should know my constitution in advance so that she won’t be embarrassed if anything happens later.

That’s probably why Aslan told her about my health.

I know that, but why? Suddenly my heart pounded.

Was it because I found out that the two of them were already even talking to each other?

“I’m really okay.”

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I pretended nothing was wrong and said in a gentle tone.

“I don’t know what Aslan was talking about, but I’m not that weak.
But, as Miss Rosalyn knows, he’s so sweet that he cares about me as if I’m getting really sick even when I’m a little bit unwell.”

“Ah… .”

Looking into Rosalyn’s round eyes, I bit my lip again.

Like a fool why did I say this?

As if to show her the relationship between me and Aslan, I was ashamed of myself for bringing out my childish words.

“So you don’t have to worry about it.
I’m really fine.
So, don’t worry about me, and go chat with the ladies freely.”

After I finished my words quickly, as if making an excuse, i was out of breath.

As if I had been running for a long time, I was trying to catch my breath, but suddenly the ladies who were watching us from behind were concerned.

Are you whispering under the rustling fan? My eyes trembled at the thought of their chattering conversation, and I quickly replied.

“Then I’ll see you later.”

As I walked away from the drawing room, the sound of laughter clung to my back.

Are you laughing at me because I look funny to you all for running away?

A sense of shame came as if to bite me at the thought that suddenly came to mind.

I wasn’t this kind of person.

Although the gloomy environment oppressed me, I still lived a firm life.

I didn’t care about other people’s eyes, and I didn’t wonder what others thought of me.

But how did I end up like this?

I was humbled by myself, filled with a sense of entitlement, who now gets hurt by thinking that people who are laughing without meaning were laughing at me.

Even if not, I am infinitely insufficient to stand by Aslan’s side.

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I was also sad because I thought that there was really nothing for me to offer now.


Three years ago, I appeared in society like a comet and received everyone’s attention.

It was because I was the fiancé of Aslan Tordell.

Aslan Tordell.

Born and raised as the only heir to the historic Tordell family, he possessed an admirable good-looking appearance, having enough wealth and power in both hands.

Aslan, who is always imbued with nobility and elegance, was the object of admiration to the people.

People who knew him tried to gain his favor.

The men wanted to be his friends.

Women dreamed of being his lover, and furthermore, becoming his wife.

Aslan was the best groom who was admired by ladies of marriageable age, but that did not mean that married women and widows did not want him.

The subtle or explicit seductions of many women were always directed towards him.

Despite such great popularity, Aslan did not circulate any thoughts.

There are many women who admire him unilaterally, but it has never been said that he was deeply entangled with him.

Some men even laughed at Aslan for being a flower on a noble cliff.

Aslan’s relationship with women was so clean that rumors spread that he might like men.

It must have been a shock to hear that he was suddenly getting married, but even the identity of the woman who would be his bride was surprising.

Nor a princess from a wealthy duke family who had long been rumored to have admired him, neither a princess from a neighboring country who had been constantly flirting with him, but the daughter of a count whom no one has even heard of.

Moreover, their marriage did not proceed in a ‘normal’ way.

The bride’s family, that is, the Larestine family, protested against Aslan for arbitrarily taking their daughter to the Tordell mansion even though they did not allow the marriage.

They persistently demanded that Helena Larestine be returned to their arms.

They even planned to put Aslan on trial, saying that he kidnapped their daughter by his own will to marry her and that the parents did not allow him.

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