I was taking my steps leisurely when I noticed a light.
The source appeared to be coming from a room at the very end of the fourth floor.
It was Stefan’s room.

Hm? Father’s not sleeping yet? He always works late.
I’ll ask him to go to bed early when I see him tomorrow.

I turned away so as not to disturb him from his work.
It was then.

What orders will the assassins be receiving tonight?”

I detected a familiar voice.
The word ‘assassin’ particularly struck my ears.
I halted movement and focused solely on the sound and movement inside the room.

“Select the most talented in skills.”

“Are you sure this will be alright?”

I recognize the voice of the man who retorted just now.
He was one of the heads of Cartina’s secret organization, the Dark Corps.
Was it Holland?

I recalled the bulky image of the man, which didn’t resemble his current faint voice.

“Well, if he isn’t able to survive this, he doesn’t deserve the right to be in a relationship with Estiya.”

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The right to be in a relationship with me? Was it Erhardt’s mansion where he was going to send the assassins?

“Shall we send them right away?”

“Holland, today is a moonless night.
What kind of day did I name this as?”

“You said it was a bloody night.”

“Is there a reason for you to hesitate any further?”

It was a dreary tone he retorted in.

“There is not.
I will prepare to leave now.”

I could hear Holland bid his farewells.

I headed back to my room after heeding Stefan’s eerie words, ‘Although one might be hesitant, the goal is for them to succeed’.

Success, I knew what that meant.

Stefan intended to kill Rodrigo.
I even showed my tears, but he never seemed ready to accept Rodrigo as my partner.

No, it would have been the same even if the person wasn’t Rodrigo.

I was overwhelmed by Stefan’s love, but all I could do was thank him with a bitter smile.

In the first place, I wouldn’t have made a connection with Rodrigo if he wasn’t the ultimate victor of this crazy novel, or if he wasn’t the one to exterminate our family.
However, he was the chosen male lead, and after watching from the sidelines for a while, it seemed unlikely he would change much.

A natural male protagonist.

That is why I had to protect and save him, even if it seemed I was betraying my beloved family.

There was no time to lose.

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I flicked off my pajamas and pulled a black assassin suit from under the bed.
Cartina’s Dark Squad was filled with brutal and incoherent people.

Rodrigo wouldn’t die in the dark, so what I was sincerely worried about were the people of Erhardt’s mansion.

Rodrigo would never be the cause for the death of such innocent lives.
As a result, that makes it my fault if they die.

I carried a bow and a bag loaded with poison.
Then, I positioned a dagger on the side of my calf and lifted my head as I took a deep breath.

How do I fix my hair?

I was contemplating when I happened to notice the feather Stefan handed me on the day of the last banquet.

I picked up the feather decoration and tucked it inside my hair.
I was ready in no time.

I waved the bell.
The door directly connected to my room opened, and there appeared Jane.

She seemed sound asleep as she trotted to my side, her eyes closed.

“My lady, will you be heading out again?”

Jane asked in her half-asleep voice.

“You said you weren’t going out for a while.”

Yes, I thought I wouldn’t have to wear this attire for a while.

I wasn’t happy with this situation either.

“This is how it came to be.
Jane, I look forward to your kind cooperation.”

“Have a safe trip.”

I lay Jane on my bed just in case she ended up dozing on the floor.
After pulling the blanket up to her head, I threw myself out of the window without hesitation.

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