lming is meaningless.
And since it’s pointless, there’s no need to stop you.”

He had already confirmed that while preparing to enter the Tower.
The interior was a space similar to a dungeon with monsters and traps.
At this point, he felt like calling his ancestors and telling them that these would lower the price of the building, but sadly, that was their reality.

However, the Tower of Babel was completely different from the dungeons Ban Yu-won had explored for the past few days.
The key difference was internal volatility.
The structure changed each time, and one could never reach the same place twice.

Once they left, it was over, and no matter how hard they tried, they couldn’t go back.
Naturally, the composition of monsters and traps constantly changed, and the difficulty level was amped up a little each time.

‘It is the perfect condition for testing and nurturing humans.’

It could be said the conditions were too harsh for explorers, but that wasn’t necessarily the case because the Tower was full of mysterious energy, so people inside couldn’t die.
To be precise, in most areas, the challengers wouldn’t die but would return to the entrance of the Tower instead.

“Everyone has their student ID, right? You should never forget it, as it is not only your ticket to the Tower but there’s also a tracker for how deep you’ve explored.”

Ban Yu-won took out his student ID and quickly found the number 0 on it.
This new function of the student ID was opened ahead of entry to the Tower.

“As everyone knows from your classes, this indicates how deep you have reached inside the Tower.
It starts with room 0 and counts up by one as you progress.”


The characteristic structural changes that occurred in the Tower were called Shifts, and it was said that the more Shifts you experienced, the deeper you were in the Tower.
For each one they experienced, this number would tick up.

“Do you know the best record, Professor?”

Yoo Mina responded to Ban Yu-won’s question with a satisfied nod.

The all-time high was Room 561.
Is that helpful?”

The party was stunned by the unexpected record.

Ban Yu-won raised his hand again and asked.

“Room 561 isn’t a depth that can be explored in a few days.”

“As long as they don’t die inside the Tower, the challenger can record their achieved position.
And the next time they enter, they can start from there through their student ID.”

“That’s why this was essential to climbing the Tower….”

This academy was also insane for distributing items with teleportation, keys, and save functions for free to all students.
But more than that, what surprised Ban Yu-won right now was…

‘It’s like a game with an intermediate save function.’

Of course, the conditions were tougher than the games he’d played.
The map changed every time, and the monsters changed too.
If he died, he would have to start all over again.
But, on the contrary, maybe it was better since their abilities weren’t reset.

…Although there was a time limit of five years to clear it.

“I’m looking forward to it.”

Dok Go-yeon smiled bewitchingly while examining her student ID.
Ban Yu-won shuddered at the subtle spread of her fighting will.

Light, on the other hand, was holding his student ID without saying a word.
And Ruchel was…staring at Ban Yu-won, unsure what to do.

‘I mean, there is nothing I can do even if you look at me like that.’

But Ban Yu-won’s desire to climb the Tower wasn’t inferior to theirs.

‘If I wanted to live peacefully on Earth, I could’ve.
But this is my choice.
I’m determined to fight, even if it means risking my life.’

He couldn’t tell what kind of feelings his colleagues, who were in the same position as him, had or whether they were hesitant.
However, they could never feel lighthearted as they were about to climb the Tower that was said to turn people into gods.

Perhaps when they learned of Ban Yu-won’s simple reason for ​​climbing the Tower, they might find it absurd and ridicule him.
However, Ban Yu-won’s desire for the Tower was one he cherished since childhood.
Although worldly and simple, it was just as pure and intense and enough to convince him that he was ready to throw away his life when he saw it.

“I think everyone is mentally ready.
But I have one last thing to say.”

Yoo Mina, making eye contact with Ban Yu-won again, nodded.

“It has to do with the dimensional pirates I mentioned the other day.
In registering new students as Tower Climbers, a gap is revealed in the Tower’s barrier.
This is when the success rate of a dimensional pirates’ invasion is highest.”


“Irregular phenomenon can occur due to their intrusion.
In a nutshell, it means you can encounter dimensional pirates inside the Tower.”

It was as if Ruchel’s heart had stopped, but Professor Yoo Mina continued.

“What you should be wary of is the irregular phenomenon itself rather than the intruders.
There is no death inside the Tower, but that isn’t absolute.
Especially regarding Irregulars.”

The Tower couldn’t absolutely guarantee the safety of its climbers, and to say that it was safe in ‘most’ areas meant that there were also unsafe areas.
With Irregulars, the Law of the Tower was disturbed, and the students involved were at risk.

“So, for your safety, it is my judgment as the professor in charge that it is better to finish this expedition as soon as possible and return.
Then I’ll ask…class leader, for how many days do you plan to be on this expedition?”

Ban Yu-won turned to his colleagues.
In fact, this had already been communicated to them.
He looked back, thinking that maybe someone had changed their mind in the meantime, but Dok Go-yeon, Light, and even Ruchel nodded quietly.

In the end, he shrugged and looked back at Yoo Mina.

“Three days and two nights.”

“Okay, now it’s your turn.

The moment Yoo Mina clapped her hands, they found themselves standing in front of the entrance to the huge Tower.
Behind them were all the first-year students who had lost their lead to Class 11.
Many of the academy’s associate Professors and the nine full Professors, including Yoo Mina, were all paying attention to them.

“Are you all ready?”

“Of course.”


“Uh, uuuh.”

He wasn’t happy with those answers, but Ban Yu-won suppressed the desire to say something and pulled out the camera drone.
The Professors’ eyes grew large as they saw it move as if it were alive and zipping around Ban Yu-won.

“Then, let’s go in.”

The four rebels and the artificial creature that followed them entered the Tower as the first freshmen this year.
It was noisy, but would they find prosperity in the end?

‘Ancestors, just wait.’

Prosperity or not, Ban Yu-won was certain it would continue to be noisy.

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