, I ended up skipping it, but I don’t regret it that much.
It was rather good.”


Yes, Sakuramiya-sensei seems to have a marriage activity party planned for today.


However, on her way there, she found Shi-chan, who was lost and canceled the party at the last minute to look for me, who was her guardian.


If it is a shopping mall, you might think that you should go to the lost center, but it seems that Shi-chan wandered on the street a little away from the shopping mall.
I thought if Sakuramiya-sensei didn’t protect her, no matter how strong my heart is, I would have lost it,


“That may be true, but…..
When I think about it, I feel like I might have changed your life.
I’ll do anything I can sensei, please let me take responsibility for my actions.


“Segawa-kun, you shouldn’t be so careless with something you can’t do, and I don’t think it’s that easy.”


“Umm…….What is it?”


The 5-year old little girl chugging on the drink silently actually made a very good argument.


“Shi-chan is right.
Well, you’ll be in big trouble if someone told you to take responsibility and get married, right? Don’t say things like taking responsibility so easily, Sagewa-kun.”


That’s right, I’m sorry.”


“So well, this story is already over.
You don’t have to blame yourself.
Shi-chan is safe, and it can’t be helped even if you think that it’s over.
got it?”


“Is that so?”


I turned my head down and gave a small nod.


Sakuramiya Sensei would be in the middle of a marriage activity party by now if I would have acted as a guardian firmly without taking my eyes off Shi-chan for a moment.
If she would have met someone she came to like, she might have started dating him as a marriage partner.


The more I think about it, the more guilty I feel.


However, in contrast to me, Sakuramiya-sensei got up from the bench with a cheerful smile on her face.


“Well then, I’ll be going.
See you later.”


“Where can I meet you next time? Yumi-nee”


“Well, uh……….”

Shi-chan’s unexpected question choked up Sakuramiya-sensei’s voice.
The first time I saw him, she glanced at me and looked at me for help.


“I’m sure you’ll see her again soon if you go for a walk.
Sakuramiya-sensei’s hobby is to wander around various places.”


but that’s the kind of thing someone would do in the middle of the night.
Yumi-nee is very interesting.”


“B-But isn’t there a slight misunderstanding? And it feels a bit off in the way you say it.
Well, I’ll see you both later, Bye-bye.”




“Thank you very much again, Sensei.”


Sakuramiya-sensei waved her hand.
Shi-chan responded by waving her hand, and she returned back on her heels, looking satisfied.


I also bowed my head to express my sincere gratitude.


And now I was left alone with Shi-chan


“Well, let’s go home too.”


“But we still have plenty of time left.”


“Where did you learn those words…… Well, is there a place you want to go?”


“I want to go to the aquarium.”


“That’s something for another time, we don’t have enough time left for today.


“It can’t be helped, so instead of going to the aquarium I want to eat Crepes.”


“Crepes huh, Ok let’s go.”


I kept my composure while thinking about the money in my wallet. 


It’s not easy to play with kids.
I thought about that as I looked at my wallet, which was getting lighter and lighter.

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