“I think it’s my turn next.”

“But weren’t you the one who suggested Rock-Paper-Scissors, Mizuna-chan?”

“No, calm down first.
You’ve been losing from the start.”

“Ugh… but those rules.”

Some time has passed and both of them were still arguing on something they couldn’t decide on.


After sipping on the can of coffee, I was moving to the next ride.

Although there was still some hostility between Kaede and Shinozuka-san, they were now quitely conversing.
Did they perhaps become friends without me knowing about it? I hope that will be the case or they will just be a big headache for me the whole time today.

Most of the amusement rides were two seaters and so Shinozuka-san and Kaede came up with an idea to decide who will be seated with me by playing a rock-paper-scissors game and so their ranting was continuing.
I still think it would have been better for me and Shi-chan to pair up, while Kaede and Shinozuka-san can pair among themselves.

While I was pondering on which would have been the best outcome for this situation, suddenly, the hand gripping on my right hand tightened.

I lowered my gaze and called out to the person responsible for doing it.

“What’s wrong, Shi-chan?”

“I want to go to the restroom.”

“Hmm I wonder if there’s a restroom around here…”

“Yeah there is one, come on then hurry up and accompany me there.”

She glared at me with quizzical eyes while puffing her cheeks like an adorable squirrel.
I felt like she didn’t have the usual delicacy now.

While I was reflecting on myself, The two people walking in front of me turned around.

“Then, why don’t you come with me, Shi-chan?”

“Really? Thank you very much Mizuna-nee.”

“I’ll go with you, then.
Mi-kun you are freed from your job, so sit here and wait for me.”

“Un, okay.”

Shi-chan headed over to the direction of the restroom, while Shinozuka-san and Kaede accompanied her.

After watching their backs vanish from my sight, I tiredly slumped down on the nearby bench.

Taking a deep breath of relief, I turned my head and looked up at the clear blue sky.
As soon as my body felt the familiar comfort, I started relaxing but because of the pain in my legs I couldn’t really rest at ease.

I suddenly felt thirsty, so I wandered my gaze in the nearby area around me looking for a vending machine to drink some refreshments.
However, there were no vending machines around in my sight.

It would be troublesome if I strolled too far from this place, but when I noticed I would have more than enough time to find a vending machine, I stood up and lifted my heavy shoulders from the back rest and immediately started looking for a vending machine.

While walking around aimlessly, I finally found a vending machine.

Well, even though vending machines are everywhere.
The price is a little high in an amusement park, but I’m more than willing to splurge right now, because I was just too thirsty and my throat was starting to ache because of being dry for too long.

I was about to buy drinks for the four of us, including my own, when I saw a vending machine.

I was about to buy drinks for the four of us, including me, when I heard a familiar voice in my ears.

In the corner of my vision, I saw a familiar woman and three men, smiling and talking with each other.

The woman had dark brown hair that extended down below from her shoulders.
Her loose hair looked lustrous which reached to her waist while it waved in the air because of the gentle breeze.

She looked so young that it was hard to believe that she was in her early thirties.
If I didn’t know her personally, I would have mistaken her for an actress.
And she was getting picked up again, I wonder how many times I have seen this scene, after all no man would leave someone as beautiful as her alone.

Sitting on the bench, Sakuramiya-sensei smiles amiably and scratches her cheek with her finger as if she is troubled.
I let out a small sigh and hurriedly ran toward her.

Haah… She should really be careful of her own surroundings.
I hope she will quickly learn how to fend off those annoying people who approach to pick her up with ulterior motives.

“Excuse me, she is my companion, can you please leave her alone.”

I intervened between the men and Sakuramiya-sensei, and gave them a light glare to keep them in check.

“Eh… Segawa-kun?”

At my sudden appearance, Sakuramiya-sensei lets out a bewildered voice.
But, the men who were picking her up were even more shocked as they stood there motionless, as if they had been tricked by a cat.

Then, after a slight silence, the flow of time suddenly seemed to normalize, and their expressions quickly turned to normal as they replied,

“What, seriously… Sakuramiya-sensei got a boyfriend?”

“Well she can’t stay single forever, can she?”

“Why did you hide it from us? If you were here with your boyfriend, you should have already told us… Oh, we are former students of Sakuramiya-sensei.
Are you a college student by any chance? I apologize if I sound rude.”


Countless question marks popped in my mind.
I was stunned by the development that had betrayed my expectations.

While I was still taken aback because of the sudden revelation, Sakuramiya-sensei cautiously opened her mouth from behind me.

No, no.
He’s from the class I’m in charge of.
We’re not in a relationship.”

“Is that so? Ah, when you saw her talking with us, you thought she was getting picked and rushed to help her, right?”

One of the men who was picking her up, Sakuramiya-sensei’s former student, put his hand on my shoulder and gently patted it while laughing lightly.

And as if he finally managed to swallow the situation, he suddenly bowed his head deeply, while sweating up profusely.

“I’m sorry for making it look like we were picking her up.”

“It’s okay, you don’t have to apologize for it.
And… our situation is also a little complicated.
Well then, let’s go Sensei.

“See you later Sakuramiya-sensei.”

“See you later as well.”

I had assumed they were pick-up men, but they were actually good-natured people.
I felt like I had done something bad.

It was probably because we were seeing each other after a long time, there was an awkwardness in the air.
Sakuramiya-sensei decided to break the silence looming between us while she scratched her cheek with her finger.

“I’m sorry and thank you for earlier, Segawa-kun.”

“You don’t have to apologize for such little things.

“But still let me thank you once.
More importantly, Shino— you came here with someone, didn’t you? I don’t think you should stay here with me for much time.”

“They are taking a restroom break so it is fine.”

“I see.”

“I heard about it.
You came here with Kaede and the others, didn’t you? Then why are you here?

“Eh… well, I wonder why…”

Sakuramiya-sensei was fidgeting while sweat dripped from her forehead, she was clearly nervous and probably lying.

But if she doesn’t want to talk about it more than what she revealed, it was better not to push hard to get my answers

I let out a small sigh and sat next to her.

“Segawa-kun? Why are you sitting here? You have to go back soo—”

“I won’t go back until I hear the reason for you being all alone by yourself.
Even though Kaede is here, it would be a problem if she were to act alone on her own.
What would you do if Shi-chan got lost again? And as that has already happened once so I’m afraid that something bad might happen to her.”

“Ugh… I’m really sorry about it.
It’s just like you said, I don’t have enough self awareness as an adult.”

“I didn’t intend to blame you and there must be a reason why you left her all alone like that.
Otherwise, it would be strange to sit on a bench instead of going on a ride.”

I had no intention of blaming her, but my tone unconsciously turned out to be like that.
And when I realized my mistake I panicked and hurriedly corrected my words.

Then, Sakuramiya-sensei smiled, the corners of her mouth relaxed, and she turned her brownish eyes toward me.

“You’re very kind, aren’t you, Segawa-kun?”


I tilted my head and looked at her with a blank expression as I couldn’t really comprehend her words.

I didn’t expect her to say such a thing out of the blue and so I didn’t know how to respond to this unexpected comment.

To begin with, I had never thought of myself as a kind person.
That is why I was taken aback.

Sakuramiya-sensei’s eyes rolled slightly and she grabbed the sleeve of her trousers in a strong grip.

She opened her mouth a little and hesitated whether to say it or not, but she still finally made up her mind and while scratching her cheeks with her fingers, and a embarrassing look on her face she said,

“I think I like you, Segawa-kun.”

This sudden confession made me feel as if I was paralyzed, and for a while I couldn’t move from my spot.

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