tained in the sword.’

So, Ban Yu-won was trying to read the meaning of the sword.
His movement that seemed to be dragged along was gradually corrected, and his speed increased.
Although he couldn’t be compared to Light, who threw a slash of light that wiped out a few spiders at once, or Ruchel, who crushed swathes with a single blow, nevertheless, Ban Yu-won was definitely doing his part.


Dok Go-yeon watched with interest.
She saw Ban Yu-won failing to cut through the spider’s carapace for the first time, and then immediately after doing something she couldn’t see, he could cut down one.
The momentum emanating from the sword in his hand was stronger than before, so it was possible to guess what he might have done.

‘Intuitive and overwhelming skill, yet so easy to wield.’

Dok Go-yeon dared to define the overwhelming power Ban Yu-won wielded as such.
But what was interesting was that what Dok Go-yeon saw wasn’t all of Ban Yu-won’s abilities.

‘Since the sword has been strengthened, it was swinging him around, but he calmly understood his condition and started to adapt.’

It was as if he was recreating what they saw in the room earlier.
Of course, the speed of his attack was much slower, but it became heavier, and his posture stabilized.
Although it might seem impossible right now, he would sooner or later arrive at the true meaning of Snapping.

There was no room for Dok Go-yeon to intervene.

‘How long did it take me to learn the Three Disasters?’

She was said to be the best prodigy in the Martial Arts Society.
However, seeing Ban Yu-won made her want to beat her past self, who was proud of her talent.
Of course, it was him she wanted to beat the most.

“Ugh, this is exhausting.
At this rate, we’ll take forever to….”

When Dok Go-yeon saw Ban Yu-won acting weak, when he was the one hurting her soft heart, she grew determined again.

‘I should have it.’


Ban Yu-won, feeling a chill, thought that another Elite Monster had appeared, so he opened his eyes wide and searched around the walls, but there was nothing in sight.

But as his concentration broke, he felt his arms were getting stiff.
Had he not been taking the concepts of Life and Physique from the spiders during battle, he might already be lying down.
Well, he could be satisfied with this much.

“Hey, Dok Go-yeon, why are you standing still? You have to shoot that wind again!”

“You’re doing well on your own.
Did it help you grow?”

Dok Go-yeon responded calmly.
Hearing those words, he unintentionally read his internal code and now noticed his Martial Arts had grown to a whopping 70.
Although he hadn’t yet mastered the concept of Snapping, he had grown explosively as his swordsmanship was influenced by his growing understanding.
He was pleased, wondering if it could reach 100 by the time he left the Tower.

“Still, I won’t give you the sports drinks because I’m doing it all alone.”


But those were separate things.
It was pretty cute to see her pout as if she couldn’t understand, but it was still a promise, so it was unavoidable.

“There are fewer now.
Eve, save the bullets.”


Even though Eve was in the state of a Magic Gun, for some reason, they hissed like a snake and changed back to their natural club form.
They knocked around a few more spiders, smashing their heads.
Surprisingly, it was even recovering the spent bullet casings!

“It’s stronger than you.”

“Eve is part of my fighting power.”

He asked Eve to keep a few of them rather than kill them all and then claimed the concepts left on the battlefield.

[Life: 148

Physique: 87.9

Magic Power: 114

Soul: 365]

‘Okay, this is perfectly above average.’

Ban Yu-won wondered if he should laugh at the general students who looked down on him for the difference in specs he overtook in a week.
Or should he admire his potential?

But it wasn’t just that.
The Tower exploration had only just begun.
On Friday and Saturday, if he dug deep into the Tower and awakened his potential, he’d be able to get close to the special class…!

“It’s an external call.”

“External? Why at this time?”

Light, admiring the sports drink Ban Yu-won handed out, suddenly wrinkled his eyebrows and murmured.
A second later, Ban Yu-won noticed his student ID vibrating.

“They’re telling us to come out of the Tower…?”

“What? I still haven’t had the chance to warm up.
Besides, I haven’t had any of that sweet drink yet.”

“This early…?”

Ban Yu-won muttered in surprise, and Dok Go-yeon shook her head.
Meanwhile, as they battled in Room 4, with about a third of her hair darkened, Ruchel was staring into the air, seemingly uninterested in their conversation.

“Are there no more notifications?”

“It would be difficult to send a long message from outside.
Besides, this is a message from the principal, not Professor Yoo Mina.”

“It’s for all students.”

“I don’t like it.”

Dok Go-yeon responded sharply.

“It hasn’t even been two hours since we started.
It doesn’t explain why; I can’t understand….”



When Dok Go-yeon showed her intent to ignore the message and continue their exploration, Ruchel let out a weak moan.


“Ruchel, huh?!”


Ruchel violently pulled at Ban Yu-won’s and let out a strange moan.

Ban Yu-won was convinced early on that there were no normal people at this party, but he didn’t think that Ruchel would completely go mad.
He signaled to Light and Dok Go-yeon to help, but they were looking beyond the dark, not toward him.

Maybe they felt something similar to what Ruchel had.

“That’s why they told us to leave.”

“Let’s go.
If you think about it, it was strange from the beginning, and the Professor warned us before entering the Tower about Irregulars….”

“But my student ID isn’t working.”

In response to Dok Go-yeon’s calm reply, Ban Yu-won reflexively checked his student ID.
It really wasn’t working.

The sense of crisis amplified all at once.

“Grrr…it’s coming.”

Ruchel said, pulling Ban Yu-won behind her.


It was then that he realized that Ruchel was trying to protect him.

―Clatter, clatter

―Clatter, clatter, clatter, clatter, clatter.

On the floor, on the ceiling, on the wall, on a scale that couldn’t be compared to before.
The new swarm of Tower Spiders drowned out any other sound.

The room had turned into an Irregular.

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