Rodrigo rubbed his stiff eyes as he skimmed through the report.
There were many duties he was responsible for.
Rodrigo was running several businesses, such as mines, railways, tourism, agriculture, and commerce.

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Nothing could be neglected, so here he was, maintaining work during every free time he had on his hands. 

Rodrigo’s secretary Augustus previously attempted to have his master close his eyes, even for a bit, but stress and anxiousness didn’t allow him to do so.
If Rodrigo neglected the slightest bit of things, he would surely run into trouble.

A drug case recently spread amidst his estate, as well as a mining explosion, in addition to the discovery of sand being mixed with wheat grains. 

If it was a natural disaster that damaged all businesses, it would have been acceptable, but all damages were artificial.

No, to be exact, it seemed to be a ploy.

It was a deliberate attempt to destroy Rodrigo.

Rodrigo knew of the person keeping him in check.
On top of the identity of the person who carried out the other person’s orders.

He felt something stuck in his throat at the thought.
He rose from his seat for a short stretch.

Tuk, tuk, tuk-tuk.

Someone had struck the window.

At this late hour, who could it be?

Rodrigo picked up the sword he had placed next to his desk and concealed himself near the window.
Again, stones clashed against the window frame.

He narrowed his forehead and swiftly moved his hand. 

In an instant, all the lights in the room flicked off.
As he carefully touched the window, it slowly lifted.
A black entity crept into his office.

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Rodrigo wielded his sword relentlessly. 

Ching, the tip of both knives clashed against each other.

“Woah, stop it, Rodrigo.
It’s me, it’s me, Estiya!”

Rodrigo, about to strike the sword again, froze.


It was a very familiar voice. 

Rodrigo snapped his fingers.
A small candle caught fire.
The scarlet light reflected the small figure of the assassin.
On the other hand, the assassin hung their finger on the mask to prove their identity.

“It’s me.”

!! Rodrigo couldn’t help but gasp.
It was indeed Estiya.

“I thought I was going to die.
What if your sword suddenly struck and I didn’t notice?”

“I thought you were an assassin.”

Rodrigo sat on the sofa, steadily ignoring the grumpy Estiya.

“Why are you here?”

“To defend you.”

Estiya approached him with a refreshing smile.
He seemed dumbfounded.

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“Estiya, for a person to date you, they must have a strong heart.
I almost died of shock just now.
A heart attack, you know?”

“Well, wasn’t it because I thought you were strong that I asked you out? Well, I actually proposed to you.”

Estiya skillfully passed on Rodrigo’s complaints.

“I’m fine today.
And I can handle the assassins…”


Rodrigo proceeded to have Estiya return when they both heard a scream coming from the first floor.
Rodrigo sprang upwards.
Estiya raised her mask.
She whispered urgently.

“I’m not here to save you.
I’m busy, so we’ll talk later.”

Estiya hurriedly rushed out of the room.


It was the entrance of the mansion where the scream resounded.
The Dark Squad was bombarding Erhardt’s knights indiscriminately.

I slid down the stair railing.

Please, please, at least one!

Unfortunately, however, by the time I arrived at the lobby, all guards were lying across the floor.

The Dark Squad seeped into the shadows.
The person who had been screaming until now was completely out of breath.

I removed my hand from under the nose of a fallen knight and closed my eyes.
The Dark Squad was an organization consisting of people you couldn’t deal with by simply looking for them.

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They are parasites of darkness.

Some say they grew up being fed on the blood of beasts, and some say they were the children of witches.
To capture their astute movements, one must laboriously follow their secret scent.

Swag, swish.

Someone advanced closer to my side.
I waited calmly for them to draw nearer.

As soon as the scent of the Dark Squad increased in odor, I reached for the needle hidden up my palm and jabbed him without hesitation. 

Before the man could even scream, he held his neck and collapsed.
The Dark Squad raised a commotion.

I’m sorry, I didn’t kill you.

I hoped the Dark Squad would retreat on their own.
Unfortunately, nothing played out the way I wanted it to.
The Dark Squad chose to ignore me and advanced towards Rodrigo’s location.

They seem to have a clear sense of purpose.

Then knights from the mansion began to pour in.

“The assassin is hiding! Search all over!”

Eventually, things magnified.
I was in a position where neither the Dark Squad nor the Knights working under Rodrigo could discover.

I hurriedly sneaked behind the pillar.
If the Knights of Erhardt witnessed me in a black assassin suit, they would mistake me for an assassin.

And if the Dark Squad detected my presence, they’d think I was a hidden knight protecting Rodrigo and they’d also try to kill me then.

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What do I do.
This is a mess.

As I contemplated, I could sense the movement of the Dark Squad assassins from above my head.
They sprinted over the chandelier and climbed walls, skittering like spiders.

There was no time to worry about my safety.


“Captain, there’s an assassin down there!”

Erhardt’s knights swarmed toward the assassin.


I reached the stairs with no more than two leaps.
Fortunately, I didn’t get caught.
After a moment of relief, a dagger fell over my head.

The Dark Squad! These bastards!

I rolled over heavily at the sudden attack.
There was no choice but for me to make a loud bang.

“It’s an assassin!”

It was natural for me to have been caught.

“Irk, really!”

I jumped up faster than anyone else.
All destinations were one and the same since we were chasing the Dark Squad anyway.
Erhardt’s knights followed me from behind.

The chase launched in the middle of the night.

Past chapters creds to: Morepls, Soru, and Amaris!

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