“I’m sorry.
I’m really sorry.
Please forgive me.
I’m sorry.
Please go on a date with me.
I’m sorry, I’m sorry….”

In front of me was a female teacher in her late twenties who kept apologizing incessantly.

In the cool air-conditioned car, she was sitting in the driver’s seat and was bowing her head.
It was five minutes after I left Sakuramiya-sensei’s parents’ house.

In the car parked at the convenience store, Sensei repeatedly apologized to me.
In each of her apologies, she begged me to go on a date with her, whether she really felt bad or not about it.

I let out a small sigh and lifted Sensei’s shoulders.

“Please raise your head.
There is no use to apologize anymore.
Well, I guess we have no choice but to continue with the flow, and your mother won’t be convinced if she didn’t see a picture or two of us acting as proper couples.”

“I appreciate you saying that…….”

Sakuramiya-sensei put her hands on her knees and shivered slightly.

I can’t come out strong when I see the face of Sensei that needs protection.
However with this development so far, then there is no option for me to refuse from the beginning.

Then when do you want to go on a date? Basically, both of us are free on Saturdays and Sundays.”

“I-Is it really okay?”

“Well, it’s a boat I boarded after all.
I’ll cooperate as much as I can.”

When I said that, Sakuranomiya-sensei’s eyes lit up.
Her current expression is that of an innocent child who came to the amusement park for the first time.

She leaned forward and held my hand in hers.

“Thank you, Segawa-kun! I love you!”

“Please don’t say things like that which will cause any misunderstandings.”

Ugh, that’s right.
I’ll do so.”

Sakuramiya-sensei takes the smartphone out of her pocket and makes a bitter face.
She opened the calendar app and checked her schedule for this week.

“Let’s see, this Sunday is fine.”

“The sixth of September, I understand.”

“What should we do about the place?”

“Well, I’ll leave that up to you.

“Wow, you’re leaving it up to me….
I have this image of a man taking the lead on a date.”

Sakuramiya-sensei then glances at me.

I had a wistful face, but it’s not up to me if you want to be spoiled here… 

“If this will be a date like real lovers, then I’ll be excited as well.”

“Ugh, I don’t have anything to say in return….
Well, I understand.
Then I’ll make a plan for our date.”

“Yes, please.
Or rather, even if you don’t think much about it.
If you output it from your own love experience, wouldn’t you be able to make a plan right away?”

Sakuramiya-sensei is a beautiful and sociable woman, and she probably has a lot of experience in relationships.
With the experience she has earned till now, making a plan or two will take no time.


“Why are you silent?”

“If I had a decent love experience, don’t you think I would have had a fiancé long ago?”


“Now, why are you silent, Segawa-kun?”

“Excuse me Sensei, I’m thinking of a plan for our date.”

I felt like I stepped on a landmine that I shouldn’t have, really this Sensei is no good. 


The time was around 7:00 pm.

Sakuramiya-sensei gave me a ride and dropped me to my house.

Originally, I should have returned long ago, so it was a little strange.

I opened the front door with a shrug, while pondering that I had spent a very intense day.

—As I opened the door, I heard a voice that seemed to be in a really bad mood.

“You’re late! Where were you wandering around, Mii-kun?”

At the staircase that is near the front door.

On the second step, a girl with twin-tailed black hair was sitting down and holding her chin up with both of her hands.

She is Kaede Ayase, my cousin who calls me by the nickname ‘Mii-kun’.
She is a sophomore in Junior-high and belongs to the track and field club, was now looking at me with a stoic face. 

“Kaede, could it be you were waiting here for me the whole time?”

“Well, I’m not waiting for you.
I’m not that free to do so.
But somehow, Mii-kun came at the exact same time when I was sitting here.
So don’t get me wrong!”

Ah Minato-nii, welcome back.”

Perhaps it was because of Kaede’s voice or the sound of the front door opening, a young girl with short shoulder length black hair came out of the living room with a red ribbon settling on the right side of her head.

She is also my cousin Shiina Ayase or Shi-chan.

I don’t think it’s necessary to explain but Kaede and Shi-chan are siblings.

Shi-chan rushed towards me and jumped on my waist, covering it with her short hands. 

“I’m home Shi-chan.
Have you been a good girl till now?’

“Of course, I did.
I’ve been studying hard all day.”

“Oh, Shi-chan, you are a genius.”

I patted her head and Shi-chan’s face broke into a satisfied smile, she looked quite adorable.

“Don’t spoil her.
It is natural to be able to do multiplication tables.”

Well, it would be natural to do multiplication tables for a junior high school sophomore but Shi-chan is only 5 years old, and she is able to study tables at such a young age, I think it’s actually amazing.

When I looked at Kaede, I noticed that she was pouting.

“What is it? Do you want me to praise you too, Kaede?”

“Well it’s not like that, I don’t want you to pat me and I’m not thinking about anything like that.
Don’t say anything strange.
Come on, let’s go, dinner is ready.”

Kaede stood up from the stairs and headed for the living room.
Shi-chan and I also followed her.

“Onee-chan, you have been waiting for Minato-nii for so long, so why are you pouting and being so tsuntsun? Without dere, tsundere w—-“

“W-Wah, wah………What are you t-talking about? Shii-chan?!”

Kaede’s face turned bright red, and she hurriedly covered Shi-chan’s mouth with her hands.
With teary eyes, she takes Shi-chan and heads over to the living room to escape from me.

While watching them with a smile on my face, I suddenly remembered that I had not washed my hands yet.

I headed for the washroom, but a voice came from behind where I was. 

“…… I was worried about you.
If you’re going to be late, at least call me, stupid.”

“I’m sorry.
I’ll call you properly next time.”

“Oh, I’m getting bored.”

“Shi-chan! I wonder if I should close your mouth once and for all.”

“Wahhh, please stop Onee-chan!”

The sisters are getting along and playing together.

With a slight smile on my face, I headed over to the washroom to wash my hands and gargle.

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