nly the story is not over.

But I have to somehow make our way to the Contest venue here.
Afterall, only Sakuramiya-sensei can take us out of this situation.

We have to get Sakuramiya-sensei and Soji-san to meet and break this situation.
That is the only solution I can think of right now.

Fortunately, Sakuramiya-sensei knows that Kaede is my cousin, and she is also aware that I am playing the role of Kaede’s boyfriend.

If Sensei can come up with a good excuse then we might be able to get over this predicament.

“Let’s go for now.
We can talk afterwards.”

“Hmm, that’s right.
Let’s go, Minato-kun.”

Soji-san’s pressure was incredible.

Even though he is not showing it on his face, the atmosphere around him clearly tells that currently he hates me to his core.

I turned on my heel toward the gymnasium with tension seeping through my body.


Reaching the gymnasium, what we saw was chaos, with the majority of them being boys, around 80%.
And due to the long line of crowd, it took us longer than expected to reach our destination.

The beauty pageant competition had already started, and every time a contestant appeared out, there were cheers of excitement seeing them.

“And, the next one is…”

A girl with an extremely tense expression was currently hosting the contest while standing on the stage.

Along with the sound of drum rolls reverberating in the background, the curtains parted and a girl with her hair in a ponytail appeared.

She was wearing a white one-piece dress that somewhat revealed her skin.

The judges of the beauty pageant competition were judging the contestants on mainly three basis; looks, clothes and how they presented themselves.

The final scores are revealed only for the top 3 participants.
As long as it is a rating system, there is a slight chance that the lower ranked ones might also be considered, which should not be used in competitions like these.

The girl who appeared was standing on the stage with an embarrassed expression on her face.
She picked up the microphone and introduced herself.

“I’m Mizuna Shinozuka, second year, class B.
If I win today’s Beauty Pageant Contest, I’ll confess my love to the boy I have a crush on.
Please support me, everyone!”

After that all the boys shouted in unison, “Ohhhhh!! ”

I didn’t know Shinozuka-san was the type of person who would participate in such events.
She is indeed a cheerful person by nature, but as far as I know she doesn’t like to attract unwanted attention from her surroundings.

You all might be wondering who Shinozuka-san is.
She is one of my classmates and was also among the two girls who approached me and Kaede in the morning.

“It looks like Yumi hasn’t appeared yet.”

“Yeah, that’s right.
I think she will be in the upcoming ones.”

“Is that so?… I think she will definitely be in the top 3.”

“I agree.”

Moving on to the ‘special skills’ corner, Shinozuka-san is performing her signature magic trick.

She pulled out a bouquet of roses out of nowhere and made them disappear in an instant.
She also changed the color of water in a bottle from crystal clear to pitch black, and performed a series of other magic tricks that even from a distance were astonishing.

“Isn’t this competition supposed to be a beauty contest?”

“I thought the same, But apparently when the winner was solely decided on who was more pretty, there were some who thought of it as an act of criticism, so in the end they came up with this new idea.”

“Hmm? Then why was this contest organized in the first place?”

“Well, I don’t really understand that either.”

And then a loud voice from the stage interrupted our ongoing conversation.

“Thank you very much… Now let’s go to the next one!”

The magic show was over and Shinozuka-sa went offstage.

The curtains closed again, and the host continued the event.
We waited but apparently Sakuramiya-sensei’s turn didn’t come for the next 30 mins.

“It seems there are quite a few participants this year.”

“Well, If someone wins the top prize in this contest, they will get a prize.
In the first place, you get a pair of tickets to an amusement park.

“I see.
So they are doing it for the prizes.”

In addition to the prizes for the winners, the participants will get a golden ticket that could be used at the festival.
The reason for this is that some boys were also cross-dressing in the event as a joke.
As proof of this, currently there is a boy standing on the stage right now, wearing thick makeup and looking like he is about to have stomach acid reflux.
Thanks to him, my ears were in pain because of the laughter and screams from the surroundings.

And when the transvestite was removed from the stage, it was finally the time for the last person to appear.

And now, it was finally Sakuramiya-sensei’s turn.


TL & ED : Zenon #4120

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