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I knew this day would come one day.

In the first place, this relationship was a time-limited relationship.

A contractual marriage initiated by mutual necessity

We were expecting an end since the beginning.

But that’s not everything.

I knew the end of our relationship early on because this world was in a novel which I had already read once.

My husband, Aslan, is the male protagonist of the novel, but I’m just an extra who doesn’t even have a proper name.

So when his destiny, his beloved, the heroine, appears, I will naturally step down.

It was painful to spent time with him while knowing the whole future.

I was always nervous about not knowing when I would be kicked out, and every morning when I opened my eyes, I wasn’t able to breathe. 

As time went by, the symptoms got worse.

The most comfortable time for me was late at night just before going to sleep.

Because it was the only time when nothing would happen and I felt relieved that the day passed safely.

It was my day-to-day life.
When I opened my eyes, the life of worrying about that day was painful but still I was happy.

There was only one reason to be by his side because I’m his only wife.

However, the night time, which was at least comfortable, ended a week ago.

“Nice to meet you, ma’am.”

It was because she, the heroine of the novel, Rosalyn, stepped into the mansion.

“I’ll be staying here in the future.
Nice to meet you!”

She greeted vigorously as large luggage bags followed in one after another.

She was pretty like a rose in full bloom, so it was clear that anyone would treat her with good intentions.

But I just couldn’t accept the greeting.

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My whole body felt frozen.
My fingertips were cold and my breathing became rough.

I stared at her still, stiff as a tombstone.

The red hair that sparkled in the sun and the round, soft eyes were beautiful.

Rosalyn, who caught my eye, blinked.
She looked a little awkward because she couldn’t hide her nervousness completely, but still she faced me.


What would I look like in her eyes.
My lips were dry with impatience.

“Well, Mrs.


Rosalyn called me again but i wasn’t able to answer.

I took a deep breath holding my trembling hands.
But still, no words were uttered.
“Welcome, let’s get along well.” ‘Why can’t I bring up that easy word?’

” Wife.”

My husband next to her walks up to me.

I could feel the people watching around me giving me a suspicious look, but I couldn’t open my mouth at last.


My legs were weak and I fell down on the floor.
My head was spinning.
The world turned blurry.

My husband, Aslan, hugged me who had fallen.
I wanted to say it was OK, but the murmuring voice just lingered in my mouth.

Leaving the tumultuous porch, he drifted away from Rosalyn.
But the scent of roses from her still lingered at the tip of my nose.

Aslan, who laid me on the bed, looked at me anxiously.

He said as he put his forehead gently on my forehead and checked the condition.

“I’ll call a doctor.”

I grabbed his sleeve as he was about to left the room at any moment.
There was only a slight force on him, but it was enough to stop him.

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Aslan turned and bent down.
It was a gesture to listen to what I was saying.

I clasped my dry lips.

“It’s okay!”

My burning neck sounded unseemly.
When I coughed, Aslan carefully removed my hand and walked to the bedside table.

He poured water into the cup and came back to me.

“Here, drink it.”

“Thank you.”

Drinking the water Aslan gave me made it easier to talk than before.

“You don’t have to call a doctor.”

However, my husband, who usually respected my opinion, did not back down immediately this time.

“……You need to see a doctor.
Didn’t you faint all of a sudden?”

I can even feel the impatience in his voice because he knows my history of not saying anything even though my head or body is boiling and trying to keep on saying it’s okay even though I’m not.

Even now, Aslan was carefully checking with his eyes to see if I was deliberately hiding my pain.

But he couldn’t find anything wro

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