to want to be mean to the girl you like.
So, give it up.”


“…Tsu, it’s unfair to suddenly fall in love like that.”


“Then, do you want to continue further?”


“Yes, I won’t show my embarrassing side anymore!”


Even though we were in a haunted house, we were standing at the same place for a while and  were having a conversation.


Then a shadow crept up behind us.
I thought it was another trick, but when I turned around, there was a woman dressed in white.
It was the same person who had come to scare us earlier.


She scratched her neck hesitantly and muttered quietly.


“…Um, it would be helpful if you proceed further.”


“We’re sorry!”


The employee who was playing the role of the ghost warned us, so Sakuramiya-sensei and I bowed in unison.


Both of us broke in a cold sweat, and so we moved forward.


As a result, Sakuramiya-sensei seemed much calmer compared to when she was at the beginning, perhaps because she was confronted by the ghost in person and her fear eased up.


She did not stick close to me.
However, she was still holding my left hand tightly, as if she still felt a remnant of fear.


“Oh, yeah, are your legs okay now?”


“It’s better now, but it still hurts a little.”


She seemed to have sprained her leg, but with me as a support, she was able to walk without any problems.


“Well, I’m glad to hear that.”


“Well, after the haunted house, I am going back home.”


“I see.
And… I’m sorry.”


“It’s not a problem Segawa-kun, you don’t have to apologize.”


I wanted to spend more time with her alone in the amusement park, but it wasn’t right to do that when I came here with Shinozuka-san.
So I can’t stay with her for long.


It would have been more convenient for me if she had gone back to her house.


Walking hand in hand with her, we came across many things that made us feel fearful one after another, such as objects that looked like graves and a creepy well.


Every time, Sakuramiya-sensei was freaking out, so it was fun to see the mature her getting flustered like that.


However, after the white-clad woman who appeared at the beginning of this journey, no other employees approached us.
So the atmosphere was rather comfortable when both of us were alone like this.


I had a thought that this haunted house was made while keeping in mind about small kids, because it wasn’t really scary.
I wonder if they did this to attract customers.




“Wahh! Hey, I was surprised.
Don’t scare me like that Segawa-kun.”


“Hehe, I thought it would be better to scare you when you are this defenseless.”


That’s vicious! You’ll have to discontinue that right now!”


Sakuramiya-sensei pouted in dissatisfaction.
Glancing around I noticed a source of light that was faintly visible.


Yes, it was the exit.
And when I thought it would end like this, I felt sad.


But, the ending of this trip to the haunted house was inevitable, so I shrugged my shoulders and passed through the wall which had several marks of red hands imprinted on it.


“I’m glad it all ended well.”


“Yeah and I was so scared because Segawa-kun was so mean to me.”


“I couldn’t resist teasing you, Sensei.”


“Argh! You can’t shift your responsibilities to others like that.”


Soon, we left the haunted house after I returned the flashlight to the employee.
I had been in a dark place, albeit for a little while, and so my eyes were not accustomed to the bright scenery.


As I rubbed my eyes, which were blurry as if I had just woken up from sleep, I spotted three familiar silhouettes in front of me.


By the time I realized who they were, it was already too late.


“Yoo-hoo, Minato.
There you are, I’ve been looking for you.”


It was a girl with a ponytail who approached me as if she knew in advance that I was in the haunted house.




“Oh, have you forgotten about it already? Call me Mizuna.”




“Haha, drop the formalities Minato.”


In a cheerful tone, she asked a question that made my heart stop for a moment.


“Why are you with Sakuramiya-sensei? And why are you holding hands?”


Although we had left the haunted house, we were still holding hands with our fingers interlocked.
The decisive moment was witnessed and she pointed it out to me.


I hurriedly let go of her hand, but it was too late.


“What should I do, Segawa-kun…”


Sakuramiya-sensei quietly whispered in a voice that only I could hear.


But it was the same for me.


What should I do….
Someone please tell me a solution to get out of this situation! 

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