Lord Rodrigo is a good man.”

“Estiya… it can’t be.
Erhardt, those filthy clans, they’re not going to leave Cartina be…”

The old story began to flow from Stefan’s mouth.

The unpleasant relationship between Cartina and Erhardt heads back to ancient mythology. 

Goddess Ilia loved a man.
He was a greedy man.
His name was Palemon, and he wished to unify the continent.
Ilia, who loved him so much, decided to assist him.

-What do you wish for?

-I want strength.

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Ilya bestowed upon him three dragons.
They were each distinguished with the colors red, black, and blue. 

Palemon also possessed reliable associates. 

The continent was so very large, it was too much for a human to unify it by themselves.
Thus, Palemon shared the three dragons that Ilia handed him with his associates.

He gave the red dragon to himself, and the black dragon to Cartina.
The last blue dragon was handed to Erhardt, which was his half brother.

According to the mythology, the three men joined forces to defeat the Continent, and once again established the Empire.
Palemon then called himself Emperor.

The peace remained for a short while.
Soon, the three, each holding their power, came to distrust the other.
Eventually, the three families began to battle against each other.

From there, the legends of the Erhardt family and the legends of the Cartina remained different.

In Cartina, they claimed Erhardt to have raided and killed Cartina’s dragon.
On the other hand, Erhardt claimed that Palemon and Cartina joined hands to kill their dragon and drive their families to the brink of extinction.

In any case, the bad relationship between the two families continued, either they believed the myth or not.

Cartina were educated as if they were infusing the myth from a very early age.

Their enemy was Erhardt.

In the meantime, small combatants may intervene, but who was the main opponent? Erhardt.

The perception injected inside their train of thoughts since a very early age, couldn’t convert easily.

In between the ferocious battle, the Emperor increased the number of cases which forced one to hate the other.

This is why I’m afraid of ideology education.

I pretended to be listening to Stefan incessantly swearing at Erhardt, and thought of something else.

Since the Cartina members were paying attention to me, I’m sure Rodrigo would be comfortable for the time being.
If he’s fortunate, that is a satisfying enough conclusion.

However, it wasn’t until afternoon that I found out my notion was wrong.
Rodrigo couldn’t be comfortable.


Following the explosion, I could hear the sound of walls breaking down.
Smoke had soared to my room existing on the fourth floor.
Rubble was slowly falling all around, and the flowering trees that had just begun to form fell down like feeble reeds.

“What is this fuss about?”

Stefan jumped from his seat, pausing his long conversation of Erhardt’s many atrocities as he held my hand.

“Hyu, hyuk.
Master, Erhardt has invaded!”

My door burst open, and a breathless article knight popped in as he reported the situation.
Then he collapsed.
There was an arrow stuck in his side.
The small flag standing at the very end of the arrowhead fluttered as if to greet me.
The flag was distinctly engraved with Rodrigo’s seal, the Blue Dragon.

“Everyone, gather in their positions.
Proceed with Erhardt’s forces.”

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Is this man crazy? Do you think love is a war? I don’t even want to argue about this, but what if they come to fight?

I sighed deeply.

“Estiya, this is better.
If you do have a weakness you don’t want to tell us, it’s best to simply kill the mouse and keep quiet.”

It must have spread widely in the Capital that Erhardt had crossed the gate of the Cartina mansion.
There are many eyes placed on Cartina and Erhardt.
Eyla and Ether patted me on the shoulder, clearly misunderstanding the meaning of my sigh.
Their eyes trembled finely.

You like it now, don’t you?

“We’ll be back, so you should never leave.”

At that time, my family exchanged glances and reaffirmed their determination.
Overthrow Erhardt.
Should I be pleased, seeing the Cartinas united for the same purpose?

Kaylan was the first to run out.
He aimed to preoccupy the best position for aiming his daggers.

“That’s a foul, Kaylan!”

Ether chased after him.
My room was vacant in an instant.
I made sure my family was completely gone and got out of bed.
I bent down and scanned under the bed.

I put it here, where is it… Found it!

It was an arrow.
No matter how great Rodrigo was, it would be difficult to overcome the whole Cartina family.
In addition, this was Cartina’s mansion.
I’ll need to support Rodrigo from the rear.
It was also to protect our family.

I approached and opened the window of my room.
It wasn’t long before I spotted Rodrigo.
The bitter smoke was roughly blown away by the wind.
Rodrigo seemed uselessly gorgeous as he leisurely strolled through the demolished garden.

Rodrigo was not alone.
Two knights stood beside him.
That was all.
I couldn’t help but let out a ridiculous laugh.

Are the mere three of you coming to Cartina now?

I felt rather displeased.

One has to be beat up harshly to find out just how terrifying Cartina is.

The hand with the arrow fell toward the floor.
At that time, I heard a unique mocking sound.
The owner of the laugh-like shout was Ether.

Ether raised her sword!

I felt goosebumps on my arms.
Ether was a swordmaster.
She was capable of slicing a small house in a ridiculously bizarre way if she made up her mind to hold a sword.

Esther decided to fight properly.
A light glow formed in her hand.

It was also noticeable Kaylan had positioned his darts seated on a tree next to the speedily running Ether.

But although Rodrigo holds a promising capacity, it’s still 2:3.
I thought I could help, however a yellow gas soon spread low to the floor.

It’s poison!

Hela and Eyla have released the poison!

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