[Aslan Tordell is a scoundrel of the world! He is a criminal who kidnapped my daughter and is trying to force her to marry him!]

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Those who watched their tearful appeal began to point at Aslan.

[Why is Aslan Tordell so insistent on marriage, which the bride’s family is so desperately against?]

[I don’t know what’s going on, but I know Aslan Tordell is making a big mistake.]

[I didn’t know he was such an arrogant person who didn’t know how to respect the bride’s parents wishes!]

At first, he was overwhelmed by the influence of the Tordell family, but as the number of mouths supporting the bride’s family increased, the criticism intensified.

It was the first flaw that Aslan, who had no flaws, showed.
Those secretly jealous of him did not want to miss this opportunity.

Aslan was criticized regardless of whether it was interest-based or anyone trying to unravel Aslan’s feelings of inferiority.

They thought that there was no need to restrain themselves because they thought they were seeking justice for the woman who was to be Aslan’s bride.

People talked about Aslan whenever and wherever they met.
The story even reached the king’s ears.

But Aslan ignored all those voices.

Taking it one step further, Aslan hid the bride-to-be in his mansion and was not seen outside throughout the wedding preparations.

As if he was afraid that someone might steal his precious treasure.

Of course, I knew that all his actions were to keep our secret contract.

But those who did not know the truth interpreted Aslan’s actions as they wished.

They thought Aslan loved me so much that he didn’t want me to be seen by anyone else.

He wasn’t even seen to go out with the bride-to-be for once.
It is understandable to be seen, but it was very unusual to see that it did not happen.

People wanted to know what kind of woman was the bride Aslan Tordell had in his hands.

As a child, she was weak and did not leave the mansion, and even when she grew up, no one remembered ‘Helena,’ who was not particularly active in social circles.

[I don’t know.
I think I saw her at a ball] ……I don’t really remember what she looked like, but, uh, I think she was very pretty.]

[Looking at Aslan Tordell adoring her so much, she might be a beautiful woman, enough to tilt the country!]

Rumors about me, ignorant of my true identity, only grew bigger and bigger in a false direction.

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[Why didn’t I know the name of such a beauty until now?]

There were voices who doubted the rumors without a hint of truth, but they were soon buried.

[Wasn’t she saying that she hasn’t been out for a long time because her body is weak? She hasn’t been able to socialize properly, so she’s bound to know no one.]

So outrageous rumors spread and spread.

There were rumors of a great beauty who possessed Aslan Tordell, who had not been shaken by any woman until now.

It was such a famous rumor that only I, who was living in the comfortable and safe nest that Aslan had given me, did not know.

I didn’t know what the whole world knew.

So, the reaction I got at the wedding, where my face was revealed to the public for the first time, was even more shocking.

Was it because they heard exaggerated rumors and I did not live up to their expectations?

People were bickering about me like this.

[She’s not as much as beautiful as I thought]]

Men who feared Aslan but felt inferior to him tried to undermine me as if I were Aslan’s weakness.

[I thought he had everything, but I guess he didn’t have an eye for women!]

[To embrace such a scandal to get such a bride.]

Women who adored Aslan also joined in with jealousy.

[What kind of talent has she? How did she marry the Duke of Tordell when her family was not great, and she is not even a great beauty?]

[Well, there might be a secret talent that you can’t say in such an open place.]

In such a moment, the feeble goodwill toward the beauty that captured Aslan’s heart disappeared and only hostility from jealousy and inferiority remained.

I was left alone in a social world with no one to talk to, no one to show me a favor.

Even those who greeted Aslan with a smile when he was by my side treated me like I was missing when he left.

It was outright harassment.

No matter what I said, no matter what action I took, no matter what attitude I took, nothing changed.

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At first, I held out firmly.

I’m not a child.
It’s such a childish bully.
I snorted thinking it was funny.

However, as time passed, the hard heart was worn out.

The head, which I had always held up proudly, went down from a certain moment.

People’s eyes were terrifying.

I was afraid of them looking at me, pointing fingers, and the disregard and contempt in their passing eyes.

Sometimes I just wanted to run away.

But I clenched my teeth and persevered.

When I was really tired, I closed my eyes and thought of my family.

People who really loved me for me.

I imagined their smiles.
In the past, when nothing happened.
Just like I did before I was forced to become the new Helena.

Then I could endure it.

I’ve been fed up with enduring alone anyway, so it’s no different this time.
It’s just that there’s been a little more people bothering me.

If I healed myself like that, I could bear it.

It really was.
Really I was fine.
I thought so.

Until one day, Aslan suddenly asked me this.

[Your complexion is bad.
Is there something going on?]

Was it that obvious?

I opened my mouth hesitantly as I groped the face that was supposed to have an awkward smile on it.

[Yes, I… … .]

As always, I tried to say I was fine.

But the moment I saw Aslan’s worried face, I was speechless.

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Why can’t the words that should come out automatically like a habit get stuck in my throat?

My eyelids fluttered in a sense of dread.

Aslan’s eyes, looking at me silently, gave me an even heavier worry.

That moment.
The moment I saw my tired face in his eyes, I realized it.

In the meantime, the thought that I was okay with it, but it was nothing more than deceiving myself in order to endure the harsh reality.

Actually, I wasn’t okay with it at all.


I was awakened by the low voice calling me.

I came out of my deep thoughts and slowly blinked my eyes.

I could see Aslan, who had an impression on me, examining my complexion.

[Is it really okay?]

In an instant, my heart started pounding .

I wanted to cling to him.
The truth is that people ignore me, so I wanted to complain that it was hard.

But I couldn’t.

Aslan has already sacrificed a lot just by marrying me.

I didn’t want to put an additional burden on him.

At this level, I have to endure and overcome by myself.
Haven’t I been able to overcome even more pain than this?

Thinking like that, I purposely smiled brightly.

[It’s okay.]

Despite my blunt answer, Aslan still furrowed his eyebrows.

He asked again.

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[Are you really okay?]

I took a deep breath.
And smiled softly.

It’s really okay.]

Having said this, Aslan seemed to find it more difficult to ask again.

He licked his lips as if he wanted to say something, but then let out a soft sigh.

[…… If you ever need anything, please tell me.
I’ll do anything for your request.]

thank you.]

Of course, I haven’t asked him for anything since then.

It was because I felt sorry for him, but I didn’t have to borrow his hand anymore.

People who deliberately raised their voices to listen to me started to be careful about their mouths.

Still, when I passed by, they gleamed with strange eyes.

However, the people who used to whisper to each other from behind disappeared.

I was skeptical of the sudden change, but I couldn’t figure out why.

But more relief than curiosity, I dreamed of a better future instead of wondering about the unknown.

As time goes by, the hatred and jealousy towards me will fade, so I will be able to adjust to this cold social world.

Because I’m not an ugly human being that the whole world hates, so soon I’ll be able to interact with people who like me.

But three years later, nothing has changed.

I am still isolated.
Both inside and outside the Tordell mansion.

Rosalyn was perfectly acclimatized within a week of coming here.

“Is it the difference between the main character and the extra… … .”

It made me laugh to say this.

But the self-confidence that hit the rock bottom made me feel ashamed.

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