ng with me.
Because I wasn’t sick.
It’s just that I was suddenly shocked and lost my mind.

“It really doesn’t hurt.”

“Then why did you faint?”

He asked in a worried voice.
His words and actions that seemed to think of me hurt my heart.

‘Why are you being so sweet when you don’t even love me?’

While muttering to myself the complaints I had made hundreds or thousands of times, I answered in a small way.

“I was just surprised.
You brought a strange woman with you…..”

As I muttered, avoiding his gaze, I sank.

“Oh, I see.”

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Aslan looked at me with a deep, mysterious look.

He often looked at me like that.
As if seeing something new, as if curious, or as if pleased.

I felt embarrassed at the look in which I couldn’t guess what he was thinking.

“I’m sorry.”

I took the initiative first before he said anything.
It was a reflex action.

“I ruined the atmosphere for nothing.
The guest you brought, no, I should have tried to be a good wife…”

I was his wife.
My rudeness would have hurted Aslan’s reputation.

The thought that he might have been in a bad mood caused a great deal of fear.
I lowered my eyes and cursed myself.

“That’s all right.”

But Aslan soothed me with a soft voice.

“It’s my fault for bringing in guests without saying anything.
I should have given you enough time to get ready for the guest.”

How is it his fault? He didn’t do anything wrong.

“No, it’s not.”

I shook my head and when I was about to apologize once again, he continued his explanation.

“She’s a distant relative of mine.
I interacted with her when I was very young.
I haven’t met her since I was 10.
So I didn’t even know how she was living….”

Aslan carefully held my hand, and continued.

“I happened to meet her, and I heard how she had been so far.”

I knew her situation well.

He explained it in great detail at the beginning of the novel.
is like, so you shouldn’t get attached to her and read the story through.

It was explained in great detail at the beginning of the novel.
You have to let the reader know what and how the female protagonist is , so she will get the affection of readers and they will read her story to the end.

Having read novels many times, I especially read the beginning of the novel almost to the point of memorization.

“I recently learned that she lost her family and became an orphan.”

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Growing up beautifully loved by her family, she became an orphan due to an unexpected accident.

“Suddenly, it was difficult to be alone, and it is said that she had to take on a debt that she could not afford.
To pay off that debt, she had no choice but to be sold to Viscount Fram, that is, an old man in his 80s, and he is said to be already married..”

Suffering from a sudden debt, she almost sold himself to an old, naughty, aristocratic man.

“I tried to not to do anything , but I couldn’t let her suffer.”

Then she happened to meet a distant relative, Aslan, when she was in need of help 

“So I paid off her debt first, and I brought her here because she didn’t have a place to stay.
I’ll be her guardian.

And also that this sweet man could not overlook the pitiful circumstances of a distant relative he had interacted with in the past.

“She won’t stay long here.
I’m going to go around looking for a marriage partner starting this season, so she’ll be able to meet a good partner and start a new life before spring.”

He was a responsible man.

Having promised to protect her, he will show Rosalyn the utmost sincerity he can.

It was just like that, even though she was a distant relative, he brought her to the mansion and took care of her while acting as a guardian.

“So, wife.
Please let her stay here for a year.”

After the explanation, he looked at me with his mouth closed as if asking for my permission.

I took a small breath.
It was hard to face his blue eyes facing me.

My head throbbed again.
The future I only know, the fate of my husband and Rosalyn, was mixed up in my head.

This is the very beginning of the novel.
This is the moment when the relationship between the two main characters begins.

But if the two of them break up here.

In that case…..

“…Do you need my opinion?”


Aslan said firmly.

“If my wife is uncomfortable, I’ll try to help her in other ways.”

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