Lesson 4.
Rebellion – 1

Dawn, dormitory.
With a table between them, Ban Yu-won and Light faced each other.

“I’m a little disappointed, Ban.”

Ban Yu-won wondered if this was like that guy from the meme who was good at acting disappointed.
In fact, he was still a bit drunk, and his head wasn’t working properly.

“I didn’t think you would stay overnight.
I wouldn’t have been worried if you had at least told me in advance.”

I drank for the first time in my life yesterday.”


Light’s eyes grew even colder.
It was natural for him to look like that since he said he stayed out overnight after drinking, and not for some proper reason.
But when he found out about the true circumstances, Ban Yu-won wouldn’t be able to say anything.

“Professor Yoo Mina asked me to drink with her, and I couldn’t say no.”

“What, the Professor?! You’re…not lying.”

Light, glancing at the brooch hanging from Ban Yu-won’s chest, shook his head.

“No one at the academy will believe you if you say you’ve got a job appointed by a Professor after a drink.”


Did this mean that the brooch symbolized a job? Not only when he got the brooch, but while he was having a drink with Professor Yoo Mina yesterday, she hadn’t mentioned anything about it!

“Oh, more importantly, the drink was really good.
I got my own bottle, so let’s open it later.”

“You…haah, no, never mind.
I’ve never drank before.”

“I drank for the first time yesterday myself.”

“I mean, I’m not going to drink.
Just hurry up and take a shower.
You smell like flowers.”

It was true he smelled like flowers.
Honeymoon, the fruit wine made by the priests of the Temple of Spring, was a rare drink that was warm and sweet and made the body smell of flowers.
And not only did it taste good, but Ban Yu-won’s body codes grew by three or four each while he was drinking.
The most surprising thing was that Complete Speaking increased by 2.

‘It wasn’t a pseudo-elixir, but a real one.’

After delivering the bottles to Professor Yoo Mina, he wanted to return to his dormitory and prepare for the day, but he was caught on his way out, and time flew by once they started drinking.
Anyway, he was glad it ended well, but he didn’t want to have another drink with Professor Yoo Mina ever again.

“Then I will take a shower.
We still have some free time, right?”

“The first class is Comprehensive Real-Life Combat, in the gym, so you must eat and hurry up a bit.
One class…it’s a joint class with the first year’s special class.”

A special class was the elite class that was deliberately gathered with only the best talent in that grade.
But they were tying them together with the four members of the special lower dimension? What kind of crazy idea was that?

“Hey, for some reason, I feel bad intent in that composition.”

After taking off the brooch and putting it in the inventory, Ban Yu-won wore a gloomy complexion as he threw on his uniform.
Light responded by turning away.

“So do I.
That means our enemies aren’t just among the students.
And if you’re going to get naked, go into the bathroom.”

“Ah…I’ll just take a shower first.”



Ban Yu-won had taken off the shirt he was wearing before looking back, revealing the absurdly strong abs he’d developed over the past couple of days.
Light turned his head away in disgust and asked in a slightly hesitant voice.

“You…weren’t drinking all day yesterday, right?”

“No way.
How can a person drink all day?”

“…That’s right.
Sorry, go on.”


Ban Yu-won waved and walked into the shower room.

Apparently, Light noticed his change.
In fact, at the time of the entrance ceremony, Ban Yu-won had a concept of Life of about 15, but now with the Honeymoon’s effect, it was 50.
Of course, it was still a small figure compared to Light, but even considering that, it was a large change.

“Oh, I left my clothes out there.
Light, I’m sorry.
Can you bring them to me?”

“You, don’t walk out of there! I’ll bring them!”

Ace Light.
Something smelled fishy here.
So, when is the third act?


* * *


During breakfast, Ban Yu-won and Light headed to the student cafeteria built by the dormitory and joined up with Ruchel and Dok Go-yeon.
Ignoring the stares focused on them, he grabbed the breakfast menu and told them about the drink he had with Professor Yoo Min yesterday.

“A job….”

“I-It is beautiful.”

This was the reaction of Dok Go-yeon and Ruchel, respectively.
Of course, Ruchel’s gaze was directed at the brooch hung from Ban Yu-won’s chest.
Pointing to it, Light said.

“Professor Yoo Mina is in charge of the four of us right now, so Ban, having helped her, can be seen as the head of our class.”

“Hmm, if there is someone that should represent the four of us, I think it should be me.”

Today’s breakfast was western-styled, and Dok Go-yeon looked at Ban Yu-won before pushing aside the soup plate.

“Because I am the strongest.
You agree with me, right?”


Before Ban Yu-won could respond, Light beat him to it.
He wiggled his eyebrows and pointed at Dok Go-yeon with his fork.

“That’s a weird thing to say, Dok Go-yeon.
I didn’t want to say this because you’re a colleague I should get along with, but…no, that’s even more of a reason for me to say it.
That attitude of looking down on everyone else like you’re the best isn’t good, even for future Tower climbing.
I can’t even agree with you saying you’re the strongest.”

“That’s funny.
I remember the first thing you said yesterday, looking down on us.
Didn’t you say you wanted to enter the Tower alone?”

“Ugh?! You…!”

Ban Yu-won laughed.
He was going to suggest planning a strategy ahead of time since they’d be facing the special class during the first period, but these guys were already devolving to infighting.




At that moment, on behalf of Ban Yu-won, Eve took off her invisibility and revealed her presence, calming the heated atmosphere.
The effect was instantly amazing.
Dok Go-yeon, who looked at Eve, lowered her killing aura, then reached out to the snake wrapped around Ban Yu-won’s arm.

“That artifact from yesterday?”

“It changed quite a bit, right?”

“No way since yesterday…no, no.
It indeed changed in one day.
How did this…?”


Eve raised their head and boasted.
Dok Go-yeon, realizing it understood what she was saying, opened her eyes wide and sighed as if she had lost the energy to be angry.

“So cute…okay, you left me in awe, so let’s listen to you first.”

It was a strange logic, but Eve’s move worked.
Ban Yu-won sighed.
In fact, he didn’t want to be something like the class president, but if he were to choose a representative out of these four, he was sure that it should be himself…

“Actually, the class leader doesn’t have to be the strongest.
No, the strongest shouldn’t be the leader.”


“That’s because when the strongest person becomes the class leader, they will make all the decisions.
But the class leader can’t do that.”

Dok Go-yeon rotated her cross pupils to tell him to keep going.
He wished she hadn’t because it was really scary.

“You seem to misunderstand one thing.
The class leader isn’t the ruler.
They don’t lead according to their own will, but they have the talent to synthesize the opinions of the rest of the class and choose a method that is fair and good for everyone.
In other words, a person who is objective and neutral should be the class president.”

“It sounds very boring.”

“That’s a class leader.
There’s no real benefit, and they just get stressed out.
But that’s why it’s important, as an individual who sacrifices for the group….”

“But that’s the class leader as you think they should be, right?”

Tsk, I got caught.
Of course, it was true that most of the class leaders selected in the elementary, middle, and high school education courses in Korea didn’t deviate from the type that Ban Yu-won described.
But wasn’t this an academy made up of talented people? In a society where power was important, power was law.

As Ban Yu-won said, there might be representatives who considered everyone’s positions to make fair and objective choices.
But there could also be any number of representatives who led with overwhelming power and charisma.
Moreover, it couldn’t be said that this was absolutely wrong.

‘However, if we were to choose a representative from among the four of us, it would be troublesome if that was Dok-Fire-General.’

It wasn’t a question of scale.
Rather, charismatic leaders tended to lead small groups better than large ones.
The problem now was these four personalities.
Even looking at Light, he was so proud of himself that he was raring for a fight with Dok Go-yeon as Ban Yu-won spoke.
In fact, even if Dok Go-yeon could suppress Light by force now, he wouldn’t be easily bent, and more problems would arise later.

In Ruchel’s case, it was even more problematic.
It had only been two days since they met, but it was surprisingly clear that she didn’t have any opinions.
So, should they ignore her because she has no opinion? That would completely ignore the academy’s essential theme of student growth.
This type of person needed a leader who calmly waited and listened to them so that they could show their abilities.

It was obvious as even Ban Yu-won could see through to her dazzling potential.

“Anyway, I’m the easygoing type, so it’s fine, but, still, I think I’d be better off being the class president than you to preserve the individuality of all four of us.”

“Easygoing? You?”

For some reason, Dok Go-yeon snorted.
But maybe she was convinced because she nodded immediately after.

“All right.
After all, the appointment of the class president seems to be by the authority of the Professor.
And the only person I honestly want to follow is you.”


That creeped him out.
But before he asked her what she meant, she continued.

“I just hope you don’t get me wrong, I’ve only acknowledged that you are the class president, but I don’t intend to listen to your orders.”

“I have no intention of ordering you around either.
However, I would like some degree of communication and cooperation with each other for the growth of all of us.
What do you think of that?”


Dok Go-yeon looked at Light and Ruchel without a word, then snorted as if she wasn’t happy about it.

“He who stands above must be able to see far…even if you don’t like some people, you must embrace them to get what you want.
All right.
I agree.”

Somehow, he ended the war of words with Dok Go-yeon in a win-win fashion.

There was still the minor problem that Light was angry at Dok Go-yeon, but Dok Go-yeon was indeed stronger than Light…so this pride problem would have to be resolved over time.
As expected, the biggest bomb was this bastard Light.

Ban Yu-won let out a sigh.


But when he contemplated how to defuse it, Ruchel, who had been quiet until now, chimed up.

“The snake…can I touch it too? It’s so cute….”

“Feel free!”

Let’s be fair.
This school was full of bombs.


* * *


In this way, the problem of recognizing Ban Yu-won as their representative was somehow solved.
Light just didn’t like the fact that Dok Go-yeon had taken a step forward, saying that the strongest should be the representative, but he had no problem with Ban Yu-won being chosen by Professor Yoo Mina.

Dok Go-eon openly admitted that she liked Ban Yu-won (she made it clear that her feelings were that of a corporate executive who was headhunting talented people).
She was outspoken in her position to step down in consideration for him.

Ruchel said Eve was too cute, and it was the first time she had looked delighted since Ban Yu-won met her.
She was surprisingly cute, but he had no idea what was going on in her mind.

“The first class is going to be a light match.
What do you think, everyone?”

“Professor, the dregs…no, I’m curious about the skills of the students who passed the special screening!”

“I want to have a match with them too!”

And for Ban Yu-won, who became the class leader representing these four, his hardships started with the first class.

“That weakling dared to receive a brooch from Professor Yoo Mina, the Goddess of Flowers? I can’t accept that.
I’ll have to check his skills myself!”

A very great hardship.

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