loating Car 30, Magic Core 30, Speed 30, Magic Resistance 20, Hardening 10]

Floating Car literally meant a flying car, and the Magic Core was the Mana core that drove this motorcycle, just like a dungeon core.
Speed was the movement ability given by the motorcycle’s design, and Magic Resistance was probably related to the ability to resist the magic waves of the dungeon…and lastly, Hardening was probably a function of the motorcycle’s reinforced front fender.

“Leave Floating Car as it is.
Speed and Hardening are good for now.
The important thing is…haah.”

It was the Magic Core.

The thought that a 3.2 million Ronia worth hoverbike would be wasted if he made a mistake made even Ban Yu-won nervous.
But if he took a step back, he would miss the opportunity to grow as the master of the Babylonian Code.

There were times when you had to push ahead and risk failure.
That was right now!

“Separate Magic and Core, and synthesize 2 Wicked and 5 Spirit with them, respectively.”

With one hand, he touched the motorcycle and split the Magic Core in half, and with his other hand, he injected Wicked and Spirit to combine Wicked with Magic and Spirit inside the Core.
The moment the concept of the Magic Core was split, the motorcycle vibrated terribly as if it might explode.

But the next moment, the synthesis started, and Ban Yu-won stepped back to watch.

“Please, please work…!”

At that moment, an unusual pattern engraved itself on the motorcycle’s Mana core, burning red and emitting smoke.

[Hoverbike Onyx Core 15 was combined with Spirit 5.
It is a concept that cannot be synthesized.]

[Hoverbike Onyx’s Magic 15 was combined with Wicked 2.
Due to the perfect compatibility, transcendental synthesis was completed, and Wicked Magic 20 was completed!]

[Due to the presence of Wicked Magic, the synthesis of Core 15 and Spirit 5 was successful.
Spirit Core 20 was completed! Wicked Magic resides in the Spirit Core and provides power.
You have succeeded in creating a higher-level artifact!]

He did it!

[Due to the excellent expression of abilities, the depth of Complete Sight, Complete Hearing, and Complete Speaking increased by 5 each!

[The depth of Life has been increased to 110.]

[The depth of Magic Power has been increased to 82.]

[The depth of Soul has been increased to 340.]


Due to the completion of the artifact, his abilities had also grown significantly.
It was different from when he created the Goblin Club accidentally.
This was possible because he thought deeply about the concept of language.

“You are Lilith.”


The first was Eve, so the second was Lilith.
It was a weird name to give a motorcycle, but the engine rumbled with delight.

But it wasn’t over yet.
Ban Yu-won also gave it 1 Life, 1 Soul, and, as a bonus, a collection of Sharpness drawn from many knives.
It could even attack with the front fender, so there was no harm in making it sharper.
And what was born as a result was…

[Floating Car 30, Magic Resistance 20, Spirit Core 20, Life 1, Soul 1, Speed 30, Magic Resistance 20, Hardening 10, Sharpness 20]

Instead of analyzing the flow of the completed code, Ban Yu-won patted Lilith’s handle and asked.

“Hmm…you don’t need Magic Resistance anymore, do you?”


It rang the engine in affirmation.

Why was Magic Resistance necessary? Why did machines, or magical tools, break down in places like dungeons? That was because the refined magic inside the magic tool was shaken by the magic wave of the dungeon and ran wild until the internal structure was destroyed.

This was prevented by giving magic tools the ability to resist magic or making those that moved and controlled their own magic, like Eve and Lilith.
In other words, Artifacts were unaffected by the dungeon.

‘So, this guy will be able to enter the dungeons from now on, and of course the Tower….’

Ban Yu-won suddenly thought about his student ID card.
This was a magic tool, but why had it been fine in the dungeons so far? He didn’t know the internal structure of the student ID because the analysis hadn’t been completed yet.
But once it was, he knew his abilities would grow once more.

‘For now, let’s take out Magic Resistance.
Can it be divided into Magic and Resistance? I don’t think so.’

However, it was possible to extract only the Resistance from the Magic Resistance, but the conversion rate was atrocious.

Ban Yu-won became confused when he saw that the 20 Magic Resistance turned into only 1.

“For now…should I keep it with me?”

He put it into his body.

[You have gained 1 Resistance.
You gained resistance to all negativity.]

But, surprisingly, it made a huge difference.
Not only did his body and mental strength become stronger, but he also felt the power gathering somewhere in his body.

“Is it because it is a concept that can be applied regardless of body and mind? This was a huge benefit.”

It was enough that Ban Yu-won considered selling the rest of the gold ingots and buying a dozen more motorcycles to take their Resistance, but he shook his head.
If he searched, he would surely find more objects with the concept of Resistance.

“Then let’s go on a drive, Eve asked.”


He got on Lilith with Eve wrapped around his arm and acting cute.
Although there was no change in appearance, it felt strangely comfortable, like Lilith softly embraced him.

‘I can’t just go around talking about it.
I’ll be treated like a madman.’

“But it’s not enough if only the ride quality is good.
Then…shall we fly?”


At that moment, Lilith accelerated even though Ban Yu-won didn’t start the engine, at a markedly different rate from yesterday, even faster than the top speed he’d experienced before!

Ban Yu-won grabbed the steering wheel before he fell off.

‘This is so cool…!’

His flying over the past three days was just a joke compared to this.
Now, Ban Yu-won was truly galloping through the sky! However, at that moment, he flew so high that he could see a part of the floating island where the academy was located.

He noticed a black shimmer near the huge tower that strictly controlled students’ entry into the Tower of Babel.

Maybe he had seen it wrong.
It would be easier if he thought about it that way, but Ban Yu-won couldn’t help but grumble.

“Something is sure to happen tomorrow….”

He decided to consult with Yoo Mina first.
He was a man who never overlooked trivial events, after all.

And the next day, the day to enter the Tower of Babel finally arrived.

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