wasn’t about fighting, it wasn’t handing a glass of poison, it was about dancing.

In addition, today was her debut.

Did she not know the meaning of the first debut dance?

“Can’t you dance?”

As Rodrigo stared into Estiya’s hand, she asked him carefully.


It was a word that didn’t suit Cartina in the least.

Come to think of it, Estiya wasn’t like a typical Cartina. 

A pure expression, clear eyes. 

He became curious.

Was it a new assassination technique? 

He wondered what she was trying to do. 

Rodrigo grabbed Estiya’s hand and gently pulled it.

He grabbed her swaying, luscious waist and pulled it close.


Eyla’s astonished voice hit Estiya’s ears.

Kaylan and Ether, on the second floor to target Rodrigo, were also surprised. 

A shaky energy emerged.

Estiya quickly figured out their location.

“Are you a good dancer? I wasn’t able to learn properly because I was positioned in the battlefield.”

“I will lead you.”

Although he danced well, she was going to lead anyway. 

Somewhere on the second floor, Kaylan and Ether would go after Rodrigo.

Estiya naturally placed her hand over Rodrigo’s shoulder.

I placed my hand on his coat, and through the palm of my hand, I could feel his heart-beat close to his asceticism.

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The wild, untamed, and strong body that would not easily give in, could be seen straight through the neat coat.

I lifted my heels almost as if I had been waiting for Rodrigo.

Oh, that’s big.

He’s going to leave an extremely objective review.

I made eye contact with Eyla over his shoulder, whose soul had already penetrated from her body.

Eyla mouthed her words.

‘Estiya, what are you doing now?’

I gave a prepared answer.

‘Sister, temptation skill, temptation skill!’

In the middle of the dance, her mind was distracted because of Eyla, so she stepped on Rodrigo’s feet unconsciously.

“It must be empty words after saying you dance well?”

His cool beauty tickled my ears. 

“I’m sorry! I was looking elsewhere…”

“Where? Did you hide anything on the second floor?”

I was surprised when he pointed out the second floor. 

Did you notice Kaylan and Ether were hiding?

I looked through Rodrigo’s eyes.

“No way.”

I responded cleverly and waved my hand behind his back.

Go somewhere else.

Eyla glared at Rodrigo’s back as if she wanted to pierce the back of his head before disappearing into the shadows.

Ah, now I can focus on the conversation.

“Now I’ll show you my great dancing skills.
It might be too overwhelming to follow.”

“How difficult is this dance for it to be overwhelming?”

Rodrigo seemed confident.

I laughed awkwardly. 

The dance we would perform from now on wouldn’t just be a mere whirl.

I was convinced he would soon change his mind.

The fast-tempo beat was a very difficult dance for anyone who hadn’t learned it. 

However, Rodrigo was Rodrigo. 

His ability to say that he did not learn it separately was above the standard.

Is there anything this man can’t do? 

I fixed my gaze at the end of Rodrigo’s jaw and pulled the tension string tightly. 

Ether and Kaylan were timing to fire a poisoned needle at Rodrigo. 

They will fire before the dance is over. 

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I had to protect him naturally as I danced.

The tempo became faster and faster. 

The moment the song turned to the climax, the silver needle sparkled in the light of the chandelier.

The web-like needle was specially made by the Cartina family, and its use required a high level of skill.
It was also difficult to find.

There was no way to stop an attack unless you knew in advance what you needed to watch, touch, and attack. 

But I am Estiya Cartina. 

It took a little effort to block that attack.

I gave strength to his right hand as I held on his shoulder.

Rodrigo turned around along with the unexpected force. 

Like a dance move, he and I hugged each other as we turned to the right.

At the same time, I kicked hard at the inside of my dress. 

Rodrigo’s thighs were completely covered as the hem of my dress swayed. 

The silver needle embedded in my splendidly inflated dress skirt.

All right, I blocked one.

It was definitely a poison needle that Kaylan shot.

So one, two, three.

After blocking exactly three needles, the first dance was over. 

I felt a bit guilty when I recalled Kaylan, who would eventually be condemned by Ether for failing the attack.

They would never even imagine that I had deliberately blocked their attacks, and all failures would be attributed solely to Kaylan’s lack of skills.

“It was a pleasant dance.”

As soon as Rodrigo finished the dance, he distanced himself from Estiya.

“Would you like to dance again?” 

We haven’t had a proper conversation yet. 

I caught Rodrigo before he could flee.

Rodrigo closed his mouth as if he had heard something unpleasant. 

I knew how ridiculous I seemed.

I’ll look like a woman who became obsessed with him in a glance.

As the main character, there would be a lot of women around him.

Why would one or two women suddenly talk to him and flirt with him to dance?

You must be very tired, I understand. 

Unlike his beautiful face, well-trained body, and ascetic expression, his strangely colorful eyes would captivate anyone regardless of gender.

But why couldn’t the Emperor and Cartina be possessed?

“Lady Estiya.”

A short silence enveloped. 

Rodrigo’s red eyes stayed on me for some time. 

Then he slowly opened his mouth.

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