uldn’t dare make eye contact with her.

“Yes, because our Estiya is naive.”

“Honestly, that bearish bastard, to have such a fair face.”

Ether and Eyla seemed to have agreed with Kaylan’s thoughts.

Yes, it was because their Estiya is naive.
Because she is naive.

“So, what do you think?”

“Estiya also needs to meet others.
A person who sees trash for the first time wouldn’t know it was trash.”

“So, we should introduce Estiya to a man?”

Eyla’s voice broke off.
She felt like they were choosing the miniature of worst in order to avoid the worst.

She only wanted to do good things for Estiya…

“No, let’s make it clear to her what trash is.
Then she will realize that what is next to her is also trash.”

Anyhow, every man was trash in Estiya’s eyes except for her brother and father.

Kaylan muttered grimly.

“Do you have someone in mind? You have a plan, don’t you?”

Eyla asked.
In fact, there wasn’t any plan.
The Cartinas were people who believed that ‘no plan was the best plan’.
Whenever an incident occured, they were capable of handling the consequences without any such thing as a plan.
As Kaylan dawdled, Ether, who had been listening silently till now, rose from her seat.

“A person who wouldn’t bear staying behind the scenes.”


“At least, he is more powerful than the Grand Duke.”

Kaylan stroked his chin as he selected the probable candidates.
If they had to be of higher status than the Grand Duke’s family…

“Are you talking about the Crown Prince, that son of a b*tch?”

Kaylan shouted.
Calling the Crown Prince the son of a b*tch, it couldn’t happen unless they were Cartina.

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“Detheus, that loser?”

Eyla shook her head first.

Detheus Royal Palemon.

The Crown Prince of the Palemon Empire and the next Emperor, called the Prince of Light by the people of the Empire.

“Do you know what a scumbag guy he is?”

“I know.
And how easy he is to fall in love.
And how his interest disappears quickly.
He is the best candidate trash who emits the most smell.”

Ether’s plan accumulated to be this.

Introduce Estiya to Detheus.
With the one hundred percent possibility Detheus will have a crush on Estiya.

Estiya is that pretty and charming.
In fact, was there anyone in the Empire who wouldn’t fall in love with Estiya?

Ether effortlessly convinced herself there was absolutely no chance.
Detheus will do anything to seduce Estiya once he falls in love with her at first glance.
Estiya would then realize men like Rodrigo seduce and play women using their loose and swift tongue.

What if Estiya falls for Detheus?

They would inform her of Detheus’s past with women.
Even a saint would run away crying after hearing of his terrible history.

“Rodrigo is… He’s clean in that way.”

It was too bad.

Ether muttered so to herself, then asked what the two thought of her plan.
Kaylan and Eyla unwillingly agreed.
Because there was no other way.
They concluded their decisions carefully.
The work was carried out at a pace faster than light, just as expected from Cartina.


Detheus lifted his eyebrows as he gently caressed the side of the sleeping woman, her back exposed from a side of the bed.

“Yes, Your Royal Highness.
There was a request for a visit from Lord Kaylan of Cartina.”

“Why all of a sudden?”

The servant only lowered his eyes, unable to find the answer to his question.

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“When I asked for him to meet me, I was only rejected.
Why does he come to the Crown Prince’s palace on his own?”

Detheus’s question was not specifically directed at the servant, yet a cold sweat still managed to form on his forehead.

“When did he say the meeting would take place?”

Only then was the servant pleased to hear questions he could answer.
He opened his mouth.

“This afternoon, Your Highness.”

Detheus jumped from bed as soon as he heard the timing of the sudden meeting.
The silk blanket slid down his sturdy naked body.
His movement was so great that the woman who was fast asleep abruptly flipped.
Detheus frowned as he glanced at the small back.

He raised his big hand and struck the woman in the back.
The clash was so harsh, it caused the attendant to tremble like a leaf.


The woman screamed as she fell from the edge of the bed.

“Get out of here.”

Embarrassment spread through the woman’s eyes.
However, she had no time to hesitate.
This was because Detheus raised his hand again.

“A precious guest will arrive soon.
You will have to prepare properly.”

After his words left, the servants immediately turned busy.
Detheus slowly crossed the room to the window in his naked state.

“Cartina is coming…”

He fiddled with his chin.
A pleasant smile hung around his mouth.
Detheus repeatedly clenched his hands.

He wanted Cartina under his possession.
The desire hidden in the depths of his chest caused him to lift his head.

Cartina only obeyed the orders of the Emperor.
They never listened to anyone other than him.
The same was true even for the Crown Prince.
Because there was no guarantee the Crown Prince would become emperor while amidst the active Imperial family.

But on the contrary, if they chose him, it would be likely for him to become Emperor.
Detheus had two younger siblings.
One younger sister and brother.
The younger brother needed to be constantly kept in check, even if he had no right to succeed the throne.

So he strived to have Cartina since early on, only in vain.

It was difficult for him to meet Stefan, while Kaylan hadn’t given him one chance.

For him to come with his own feet.

Detheus intended to comply with whatever they asked.

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