“If it’s okay with me, please make me your boyfriend Sensei.”

I wonder how many seconds have passed since I replied.
I feel like it has already been 30 seconds.
In the long, long silence, I opened my mouth, unable to bear the awkward atmosphere.

“Well, if you reject me then it’s understandable.
I mean, I am still a high school sophomore and I am not even earning money…”

“No, no, no! It’s not like that.
You confessed to me out of the blue.
It was a little too unexpected, you know like a messy misuse.
It’s a word used for something like that, do you understand, Segawa-kun?”

“Please calm down, Sakuramiya-sensei.
It would be a big problem if you suddenly start teaching me Japanese here.”

“Ah, but it’s the first time I have done something like that… I didn’t think I could get okay.”

Sakuramiya-sensei hurriedly covered her face with her hands because they were bright red due to embarrassment.

The corners of my mouth loosened as I thought that she wasn’t really perceptive of her surroundings.

“Sakuramiya-sensei, you are still insensitive, right?”

“Why would you think something like that Segawa-kun?”

“Think about it a little.
Do you think I would normally accept the troublesome and big role of pretending to be the fiancée of someone I don’t even like?”

“That’s true… But I think I was a little pushy about that too.”

“It is indeed true that your continued persuasion did work on me.
But that alone is not enough to make me accept such a troublesome role.
If it wasn’t for you Sakuramiya-sensei, I would have stepped down from the role of pretending to be someone’s fiance long ago.
I don’t like spending my important time like that.”

“… Eh, really?”

Sakuramiya-sensei lowered her head even more as she tried her best to hide her embarrassed state.

When she showed me such adorable gestures, I thought of teasing her even more.

“And that’s why I would like to say…”


“To be honest, I don’t really know either.
I’ve been thinking about it a lot lately and I’m actually worried that I can’t leave you alone Sakuramiya-sensei.”

“Wait a minute.
So everything you just said was a lie? But… I was really happy to hear all of it.”

“I’m sorry.”

“Segawa-kun is so mean…”

Sakuramiya-sensei pouted in dissatisfaction as she thought that things didn’t turn out the way she was imagining.
She had an adorable sulky and mushy expression on her face.
I smiled unconsciously while thinking that my teasing worked on her.

“…Well, I wasn’t really lying either.”


“It’s nothing… Sakuramiya-sensei, it’s quite dangerous if I leave you alone like you are right now, one day you’re seriously getting caught by some bad guy.
Just the thought of something like that is making me uneasy.”

In the end, I wanted to say that I would like to protect her for the rest of her life at all costs.
But just the thought of saying something so embarrassing made me choke on those words.

Ugh, it’s kind of complicated.
The girls of my type are someone who is younger than me…

“Sakuramiya-sensei is cute, beautiful, bright, and a wonderful person.”

“Fueh?! Why are you suddenly praising me out of the blue?”

“That’s why I wanted you to be happy, Sakuramiya-sensei.”

“… I see.”

“I’m not sure if I can live up to your expectations, but I’ll try my best.
So, if it’s okay with me, please make me your boyfriend.”

When I said that again, Sakuramiya-sensei blushed even more.
She wanted to say something but maybe because she was overheated, she couldn’t say any words.

His eyes were watery and she curled up her body like a squirrel.
Even though she was older than me, her current behavior was no less than that of a child.

“Are you sure about that? I am already in my thirties.”

“Why are you worrying about that?”

“Because it will be troublesome for you in the future.
I will text and call you frequently every day and I also get jealous so easily.
So it will be really annoying for you.”

“Why are you putting yourself down when you’re just about to start dating with me?”


“If you’re that worried… then, would you like a kiss?”

“What? Why would you do that?!”

Sakuramiya-sensei hurriedly raised her head and her eyes were wide open.

“It seems like you don’t trust me enough… I wouldn’t do something that bold to someone who I don’t even like, right?”

“Yeah… maybe.”

“If Sakuramiya-sensei doesn’t want me to do that, then I won’t.”

“Well then…”

Sakuramiya-sensei closed her eyes and entrusted herself to me with a defenseless face.

Her skin is milky white, smooth and spotless.
Those cherry-like lips were enticing me to suck on them and her smooth nape was in full exposure.

Perhaps from nervousness or from fear, her body was shaking slightly.

I approached her with slow steps, and reached out my hand to her head.
For a moment I had that urge to pat her for hours, but I controlled myself and moved a little downwards.
I lifted her smooth bangs and when they parted away, I kissed on her forehead.

Instantly she opened her eyes wide in disbelief as she couldn’t comprehend what just actually happened.

“Eh?… The Forehead? It seems I misunderstood it.”

“If you still don’t trust me, I’ll do what you are imagining.”

“Huh? The thing I ma thining of… Sure you can…”

She murmured the last part and I couldn’t hear her clearly.

“Then don’t complain if I really do it.”

“The way you say that is really sly.
I am saying it again, I am really possesive you know.”

“That’s even better.”

In a blunt, almost dismissive tone, I responded to the confession agaon.

Our age differences are almost 10 years and on top of that we are a student and teacher.
So it was to be expected that she would be nervous and will take necessary precautions.

But I didn’t confessed her half-heartedly.
In fact from the moment I saw her for the first name, my feelings for her have been slightly different than those of the girls of my same age.
By reminding herself about her age and position, she was trying to put a lid on her feelings.

When I looked into her eyes directly, a blush appeared on her cheeks.
After a brief silence, she lowered her head slightly and nodded while saying.

“Please take care of me from now on…”

Even now she accidentally bit on her tongue.

Sakuramiya-sensei’s face was bright red, maybe because of the embarrassment or maybe because she bit on her tongue.

In the awkward yet sweet atmosphere, we somehow became lovers.

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