage.

The Observer tied two of the party to the spot with those words.

―Come on, my dear children.
Kill them.
Then I promise you, you will have the brightest possibilities of all Climbers.

Then, they asked Dok Go-yeon and Ban Yu-won.

―Kill and win.
I’ll let you know that’s all there is to the world.

They offered power for killing Ruchel and Light.

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