ount and a payment card, so even if it was stolen, it seemed that he could rest assured that it couldn’t be used if the thief’s Magic Power structure was different.

[Ban Yu-won’s account balance: 7.53 million Ronia]

Ban Yu-won handed over a one-kilogram gold bar to the bank.
After deducting various fees such as account issuance, the total amount of money obtained was 7.53 million Ronia.
At this point, he could see that 1 Ronia was worth 100 won, so he’d made 750 million won by selling a single gold bar, and he still had 99 more in his inventory.

“That’s right.”

“Thank you for using Central Bank.
Have a good day.”

His grandfather wasn’t wrong in saying that gold went anywhere in the world.
Ban Yu-won nodded to himself and left the bank.

“Then let’s go.
I will take you to the best hovercar store!”

“I’m sorry I’m making you do this much.
You must have lots to do….”

“It’s okay.
But I will be grateful if you buy me even a simple snack.”

Soldiers starving was the same between the lower and the higher dimensions.
But Ban Yu-won was also interested in the snacks of this world, so he followed his guide on a walk through the city’s shopping streets.
It was just an ordinary city in these parts, except for hovercars above them, people who looked more like monsters than humans, and the holograms popping up here and there to advertise goods.

“Hmm, the chicken skewers taste similar.”

The stalls were also floating in the sky, looking for customers.

“It’s not made from chicken, but from the leg flesh of the monster Meruda.
Oh, there it is!”

‘Did I just eat a monster?’

Milton, excited, dragged Ban Yu-won to another huge building before their meal was done. All types of magic tools were sold on the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd floors, but Ban Yu-won couldn’t help but think of Yongsan Electronics Market when he saw them.

Milton smiled as Ban Yu-won stared at everything.

“Haha, a lot of interesting things are released every year.
I’ve heard these machines work well on the floating island where the academy is located, so you might want to buy a few.”

And finally, he learned that each device powered by magic was called a machine in this world!

‘I-I see.
I’m used to electronic devices, but the raw power of this world is mana.
Magical machines are natural.’

It was an extraordinary realization.
Following Milton’s recommendation, he selected several interesting ‘machines,’ reaching a whopping 300,000 Ronia.

“It’s expensive.”

“Hahaha, this is a top-notch store….”

The 4th floor was finally the hovercar store, but when he heard that the 5th floor displayed cutting-edge off-road hover bikes, Ban Yu-won’s hurried there as if possessed.

“A bike would have a better sense of speed, wouldn’t it?”

“Oh, but it’s more difficult to ride.
Besides, it’s nice to hear that off-road bikes are fun outside of the city, but if you accidentally enter a dungeon, you’d be throwing it away….”

“Our Lipod’s state-of-the-art off-road bikes are designed to withstand dungeon mana waves for extended periods unless you go directly inside!”

It seemed news had spread that Ban Yu-won happily paid 300,000 Ronia for magic tools at the store downstairs.
An employee of the hovercar shop approached them, saw the brooch hanging from Ban Yu-won’s chest, and broadly smiled.

“It’s even designed with a replaceable core, so you can replace it if it’s damaged.
We’re actually doing a special.
If you purchase now, you can exchange mana cores for the production price up to two times within three years!”

“I mean.
We have to be prepared for damage, right?”

“No, no, it’s just insurance in case something goes wrong.
In the case of the new model Onyx announced this month, ten units are already scheduled to be delivered to the Dimensional Border Force.
It is conclusive proof that our Lipod’s development ability is ahead of the military’s! What do you think, sir? Would you like to see it?”

He didn’t know who the Dimensional Boundaries people were, but seeing Milton suddenly shut his mouth, it seemed pretty credible.
Ban Yu-won followed the staff and paid for the Onyx almost as soon as he saw it.
He liked everything about it, including the streamlined and sleek body and the sharp front fender.

“3.5 million Ronia…no, it will be 3.2 million Ronia with the discount.
Oh my God, in a lump sum payment! Thank you!”

Converted to Korean Won, it was 320 million.
It was the biggest spending spree of Ban Yu-won’s life.
But why was he looking at the brooch on his chest when he said there was a discount? Ban Yu-won decided that when he returned to school, he would ask Professor Yoo Mina about that.

“If it flies in the sky, there will be no dust, so why did you put fenders on it?”

“You have misunderstood, sir.
These sharp parts are reinforced sections, not fenders.
It is designed to accept mana so it may break down obstacles in the way or, conversely, to block attacks.”

“Why does it need the ability to attack enemies?”

Ban Yu-won bought the bike, but Milton was still grumbling.
The professionalism of the staff who went along with him to the end felt great.

“As I said before, it’s a premium product for situations when you’re in combat.
Dimensional Frontiers, huh? Now, here’s the number engraved! A total of 50 units were produced, and this is the 7th of them.”

“I suppose I should check the device description later by looking at the manual.”

At this rate, the question-and-answer section would become endless, so Ban Yu-Won changed topics and asked:

“Can I get some driving lessons?”

“I was going to tell you anyway.
Our company can issue the certificate for you, and you can take the exam right away, or you can get training first.”

“Then I will take the test tomorrow.”

“All right!”

There were relics brought from Earth that could be put to good use.
If done right, he might be able to enhance the bike past what its creators could do.

‘It was nice to stop by the city.’

After a pleasant shopping experience, Ban Yu-won could finally head to his original destination, the Temple of Spring.
However, the special treatment he received elsewhere in the city was nothing compared to this place.

As soon as Ban Yu-won stepped into the temple made of white stone, the priests reacted as if lightning had struck.

“Someone wearing Yoo Mina’s brooch has come!”

“What? Take him inside the temple!”

“Don’t stand there this way!”

“Now, sit down!”

The priests didn’t pay any attention to his uniform.
Bring this and that, drink this, eat that.
Isn’t the seat uncomfortable? It took him about five minutes to introduce himself.

“I am an academy student, Ban Yu-won.
Today, I came to see you at the request of Professor Yoo Mina.
I want to buy two bottles of Honeymoon, the fruit wine produced in this temple….”

“We have already prepared it.”


“There is only one reason she would seek this temple.”

It was the moment when the image of Yoo Mina in Ban Yu-won’s mind changed.

“I’ll give you a bottle as a gift, so please enjoy it.”

“Yes? No, I’m still underage….”

He was about to say he was underage, but after thinking about it, he realized he was about to enter college.
Wasn’t that old enough?

“You can’t enter the academy unless you turn 17, right? In Union, you are an adult if you are over 17.”

“I’m only 18 years old, but….”

“No problem then.”

Moreover, since the priest said this, Ban Yu-won, thinking it was a good opportunity, decided to start drinking this bottle of Honeymoon.

“Thank you for coming here today.
Please say hello to Yoo Mina for us.”

“All right.”

Of course, looking at their appearance, he could see why they were so devoted to Yoo Mina and himself, who came with her brooch.
Blue or pale skin, hair made of leaves, occasionally wearing a crown of flower buds.
They appeared to be from the same race.

He should have noticed it when she said this was a temple dedicated to the God of Spring.

“Then, I will….”

Ban Yu-won stood up as soon as he got the bottles, unable to stand the attentiveness of the priests poised to feed him.
Then, the priests handed him a box full of refreshments they had made at the temple, saying that they couldn’t let him leave with just that.

“You’ll come again soon, right? I will give you more if you tell me the sweets you like.”


What the hell was Yoo Mina to them? Those words came up to his throat, but Ban Yu-won swallowed them, realizing it would be more troublesome if he got entangled in this.

But what?

Would he be back soon?

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