How many people prepare beforehand for a poison attack, which spread like smoke?

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I worried for Rodrigo and his party.
Especially so, because I knew the kind of poison this consisted of.
I took a quick glance at Ether and Kaylan.
She was wielding a knife, while he prepared his daggers; both weren’t wearing masks.

‘I’m sure it’s the poison mother made.’

Cartina-specified poison.

We had been constantly exposed to special poison invented by Hela ever since our childhood.
It was a training to build our tolerance.
The poison that currently spread was deemed harmless to the resistant Cartinas, however, it was deadly poison to Rodrigo and his group, as they did not hold any tolerance.

I rushed through my chest of drawers in a hurry.
After my regression, I took the role in preventing Cartina from committing any greater crimes.
As part of my hard work, I had consistently worked to create antidotes to Hela’s poison.

I quickly located the antidote for the yellow and egg-scented poison.
I scoured the medicine cabinet which overflowed with rolled leather.

“Here it is!”

A bottle of transparent liquid was taken out.
The liquid inside the bottle shook as I snatched it.

Is this really the correct one?

I opened the lid and sniffed inside.
The citrus smell was the correct antidote made for the poison that had now spread.
I tied the bottle consisting of the antidote to the arrow.
I spelled ‘Drink now, S’ on top of the cap covering the bottle and pulled the bowstring, positioning myself by the window.

The arrow edged a bit far from Rodrigo’s shoulders toward the air.
I had to let it head from him.
If the shot was too far away, he wouldn’t notice, and if he stuck too close, he would get harmed.

Estiya swallowed her breath.
She, who had confirmed the direction of the wind, positioned the bow, recalling that she was a *descendant of Jumong in her previous life.

*TL/N: From the egg hatched a baby boy, who was named Jumong, meaning “skilled archer” in the ancient Buyeo language.
-Source, google.
She basically infers herself to be the descendant of a ‘skilled archer,’ so she also has some of the skills.

Rodrigo attempted to avoid the arrow flying towards him, but soon changed his mind.
Something hanging from that very arrow glistened against the sunlight.
However, that wasn’t the reason he hadn’t avoided it.

Rodrigo chose not to avoid the arrow because of the glimmering blonde hair he had witnessed, from the side where the arrow had come from.
A woman with vivid blonde hair, as gleaming as that of gold thread.
Rodrigo immediately knew.


“Avoid, it’s an arrow!”

Günter warned as he raised his voice, yet Rodrigo only reached out his hand and invoked magic.
The arrow halted midair, exactly near his shoulder.
Rodrigo examined the note stuck to the arrow.
As expected, it was Estiya.
Upon checking the note, he raised one corner of his mouth.

They wished to weaken the opponent, then proceed to attack them.
Cartina is Cartina.
However, they usually wouldn’t use poison during a face-to-face fight.

Poison was their last resort.

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They started the fight using poison?

How sneaky.

Rodrigo unhesitantly gulped down the medicine bottle Estiya handed him and handed the antidote to Günter and Deblan.


“Who gave it to you?”

“My sweetheart.”

Rodrigo grinned and pulled out his sword.

“It’s very difficult for me to meet my lover.”

There are inconvenient obstacles blocking her from him.

Rodrigo raised his sword, clutching his mouth.

“Sir Rodrigo!”

After Rodrigo reached the front door of the mansion, I deliberately ran down to the entrance, calling his name in a surprised tone.
Rodrigo and his party were surrounded by five Cartinas.
It was a waste to worry about Rodrigo, seeing he didn’t lose his smile even now that a knife was placed right under his chin.


His voice was sweet and friendly.
All the Cartinas were agitated.

“Stop it, everyone!”

I created a clamorous voice.
Then I pushed away Stefan, who was surprised by my angry appearance, and jumped at Rodrigo.

To create a dramatic scene.

After I jumped as fiercely as I could and caused us both to fall on the floor, he opened his arms to embrace me.
Dust rose from his clothes.
I managed to resist my coughing urge and gave him a big hug, enough to crush him.

With a little resentment as to why he created such a huge situation.

“Estey, he’s…”

Stefan turned revolted as he witnessed me clinging to Rodrigo’s arms.
The same was true for Hela and the rest of the family members.

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The impression as if they were on the verge of death.
As white as a sheet.

Rodrigo snickered while in my arms.
It seems that the Cartinas’ reactions were interesting to him.
He raised his hand and patted my head, as if expecting another reaction to ensue from my family.

“I missed you, Estiya.”

Even unfamiliar words were added to his sudden gestures.
I could hear the hearts of the Cartinas smashing to the floor.
As I turned my head slightly, I could witness the faces of my shattered family members.

In the rapidly subsided atmosphere, Cartina’s attendants wouldn’t come close and silently walked around.

Silence erupted.
In a calm atmosphere, like that of a dead rat’s, the twi which followed Rodrigo rolled their eyes as they glanced elsewhere.
There was currently a silent war occuring.

I’ve seen so many evil Cartina had committed before now, but I have never felt afraid of them.
However, just as the ice caps which never melted, the chilled Cartinas caused myself to feel a bit afraid.
I even had a dry throat because of the intense atmosphere.
The strange silence continued incessantly along with Cartina’s deadly gaze.
I was the only one who could break this atmosphere.

“Thank you for coming, Lord Rodrigo.”

“No, Estiya.
You were supposed to call me Rodrigo.”

I looked up while in his arms.

You’re a good actor, aren’t you? You aren’t only in level one or two, but someone who could climb from three and four to five, heading all the way to one-hundred.

Rodrigo and I made eye contact with each other before he smiled.
It was a smile which sent a tickling sensation to my chest.

Huuh, let’s continue with it.
That’s what you’re saying?

I understood Rodrigo’s meaning in an instant.
I pushed his chest with my hands.
His jacket was all tarnished due to the fight.
So there was only one extremely thin shirt between Rodrigo and I.
Rodrigo’s heartbeat was rather fast, perhaps as the excitement from the battle still kept on his mind.


“Yes, Rodrigo.
Since you’re here, please officially greet my parents.”

I fell from his arms and held his hand.
Hela and the other Cartinas were asking silently, each holding faces as if the sky were falling.

Are you two really dating?

“Your hospitality is promising.”

Rodrigo’s words were not empty.
We were facing each other in the drawing room.
Rodrigo and I sat side by side, while Stefan and Hela sat opposite us.
As if they had forgotten the previous disturbance from earlier, Hela and Stefan called in the butler and ordered him to treat Rodrigo.

Soon after, refreshments, tea, and drinks lined up with the attendants.
A mountain of macarons were piled up on a large table, chocolate valleys were created, and various flower teas, in addition to fresh fruits were placed.

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If it weren’t for the clothes which were ruined during the battle, everything would be perfect enough for someone to believe one had attended a formal tea party.

“Once our guest stepped in, I would treat them well, even if I attempted chasing them away, Lord Rodrigo.”

Stefan treated Rodrigo politely in order to avoid getting caught.
It was a declaration that he would never stand with him.

“Let’s drink.
The tea will cool down.”

Hela offered him the tea.
She pushed the teacup towards Rodrigo and covered the top with her long sleeves.
I was sure.

Mother poisoned it.

However, Rodrigo touched the teacup, doubtless to anything.
I then realized why Rodrigo was always put in constant danger.
He was a careless man who could unhesitantly drink tea that his enemies handed him.
It won’t be easy to protect him, now that I have to watch over his movements.

I tapped Rodrigo’s foot while under the table.
Rodrigo’s head turned to me.
I smiled lightly and moved my eyebrows up and down.

There’s poison in the tea you’re trying to drink!

Rodrigo, who gently stroked my hair while in the entrance, would surely understand.

“Estiya, what is it? Do you want me to hurry and drink it?”

Rodrigo smiled brightly at my signal and reached out to the teacup.
I was in utter despair for that very moment.

You’re so tactless, man.

Rodrigo’s tea was definitely poisoned.
I wouldn’t have overreacted to him drinking the poisoned tea, if only I knew what poison he was about to drink.

I could make the antidote and feed it to him.

However, I didn’t know which poison Hela placed in the tea.
That means it would take a long time for me to find the antidote, and it was likely the detoxification would leave aftereffects.
This was the order in which Cartina’s points of extinction accumulated.
I gazed at him desperately, but Rodrigo only smiled.

“Thank you for the meal, Countess Hela.”

Rodrigo placed his mouth against the teacup.
His red lips opened.
At that moment, I rushed into Rodrigo’s side without a second thought.

“It’s been a while since we’ve been together, hasn’t it? What have you been up to?”

His hand shook.
Rodrigo moved his hand away so that the tea wouldn’t touch my body.
His eyes bent like a crescent moon.

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Rodrigo knew the teacup was poisoned.

How couldn’t he, when Estiya was this restless and nervous?

Nevertheless, he tried to drink the tea, curious as to how Estiya would react, and above all,

“E, E, Estiya.
Are you hugging him right now?”


The reaction of the Cartina family.
It was fun to witness members from the Cartina family not able to speak properly.

“Oh my! Look at me.
I was to introduce you to my parents.”

Estiya removed Rodrigo’s teacup and placed it down on the table.
She had previously rushed like a woman in love, unable to control herself, yet now she straightened her position by distancing herself from Rodrigo like a polite lady.

Anyhow, It’s fun.

Rodrigo decided to grasp his lips and match Estiya’s rhythm.

“I’ve been busy, Estiya.
The Eastern Mansion had undergone an explosion, and so I was distracted.”

Estiya’s eyes shook at the word ‘explosion’.
She immediately realized it was not just an accident, and that Cartina was behind the incident.
Estiya gazed at Hela and Stefan, a look of resentment presented on her face.
The two avoided her eyes.


Estiya lightly sighed.

“Mother, father.
Sisters and brother.”

The Cartinas turned anxious as Estiya spoke expressionlessly.
Estiya had always smiled.
It was only when Estiya was extremely angry that she didn’t laugh.
It was a scarce occurrence, thus Cartina was nervous.

Our Estiya, we’re scared when you’re angry.

“This is the person I love.”

Stefan and Hela’s eyes stained with despair after they heard Estiya’s resolute tone.
The other family members were no different.
It wasn’t long before their despair turned into anger and aimed for Rodrigo.

Erhardt, who they wanted to tear to death, twisted our innocent Estiya!

Five pairs of blazing eyes glared at Rodrigo.
Rodrigo didn’t say a word and continued to smile.
Ether and Eyla were overwhelmed with anger.

Is that the attitude you use to associate with our treasure Estiya?

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