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Lesson 4.
Rebellion – 4

The low-level special selection group normally took classes with others, and that afternoon was with class 7.
The overall atmosphere was chaotic because they were primarily male students, and the low-level special students were very good prey.
Their first target was Ruchel.



The person in charge of the lecture was the oldest among the associate professors, an old professor who had served at Union Academy for more than 80 years.
Their subject was 100% handwriting, which was rare in Union Academy, and surprisingly, the old Professor, who committed the horrific atrocity of starting a new topic on the first day of the semester, focused only on reading the textbook.
His drowsy voice slowly lulled them to sleep from the first sentence.

And because of that.

“Isn’t it going to explode if it’s that big?”

“Why did she enter the academy to climb the Tower when she’s just garbage? There must be something far more suited to her aptitude.
For example, my….”

“I’d hire her if she did.”

“You idiot, I’m first.”

The Professor didn’t notice the students blatantly looking toward Ruchel and talking about vulgar things.
Ban Yu-won wondered if the Professor was deaf since he didn’t call them out even though they were talking so loudly that everyone in the classroom could hear.

“Ugh, uh….”

Ban Yu-won was worried that Ruchel might be crying.
But Ruchel…perhaps she had heard it many times because of her natural physical condition or slender appearance.
She seemed, unfortunately, used to it.

Ban Yu-won was so proud of her that he gritted his teeth.

‘I should beat those bastards instead of staying still like this!’


Just when Ban Yu-won was swinging his fist in his mind, there was a loud noise nearby.
Light, sitting next to him, slammed his fists on the desk and stood, looking extremely angry.


“Uh, uuuh? What’s wrong? So….”

“I’m Ace Light from Class 11!”

The four members of the lower-level special type were grouped together and officially called Class 11.
However, it was said that there were cases where the special admission students who became seniors weren’t assigned a class… Perhaps if it weren’t for Yoo Mina, who claimed to be in charge of them, they might have been in the same situation.

“Class 11? Ah, yes.
Do you have any questions?”

The Old Professor must be fully aware of the concept of Class 11, seeing the four members sitting apart from the others.
Still, seeing him gently say that without changing his face, he didn’t seem to have any prejudice against students from the lower dimensions.

“The other students are talking too loudly, so it’s difficult to concentrate on the class.
I want you to discipline them!”

“Hmm, you are a very admirable student.
Did you all hear that? Be quiet during the class so that you can focus on my voice.
And I’ll give three points to Light.”

The Professor nodded as if moved by Light’s words and declared so that all the students in the classroom could hear.
For reference, according to Ban Yu-won’s survey during lunch time, those additional points were one of the criteria for selecting ten outstanding students per grade in the first semester.
In addition, if one had too many negative points, surprisingly, they wouldn’t get permission to go out!

Those points were meaningless for Ban Yu-won, who had already received permission from the Principal.

“Wow, look at that nerd bastard.”

“He only has that pretty face.
Didn’t he pass the practical evaluation with his face too?”

“No, you idiot, how can someone pass the practical evaluation with their face?”

“I don’t know.
Maybe his test was with a succubus….”

“That…makes sense!”

And, of course, the old Professor’s declaration meant nothing to the students.
Instead, it temporarily shifted the students’ target from Ruchel to Light, but that didn’t last long.


Ban Yu-won thought as he looked at Ruchel, whose ears reddened, and Light, who was furious at seeing Ruchel like that.
If someone who didn’t know the circumstances saw them, they would think he was a boy trying to protect the girl he had a crush on.
And Ruchel and Light were both good-looking, so they suited each other even more.

‘But Light must be genuinely angry at those words.
He’s a really unique kid.’

Ban Yu-won poked Light, acting like he was about to get up again.

“Ban, are you going to stop me?”

“I don’t like meaningless actions.”


He was staring at him with a sad expression as if to say, ‘I didn’t think that even you would do this,’ but expecting something special from someone you’ve just met was only troublesome for Ban Yu-won.
Moreover, Ban Yu-won didn’t like fighting head-on.
With his natural ability, he liked to use words if he could, and even if that didn’t work, he preferred non-violent methods.

Like this.

“Look at this and calm down.”


What Ban Yu-won held out to Light was a crystal smaller than his palm…it was the mirror.
On the mirror’s screen, the academy’s intranet, a live broadcast, was captured.
Light, who instinctively looked at the screen, was stunned.

What was being broadcast was the scenery of this classroom right now.
That, too…it had been focusing on shooting places close to the boys swearing at Ruchel and Light.
It was truly clever real-time editing.

“What, what is this…?”

“It’s best to respond equally to those who talk cowardly from behind.”

Ban Yu-won showed Light the comments in real-time during her live broadcast.
Of course, most of them were seniors, and they only paid attention to the fact that they were uttering vulgar obscenities, as they didn’t know that the ones they were swearing at were students of the lower-level special type.

“They’re really mad at them.”

Dok Go-yeon, with her head sticking out from behind Ban Yu-won, looked at the screen and spoke with a smile on her lips.
Ban Yu-won turned back to Light.

“I learned it in the morning, but the academy students check the intranet very often.
So, I thought it was worth a try.”

“Of course, if they knew they were swearing at the students of the lower-level special type, these people wouldn’t be this mad.
But the focus of the broadcast is only on those guys and their voices.”

“From the point of view of the people watching it, it would indeed be better to focus only on the bullies.”

“Besides, they are ranting unilaterally.
Even if they knew that the ones those guys are bullying are lower-dimension students, only a few people would take their side.”

Only a few didn’t mean that there were none.
However, another advantage here was that those guys were mainly talking about sexual abuse.
Leaving the lower and higher dimensions aside, girls had to get angry with this.
Even Professors would be watching this video, and if this didn’t get deleted, it would spread throughout the school.

“Then what could happen to them? I guarantee you won’t have to deal with them anymore.”

“But you, how did you….”


At that point, the live broadcast was stopped.
Light’s jaw dropped at the sight of Eve coiled up on Ban Yu-won’s shoulder, a small camera in the snake’s mouth.

“You really don’t have enough training.
Didn’t you notice it moving right next to you?”

Even though Dok Go-yeon looked through Eve’s movements, Light couldn’t reply.
But he didn’t seem that upset.

“I didn’t see it wrong.
Ban…I’m so glad you are the class leader.”

“What the heck? You won’t get anything even if you praise me.”

“Ah, uh.

Ruchel, who realized the situation late, lowered her head, blinking her big eyes like a puppy.
Ban Yu-won just looked at her and smiled.

“I am not strong yet.
So I had prepared a couple of things.”

“But aren’t you going to get scolded? Live broadcast during classes….”

“Look at the title.”

Ban Yu-won pointed to the posting title on the screen, which was written ‘Class Recording_Union History_01’.
No matter how ignorant Light was about the Internet, he could notice the intention of this title.

“Your excuse will be that you recorded the class to review later, but then you clicked something wrong, and it went live broadcast!”

It is an excuse that can only be used for first graders.
In fact, it’s a flimsy excuse, and I might still be penalized, but it doesn’t matter.”

If nothing serious happened, Yoo Mina could deal with it.
After the explanation, Light just looked at Ban Yu-won with admiration.
Dok Go-yeon’s cross pupils sparkled, but now he was used to this reaction.

Ruchel, who continued to be shy, thanked him, looking straight at his face.
He could say that the greatest outcome of this incident was that.

“Hey, hey.
It’s being broadcast!”

At that moment, one of the people tired of provoking their group saw the uploaded video anonymously on the intranet (Administrators could identify it themselves, but ordinary members, students, could not identify them).
He turned pale and informed his friends.

“What? Huh? What! What is this?! Who shot this?! ”


Naturally, the students, who saw that they were being hated in the hundreds of comments, screamed and glared around them.
But what could they do? The video was already online, and the only one that saw Eve moving was Dok Go-yeon.

“Students, you really don’t have a good class attitude.
You guys are the ones that were talking loud before, right? Give your name and affiliation.
I have to talk to your Professor!”

Their bold behavior provoked the old Professor into action.

“Yes? No, Professor.
It’s not that, this video….”

“Video? You were on the intranet during class!”

“It’s not that, but someone took a video….”

“No, you idiot!”


Wasn’t he confessing his own crime?!

Ban Yu-won expected it from the moment they started bullying them, but it seemed that people weren’t more mature just because they were from higher dimensions.
He snorted and watched them.

‘Indeed, the criteria for selecting a general candidate for general screening are pure in the order of power, so no matter how many gems they’ve chosen before from that dimension, it doesn’t prove their personality.’

Light spoke as if he had guessed what was in Ban Yu-won’s mind.

“The higher dimension is just a world that evolves faster than the lower dimension, leading to a world rich in resources and mana.
But they think they are special just because they were born in such a world….”

“It can be faster than in a world where mana is insufficient.
But there is no weight on the power that is easily gained.
They don’t know that they were just lucky, so they will eventually fall on their faces.”

For the first time, Dok Go-yeon sympathized with Light.
Although, rather than sympathy, it was just that her thoughts naturally came out of her mouth.
After talking, the two looked at each other, then scoffed and turned their heads.

In the meantime, the Professor, who checked the video on the intranet and saw what they had said in his class, was so angry that he couldn’t keep still.

“You can’t watch my classes from now on! I will give you an F in all the classes you have taken throughout the year! I’ll have a very serious conversation with your Professor about this, so be aware.
What are you doing? Get out!”

“But Professor, they are just garbage, I mean, from the lower dimensions….”

“I said get out!”

As he shouted, the closed window swung open with a strong gust of wind.
Then, before anyone could do anything else, the students who were bullying Ban Yu-won’s group were thrown out the window!


Ban Yu-won shuddered as he heard the screams of the distant boys.
They wouldn’t die, but…they would be stuck eating porridge for a while.


“I guess we can’t see the Assistant Professors lightly either….”

“Ruchel, Light, is this enough?”

Ruchel and Light just nodded.

Since that day, the attitudes of the students taking Union’s history classes improved.
It had to improve if they didn’t want to fly out of the window.

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