Lesson 4.
Rebellion – 2

“Come, Ban.
It’s a battle with Electo.”

He was confused for a second, not knowing who he was referring to with that fancy name, but Ban was his last name.
Ban Yu-won raised his hand and spoke to the Professor instead of stepping into the ring that formed.

“I’m sorry, Professor.
I don’t think I’ll be able to gain anything from these battles because my fighting skills aren’t enough yet….”

“Hmm? You just lost three points.”

Was it possible that they also played the meaningless ranking game with something like a dormitory score? Would they also humiliate the last position?

“Come, Ban.
That is no excuse.”

The Professor ordered Ban Yu-won.
He felt great malice in that order, but maybe this associate Professor was also a fan of Yoo Mina? Ban Yu-won sighed as he looked at the guy named Electo, clashing his two huge fists threateningly, and spoke again.

“It is a fact, not an excuse.
I was chosen as a special archetype not because of my fighting ability but because of my unique talent.
If you’re curious about my skills as a passing student, wouldn’t it be better to find another way instead of making me fight?”

“Are you teaching a Professor now?”

“Anyone, a Professor or a student, has to learn what they don’t know.
And aren’t you an associate Professor?”

“…! I think it’s you who doesn’t know something.
You just lost another five points.”

Negative points were accumulating.
This led to a direct battle with the Professor, not the student.
And, of course, there was a hole in Ban Yu-won’s logic.

Union Academy was an academy that existed only to climb the Tower.
No matter if Yu-won’s unique ability was recognized as meeting the entry requirements, in the end, he was in a position to enter the Tower.
That’s why.

“Why don’t we use this week as preparation and compete next week? Once I enter the Tower, I feel I will be ready when I come out.”

“Are you ignoring your Professor and setting your own schedule? Another….”

Ban Yu-won was also diligently preparing a compromise plan.
He didn’t expect that this Professor would have the ears to hear it, though.
He sighed heavily and shrugged.

“Whatever punishment you will give, do it after the results next week.
Again, I’m not ready yet, so no matter what you say, I won’t be fighting this week.”

“…Okay, that’s great.”

Ultimately, the associate professor, failing to bring out Ban Yu-won, gritted his teeth.
How could he like this bold attitude of refusal? But what could he do? Ban Yu-won was indeed not ready yet.
If he fought a match in this state, the results could be disastrous.
He wasn’t the main character of some passionate novel, so he wouldn’t just let himself get smacked around.

“Next Tuesday, Ban and Electo will have a match.
It would be better to open it to the public if possible.”

It seemed he accepted Ban Yu-won’s proposal, but the Professor sneakily added a condition.
To the public, so did that mean they would broadcast it inside the academy?

“You said you would like a week of preparation, so you must show your growth.
If you fail….”

“All right.”

Ban Yu-won nodded indifferently.
Of course, it was a long way to catch up with Light or Dok Go-yeon, but he calculated that his current growth rate would be enough to catch up with the high-level general students in a week.
However, the problem was that the people he was facing now weren’t just the general type but a special class that selected excellent students.

“Your name is Electo, right? After the official match next week, let’s shake hands as a commemoration.”

Knowing that all the hostility of the special class was directed at him, Ban Yu-won took a bold step forward and extended his hand to Electo, a student whose respect for Yoo Mina was so great that he became ill-intentioned toward him.
He was over two meters and fifty centimeters tall, and the joints of his arms were covered with unusually hard keratin while the tips of his fists were strangely steaming.

If he weren’t wearing a school uniform, he could easily be mistaken for a monster.

“You lower thing.”


Electo slapped away his hand.
It was excruciatingly painful, but Ban Yu-won wasn’t an idiot, and he couldn’t show that here.
Instead, he looked at the Professor and asked.

“I get a negative point just by making a suggestion, but doesn’t he get a negative point for swearing?”

“…Electo, you lost one point.”

“One point? Let’s see, the negative points I got….”

“Ban Yu-won, don’t forget that you were rude to him first.
Another three points from you.”

“Is it rude to ask for a handshake? I’m asking because I don’t know the rules of etiquette in this world.”

“You…! Electo, you lost three points.”

“All right.”

Associate Professor and Electo both gritted their teeth.
All the other special class members were also staring at Ban Yu-won with cold eyes.
That was when Ban Yu-won was clearly established as the public enemy.

‘What are you going to do if you give me negative points? You’re an associate Professor, so you can’t kick me out of the academy.’

However, Ban Yu-won, who didn’t intend to be friendly with them from the beginning, paid no attention to their gaze or negative points.
He clenched his teeth as he checked the character strings he saw from Electo in their brief moment of contact.

[Life 250, Physique 300, Magic Power 120]

The concept that he could read was this much, and it was ridiculous.

‘I guess it will be hard to raise my ability to this extent in a week.’

To be honest, he was stronger than expected.
However, there was a high possibility that asking for two weeks in that situation wouldn’t work, and there was no mistake in Ban Yu-won’s plan because he would have to face them someday.

‘Then I have to do it….’

He didn’t intend to beat his opponent head-on from the start.
As he told the Professor, his abilities weren’t specialized in combat.
In a week, he should be able to find a way.


“Yes, yes.”

Eve, who understood his will, cried out that he was confident, so he shouldn’t worry.
He stroked the snake and looked around in surprise, thinking it would be troublesome if they got attention this early.
Surprisingly, he found that no one was paying attention.

“Why? Is no one here?”

The reason was simple.
This was because, while everyone’s hostility was focused on Ban Yu-won, Dok Go-yeon suddenly stepped forward.
Her bizarre cross pupils gleamed eerily as she scanned the special class.

“Aren’t you curious about the skills of the special admission students? Unlike the class leader, I specialize in combat and gladly accept a fight.”

“Dok Go-yeon….”

This was fun.
Even though Ban Yu-won hadn’t asked for anything yet, Dok Go-yeon had taken the next step to take care of all four of them.
He had guessed from her greed for talent, but maybe she was in a position to rule the crowd even in the Martial Arts Society.

“If no one is confident, I’ll name one.
Hey, did you say your name was Electo? I don’t think you’re a sensitive person who looks at his opponent and attacks.
Come out…I will step on you.”


There was a thing called the atmosphere of the strong.
Ban Yu-won, who only recently realized his Magic Power, knew there was a far-off difference between himself and Dok Go-yeon, but would Electo not be able to read her strength?

Perhaps it was for Ban Yu-won that Dok Go-yeon chose Electo.
If his guess were correct, she would give Elect such serious injuries that he couldn’t fully recover in a week or so.

“I’m sorry, Dok Go-yeon, but it’s decided that Electo will fight with me in a week, so if you want to fight with him, ask him the next time.”


But she shouldn’t do that.
Ban Yu-won had to prove his worth with his abilities, so he dared to intervene and object.

“Will you really be okay?”

“Of course.”

“…Ho, I thought you were only full of tricks.
You look a bit like a man now.”

Looking at Dok Go-yeon, who gave a satisfied smile, Electo snorted, nervous after he guessed that this would put his life at risk.

“It’s funny that the strongest among you came forward after barking that much just to shame herself.
Just go away.”

“Who’s barking now?”

Someone pushed Electo aside and came forward.
It looked like they were wearing a crown on their head, but when Ban Yu-won looked closer, it was a set of horns that protruded like a crown, and their shiny gold hair fluttered up and down.

“No way, Ortima, the ruler of the Ketius dimension…!”

Next to him, Light kindly revealed their identity.

“What is that place?”

“Y-You mean you don’t know? Except for Union, ten dimensions are considered the highest hierarchical dimensions.
Ortima is the family that rules one of them, Ketius! Its symbol is the horn that rises like a crown like that.”

“So, in a word, that’s the son of a family that ranks among the top ten of all these dimensions?”


He was from a lower dimension but strangely knowledgeable about this.
Conversely, Ban Yu-won might be too ignorant of dimensional news.

“There are always a bunch of stupid and weak guys.
It’s fun to see someone like you growling at us to protect your horde.” 

“Did you come out here to babble with that tongue? Or are you protesting that your tongue is too long and you want it to be cut off?”

Ortima was already amidst a fierce war of nerves with Dok Go-yeon.
Ban Yu-won admired that Ortima’s energy didn’t fall behind Dok Go-yeon, but Light seemed to feel the opposite.

“Dok Go-yeon, what is it? You’re definitely a special low-level archetype, but how can you be equal with Ortima…!”

“Can you feel the difference in power only now?”

“I don’t want even you making fun of me.”

Light got upset.
It was hard to believe he was a real man when this pretty guy swelled up his cheeks.
He didn’t believe it, but…

“Don’t mind her.
We’re only at the starting line now and can go beyond.”

“Do you really…think so?”

“Of course.
Dok Go-yeon won’t be still either, though.”

“Can you decide whether you’ll comfort or make fun of me?”

I’ll do one.”

So, while Ban Yu-won was teasing Light, the Professor finally authorized the fight, and the guy named Ortima and Dok Go-yeon clashed.
Before the fight started, something flashed in the air, and Ban Yu-won saw that it was close to the shape of a drone with an attached lens.
In fact, it was also one of the items he had seen at the store yesterday.

“Full disclosure.
That is to say, they are shooting a video with that.”

“Video…are they recording it now? It’s shared on the academy intranet…but I still don’t know what an intranet is.”

“No, even the internet? It’s natural when I think about it.”

Among the items he bought in the city yesterday, there was a communication tool, that is, a mobile phone, that enabled real-time communication with a designated person using the magical communication network.
They called it a telepathic mirror, or a mirror for short.
It even had functions like a real smartphone, including video viewing, calculation, calendar, and alarm.

While drinking with Professor Yoo Mina yesterday, they exchanged their Unique Codes or phone numbers.

“Ban, do you know what an intranet is?”

“Simply put, it refers to a communication network established by organizations such as businesses and schools to exchange internal information.
Let’s see, the school intranet…found it.”

Light watched with curiosity as Ban Yu-won pulled out the mirror skillfully manipulated it.

“How can you be so skillful when you said you’re from a low-level dimension that didn’t know of the Union…?”

“It’s mainly because we developed in this direction.”

The academy intranet had a structure in which access and membership registration were possible only after authentication of a student ID.
Accessing the intranet without the mirror, even with a student ID, was possible.
Instead, in that case, they wouldn’t be able to use complex services such as video viewing.

When Ban Yu-won connected to the intranet with the mirror, Light and even Ruchel, who was quietly listening to him, snuck closer.

“Here’s a live channel.
Even our classes….”

“You’ve seen it well, Ruchel.”

“T-Thank you.”

There were even live broadcasts.
It seemed that the Professor was determined to humiliate us.
But it didn’t look like things would go as the Professor wished.

“Bring it on.”

“I’ll let the noob make the first move.”

“Noob? Let’s see for how long that cheeky attitude will last.

The fight began.

When Ortima shouted to kneel in anger at Dok Go-yeon’s provocation, Ban Yu-won saw a flash of mysterious power from him crushing Dok Go-yeon.
It wasn’t everyday magic, nor was it the power of language that Ban Yu-won handled.
Just as water flowed from top to bottom, natural providence seemed to force Dok Go-yeon to kneel before Ortima.

[Successful in observing the distortion of providence, the depth of Complete Sight was increased by 1.]

“Distortion of Providence.”

“D-Did you see it…?!”

“Ah, aaahhh.”

Light was startled at Ban Yu-won’s muttering, and Ruchel shook as if she could feel it.


However, despite the pressure that would have crushed Ban Yu-won on the spot, Dok Go-yeon calmly raised her energy.
It was just that, but the energy that suppressed her…


It was dead.
All he could say was that it was dead.
In it, though faintly, Ban Yu-won could feel a new concept: Death.
Could there be another concept as simple and terrifying as that?

Ban Yu-won felt a sense of fear at the fragments of power Dok Go-yeon showed.

“Ah, aaaaaaaahhhhh….”


Even worse, Ruchel was trembling and squeezing Ban Yu-won’s arms.
Eve, fearful of him being hurt, slapped Ruchel’s cheek, but she was still gripped by panic.

“Hmm, so you had some skills.”

“And you have a ridiculous ability like that horn.
If that’s all, it’s disappointing.”

“Of course not.”

As Ortima took a step forward, the same but denser pressure hit Dok Go-yeon.
The result was the same, though.

“Does it get stronger the closer you get? If you thought I would run away….”

Dok Go-yeon’s feet lightly crossed the floor.
In the next moment, Dok Go-yeon, smashing down in front of Ortima, threw a kick as sharp as a razor.
Ortima seemed unprepared, but a golden shield appeared just before the collision.


With an unpleasant sound, the shield exploded into fragments of light and scattered.
Beyond that, Ortima had his arms crossed to block Dok Go-yeon.

“In the end, you have to use your own hands.”

“That’s why they say your body suffers if you have a bad brain.
Or if you’re bad at judging situations.”



The same pressure that Ortima had tried to use to bring Dok Go-yeon to her knees earlier was concentrated and delivered more than tenfold.
However, Dok Go-yeon lightly dodged it, spread out her palms, and pushed his forearm aside.
At the same time, her kick scratched across Ortima’s chin.


Ban Yu-won doubted what he heard.
Was that the sound of a person’s foot and chin colliding?

“You bitch…!”

“Unfortunately, the way you move your body is awkward.
Don’t tell me that someone else has to feed you.”

Which one came out to brag about having a long tongue? Dok Go-yeon constantly cursed her opponent while she fiercely drove him back.
One violent crash after another sounded out.
Ortima’s blows were heavy but too slow to hit.

‘That guy must be used to hitting an immobilized opponent, but that didn’t work with Dok Go-yeon.’

As Dok Go-yeon said, Ortima had transcendent physical abilities, but his lack of experience in moving his body was clearly visible even to Ban Yu-won, so he was just getting beaten back.
However, even though Dok Go-yeon was unilaterally pressing the attack, it bothered him that each collision made a metallic sound.

“…Ugh, I will no longer forgive your rudeness.
I will kill you as you please!”

“Death is not a concept that a kid like you can easily put into words.”


Terrible energy exploded from Ortima’s body, and Dok Go-yeon was forced to retreat.
They exchanged a glance, and each radiated their own bloody aura.

At that moment.

“Now, now, that’s enough.”


Professor Yoo Mina, who suddenly appeared in the middle between the two of them, declared.
Ortima and Dok Go-yeon seemed unable to comprehend, but they were both disarmed when Professor Yoo Mina smiled and lightly opened her powers.


“Whew, whooh.”

The fragrance of flowers spread everywhere.
It quenched their fierce fighting spirits and calmed their beating hearts.
She forcibly calmed down their energy, so they couldn’t fight even if they tried.

Ban Yu-won felt the concept of Flower and Harmony in it and then burst into laughter.
Even Yoo Mina, the possessor of that ability, wouldn’t be able to understand why he was laughing.

“Our academy doesn’t want our students to fight to the death.
I wish you would fight like that only in the Tower.
All right, both of you?”


“You’re strong.”

Ortima silently stared at Yoo Mina and returned to his place, while Dok Go-yeon shook her head and turned back to her party.



When Dok Go-yeon returned, Ruchel, who was terrified, flinched and hid behind Ban Yu-won.
Dok Go-yeon glared at Ruchel as if she didn’t approve, then turned her gaze to Ban Yu-won and smiled.

“How was it?”

“It was very helpful.”


Dok Go-yeon, surprised by Ban Yu-won’s sincere response, smiled deeper.
Ban Yu-won only then realized that he had given the wrong answer.
He should have said he didn’t recognize anything, but now he was getting more and more attention from this psycho!

“Associate Professor Farrell.
It is a big mistake to make them fight during the first class and to sit still without tempering their bloodlust.
Be prepared.”


“Then I’ll be going…ah.”

On the other hand, Yoo Mina turning around after harshly rebuking the associate Professor saw Ban Yu-won, walked over, and fixed his wrinkled collar.

“The class leader must have dignity.
Then, have a nice day.”

‘I appointed him as the class president, so if I catch someone provoking him, they’re dead.’ Well, Yoo Mina, who roughly expressed her meaning, disappeared from the spot without any warning, just as she had appeared.

However, Ban Yu-won noticed that Farrell and the members of the special class were staring at him.
He sighed.

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