Lesson 4.
Rebellion -5

It was unexpected, but the ultimate goal of Union Academy was to send students into the Tower and create a god in them.
In a few words, it was an academy that created students to nurture God.
Therefore, students had to take lectures related to culture, politics, and diplomacy, and in summary, be generally educated in addition to the extremely practical classes necessary to conquer the Tower.
In addition to the real battle class, lectures included weapons, magic, exploration, and special environmental response.

The characteristic of these lectures in the gym or training grounds was that it was easy to get provoked as it was a time to actively move.

“Hey, you, the pretty guy.
Come here.”

Indeed, following the first day of the semester, the second day, Wednesday, was time for the Basic Weapon Squadron class.
In this class, which was only held for freshmen, students could take some free time to try their hand at various weapons and find one that suited their aptitude in the presence of a Professor.

“Can’t you hear me?”


Light frowned at the voice containing Magic Power and raised his head.
A boy from class 5 was aiming his sword, a real sword, toward Light.

“What do you want?”

“Come here and explain in detail what happened yesterday, garbage.”

Not only was it rude to point at people with a real sword, but he was resorting to name-calling.
It was easy to forget when faced with someone with common sense, like Professor Yoo Mina, but usually, the people from higher dimensions despised those from the lower dimensions.

‘Instead of changing their attitude with what happened yesterday, did they only increase their hatred of us? They aren’t even teenagers, but do they have to provoke us like that?’

While Ban sighed and envisioned more fundamental measures, Light realized he was being provoked and scoffed.

“Why should I?”

“Ha, bastard.
Are you scared?”

“I meant for you to come and politely ask if you have something you want to hear from me, savage.”


Looking at that pretty face, it was easy to be mistaken, but Light’s temper had a short fuse.

“You, a mere being from a lower dimension, dare to call me a savage-.”

The moment when the boy stepped forward, something Ban Yu-won wouldn’t forget happened.
A sword of light appeared in Light’s empty hand, and when he pointed it at the boy.



The concepts were too heavily layered!

‘–What the, he’s completely different.
Concepts I couldn’t even feel…!’

Yes, when he thought about it, he got that feeling from him on the first day they met.
Even then, he was holding that glowing sword!

‘I thought his way of talking was strangely ancient, but it wasn’t like that since the entrance ceremony.
Is it because of that sword? ‘

Ban Yu-won withdrew, feeling terrible that something was out of place.
So how was the boy who had to take that energy head-on? He was struggling, unable to approach or step back, and he wanted to move, but he staggered and gave up.

“Are you learning to walk? Why are you so slow?”


Light, his pressure overwhelming, taunted his foe.
The boy clenched his teeth and took another step to reach Light.
At that moment, he looked to be bowing to Light with his posture bent, unable to stand.

“Did you come to greet me? Hello.
You can go now.”

“How dare this inferior…insect!”

It was that moment.

The boy, overcoming the pressure, raised his head and swung the sword in his hand at Light!



When Light swung the sword wrapped in golden light, the trajectory of the sword the boy had swung diverted and stuck to the glowing blade.
The boy sat on the floor groaning, clasping at his arm while the sword was moving on its own.
Light, looking at him as if he was looking at trash, scoffed and raised his head.


People have been paying attention to them since the beginning, anyway.
Light might have intended to humiliate them, but now he looked at the Professor, who was ignoring the situation.

“How does the academy evaluate a student that suddenly charges their fellow with a real sword?”

“Ahem, our academy recommends practical sparring,”

“I never agreed to fight him.”

His tone was as sharp as his sword.
While Ban Yu-won sighed, the Professor scolded Light.

“But you can’t deny that you first released your energy.”

“Indeed, then, how is the verbal abuse this man uttered at me treated?”

“Hmm? Haha, I’m sorry, but I didn’t hear that….”

Light’s expression became even scarier at the Professor’s obvious lie.
The sword of light in his hands emitted a brighter glare than before.
A deeper, more violent concept was about to pop out.

“You’re a fool.”


Before they knew it, Dok Go-yeon appeared in front of Light and flicked his forehead.

“Dok Go-yeon, you…! ”

“Why are you acting so proud when you’re at the mercy of the sword?”


At her thundering cry, Light returned to his senses and dropped the sword in his hands.
It melted into the air and disappeared, and the boy’s sword that clung to it clanged against the ground.

“What was that just now?”

“What just happened? Very huge energy….”

The gaze of everyone, including the Professor, was focused on them.
Ban Yu-won sighed, thinking about how they could escape this situation.

‘As expected, Light was the biggest bomb….’


* * *


“You know, at this rate, I don’t think we’ll be favored during our days in the academy.”

“You say that now?!”

Light was astonished at Ban Yu-won’s comment while eating fried rice at lunch.
But Ban Yu-won smiled and replied.

“The problem you caused earlier was bigger, you know? I know you were about to fight with the Professor if Dok Go-yeon hadn’t stopped you, and there was a way to solve it smoothly.”

“That…but, smoothly? How could I solve that smoothly?”


Ban Yu-won sighed as he looked at Light, who seemed to haven’t understood.

“Instead of humiliating him, not letting him get near you with that pressure, you could’ve just fought.”

“It’s not worth it to swing a sword against that fool.”

“It’s just sparring.
When that bastard provoked you earlier, you could’ve told him to ask for a fight through the Professor instead of reacting to him.”

“What’s the difference?”

“You can step on him without using that bothersome method.”

Light flinched under Ban Yu-won’s cold eyes.
No matter how fast he was growing, Light knew he was far from getting close to him, so he couldn’t understand why he was intimidated by Ban Yu-won’s energy.

“I don’t know why you chose that way even though you’re strong.
Why did you have to question the Professor there? You should have just dragged him into an official fight.
The Professor also said it, right? Practical battles are recommended.”

“That’s because I remembered what you showed me yesterday, so I tried to solve the situation without using violence….”

“So you almost stumbled into a more violent situation as a result.
It’s okay if it’s with a student, but if you get involved with a Professor, that’ll be real trouble.”


He decided not to delve too deeply into the strange changes caused by holding that sword.
Ban Yu-won didn’t think Light would tell if he asked.
However, it would be troublesome if it continued like this.

Ban Yu-won gave him a serious look and asked.

“Light, I wish you could be honest with me.
That power is controllable, right?”

“O-Of course.
Otherwise, I wouldn’t have passed the entrance exam.
I was angry at the Professor earlier, so I inadvertently…it’s just that I hate lies.”

Light avoided his gaze and lowered his head slightly in response, revealing an elegant neckline below his soft, curving blonde hair.
Excessively elegant.

“You hate lies.”


He resisted the desire to snort.
Ban Yu-won and Light weren’t close enough to confide in each other the truth, so it was rude to question him any further.
He had no choice but to be satisfied with this today.

“I’ll trust that you can control it, okay?”

“Trust me.
There will never be another nuisance like today.”

“I’m glad you know it was a nuisance.
It was great to see him being swayed by an artifact.”

Dok Go-yeon, who was happily eating a spoonful of the jam Ban Yu-won had given her with the yogurt that came out for dessert, heard this and sarcastically responded.

“By the way, Ban Yu-won.”

The cross pupils turned upon Ban Yu-won.

“You’re thinking of something for all of us, right?”

“How did you know?”

“I am trying to understand you.”

That’s why you’re scary! But now was the time to get over Dok Go-yeon’s creepiness, staring at him, and get to the matter at hand.

“Why don’t we create our own channel?”


“A video channel on the intranet.
We used it yesterday, didn’t we?”

“Didn’t you say we would use it only when we had no power?”

“Yeah, but I’m already going with the flow.”

After eating all of the fried rice, Ban Yu-won took a sip of the colorless carbonated beverage that could be drawn infinitely from the water purifier, pushed it away, and decided to eat yogurt like Dok Go-yeon.

Ruchel had already put her head down in the yogurt with jam, but her ears were perked up to listen to Ban Yu-won.
That was cute.

“That’s how things are.
Once we have asserted the rules, others will try to accuse us similarly.
In other words, they will tackle every single action we take.
As if to challenge us, ‘Are you so good at obeying the law? I’ll be watching you!’”


Dok Go-yeon nodded.

“At that time, there will be a limit to the position that we can secure simply with force.
Oh, except for you, Dok Go-yeon, and I’m talking about the position of all of us.”

“I got it, so go on.”

“In preparation for that, I felt the need to create our image.
Not only does it make it impossible to underestimate our individual abilities, but it also serves to secure emotional sympathy with an unspecified number of people in advance to prevent those who hate us from attacking us.”

It could be said to be a very common art of living in Korea or the Earth, building a fictitious good image to raise awareness of the person and to give trust to their words and actions.
This was what chaebols or members of the National Assembly intended when they deliberately used the subway or took pictures of them wearing shoes with the soles off.
Although it was trying to deceive the public with transparent guile, it was actually very effective.

“Got it.”

“What are you talking about?”

“I-I don’t know.”

Contrary to Dok Go-yeon, who quickly grasped it, Light and Ruchel tilted their heads.

“In a nutshell, it’s about making the Academy officials feel friendly to us.
Maybe something like this is also in the Academy’s curriculum?”

“If that were possible, those things wouldn’t have happened yesterday or today!”

“Indeed, learning and practicing are two different things.”

But Ban Yu-won was confident.
In the past few days, looking around the Internet of this world (of course, besides the intranet, there was an internet communication network that most people used in this dimension), Ban Yu-won realized that the media in this world wasn’t so developed compared to Earth.
Thinking about it carefully, it was natural since Union was the highest-level dimension, and there were too many interesting elements to focus on instead, such as dungeons, the Tower, real gods, and so on.

‘In other words, since the Earth has been stagnant for a long time without obtaining Magic Power, it can be said that the only way to attract people’s interest is the abnormally developed world.’

And Ban Yu-won was a favorite of modern civilization.
It was embarrassing to say this, but his language comprehension wasn’t just at the level of understanding and handling language well.
He also had a natural talent for processing language to create interesting things.

“You just have to give me the right to film you.
I’ll take care of all the rest.
From now on, we’re building a solid image of ourselves in this academy and this dimension.
So that no one looking down on people from a lower dimension can say anything to us.”

“How are you so confident? Of course, I don’t mean to ignore your abilities….”

“The first is our appearance.”

As if Ban Yu-won was waiting for Light’s point, who was still ignorant, he responded:

“The three of you, your faces aren’t bad to look at.
Of course, I don’t have an ugly face either.”

“I-I think you’re handsome.

“No, I’m not.”

Ban Yu-won scratched his cheek at Ruchel’s sudden compliment and continued.

“The most powerful factor that attracts people’s attention is their appearance.
I wondered if that wouldn’t work since the culture is different or the dimension is different, but that’s not the case.
With this alone, the basic conditions have already been passed.”

“The second is the skills, right?”

In the end, the most important thing here is a skill.
If everyone can accurately recognize our abilities, there will be no needless fights in the future.
I still lack a bit, but I’ll catch up quickly, so don’t worry.”


Dok Go-yeon laughed meaningfully.
Maybe it was because she noticed that Ban Yu-won had changed quite a bit today compared to yesterday.

When convinced that everyone was listening to him seriously, Ban Yu-won sighed.

“Actually, I figured we won’t be able to take our classes easy if it goes on like this, so I came up with a special measure.
I don’t have enough time, so I can’t be held up with those provocations.”

“Ban Yu-won, don’t fret.
It’s fast enough now.”

“Thank you.”

Ban Yu-won smiled.

“Anyway, if we have a channel, we won’t lose anything.
First, let’s decide on a name.
Actually, I thought of many good names to attract attention, but I still have to get your consent….”

But he shouldn’t have said that.
At the word ‘name’, even Ruchel, who had been quiet, raised her head, and Light and Dok Go-yeon began to frantically spit out candidates.

But collectively decided, their channel name was Rebellion (Treason).
Everyone wondered why it had become a name overflowing with so many teenage feelings, but it was the only one they all agreed on.

Ban Yu-won despaired that they wouldn’t be able to attract anyone’s attention with such a name, but the channel managed to secure 100 subscribers on the intranet within that day.
In the same way, the channel they opened on a video site got a whopping 1,000 subscribers!

…Maybe the first video on the channel, where Dok Go-yeon beat on Light, was too effective.

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