and clasped her fingers behind him, clenching tighter as they mounted the bike.

“Okay, I think Room 3 is a trap section.
Let’s deal with it calmly as we were taught by Professor Yoo Mina.”

“That’s not important! That! I want to know about what you’re riding right now!”

“Is this your first time seeing a hoverbike?”

“It’s the first time I’ve ever heard of it!”

While the party was having such a conversation, they moved away from the traps floating around them.
Usually, traps would wait for people to approach, but in Room 3, there were spears, poison arrows, huge blades, and poison gas approaching from all sides as if someone was operating the traps.
They all were ridiculous.

“Ban, poison!”

“It’s okay!”

He couldn’t absorb the blade that fell earlier.
However, as soon as he became conscious of the poison gas sprayed into the air, he immediately turned it into a golden string and sucked it into his hand.


“I really can’t figure him out.”

In fact, Ban Yu-won riding on Lilith, was nothing but a king in this trap section.
His ability made it possible to observe the concept before a trap appeared, and Lilith was able to read his thoughts, so they zipped around, disarming the threats.

“But how do I end this?”

“According to the textbook, you must endure for a certain time.
So, how can that iron float?”

God, did she just ask him to teach her how a hoverbike flies? He thought he would be able to give an answer if Dok Go-yeon stopped eating and drinking from now on and focused only on analyzing the concepts, but he decided to just go with the word magic.

“It’s magic.”

“Oh, wow….”

On the other hand, Ruchel sat upright and leaned against Ban Yu-won’s back.
Light, watching them as if he found it absurd (the sight of him fluttering his wings of light and avoiding traps effortlessly was equally absurd), suddenly furrowed his brow and asked Ban Yu-won.

“Ban, did it say there are occasions when the trap section appears so early?”

“The Tower changes every time, so there’s no point in questioning it.”

“You said that the absolute difficulty according to the room’s depth doesn’t change much.”

“That’s right.”

Ban Yu-won agreed with Light and nodded.
Although the appearance and abilities of the monsters were different, their absolute strength was the same.
If such a basic premise were violated, the act of climbing the Tower of Babel would be more like a lottery.

“However, according to the manual, it is said that traps start to appear after at least 20 rooms.”

“And what about the sections completely made up of traps?”

Unless one possessed an unreasonable force like Dok Go-yeon (even now, she was lightly slashing all the blades that flew at her), or they had wings like Light or could ride a hoverbike in a dungeon like Ban Yu-won, an ordinary freshman would never be able to withstand this trap section.

“It should be after at least 50 rooms…shit! They don’t even let me talk!”

It seemed that Light also changed a lot in just a few days.
Ban Yu-won thought about that as he drove Lilith into the air to dodge the surge of acid about to swallow them.


“Oh, yes, yes.”

Ban Yu-won reached out for the waves about to seep back to the bottom.
The black waves disappeared, and he received 10 Acid and the same amount of Wave as a bonus.

‘Wave? Hmm, a Wave….’

This was an unexpected bonus.
He thought it would be something like Water, but the concepts changed significantly depending on their state at the moment of absorption.
Perhaps this was an important realization in his future development…

“Ban, up!”

Light urgently shouted.
When Ban Yu-won raised his head, he noticed the ceiling was closer than he thought.

[Snap] [Snap] [Snap] [Snap] [Snap] [Snap] [Snap] [Snap] [Snap] [Snap] [Snap] [Snap] [Snap] [Snap] [Snap] [Snap] [Snap] [Snap] [Snap] [Snap] [Snap] [Snap] [Snap] [Snap]

A string of gold characters densely protruded from it.

“Really, you should break that habit of getting distracted!”

“Ban, I’ll break it, so go back down as quickly as possible…!”


When he intuited his death to come, there was no sound in Ban Yu-won’s ears.
He knew by reason there was no way he could die to this.
Dok Go-yeon had already promised to help him, and even the beam of light emitted by Light’s sword was powerful enough to destroy the blades.
Above all else, he was convinced that Ruchel, clinging to his back, would use her powers if it was really dangerous.

‘What can I do? What…oh!’

But when presented with the possible death, he couldn’t look back on the situation so calmly.
Ban Yu-won focused only on the flow of the string in front of him, and he realized he could move even if it were a string he couldn’t absorb.

[Snap] [Snap] [Snap] [Snap] [Snap] [Snap] [Snap] [Snap] [Snap] [Snap] [Snap] [Snap] [Snap] [Snap] [Snap] [Snap] [Snap] [Snap] [Snap] [Snap]

The strings of Snaps were tightly packed on the ceiling, reaching out and overlapping with others.
He wondered what he was doing against a group of concepts that were about to trigger, but instinct, not reason, controlled him now.

[Snap] [Snap] [Snap] [Snap] [Snap] [Snap] [Snap] [Snap] [Snap] [Snap] [Snap]

The number decreased as fragments flew around him.


“The trap…”


Someone was talking loudly around him, but he didn’t listen.
Instead, he focused on guiding and merging the concepts quicker.

[Snap] [Snap] [Snap] [Snap]

[Snap] [Snap]

Weaving and weaving concepts.
Finally, by combining the two remaining concepts, he could cut down the entire room.

[Nested concepts were compounded into parent concept references!]

In the end, all of the blades were scattered, leaving only a single composite concept in its place.
The concept, which had already completely mutated, no longer functioned as a trap but simply floated there.

Ban Yu-won reached out his hand and secured it.

[The concept of a newly synthesized language was created by interfering with an external concept.
The depth of Complete Sight has increased to 120.
Soul depth is now 360.
The depth of Magic Power has increased to 105.]

[Absorbed 20 Snapping.
It is a concept that humans cannot possess.]

Each time he used his abilities to create new achievements, his Soul and Magic Power grew together, which meant those two key concepts were making an impact.

Once Ban Yu-won had safely absorbed the concept, he sighed in relief and noticed Dok Go-yeon was looking at him bewildered.
She was holding out one hand toward the ceiling.

“If that was always possible, you should’ve done it already.
I just made myself tired.”

“It’s really too much.”

“It was very close, Ban.
Perhaps it was a new awakening of ability, but….”

Light and Dok Go-yeon grumbled, but Ban Yu-won only smiled, knowing that he was the cause of their worries.
Now, this team seemed to be running quite efficiently, so he felt proud as their class leader.

“It was a chance to get some sweetness and drink it.”

“The space is changing again.
Room 4 will give us more opportunities to perform.”

…They were worried about him, right?

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