Cheking Skill

Wake up, its already morning A loud womans voice woke me from my sleep

Er, its hard to get up after sleeping on the floor you know. I was complaining

Quiet there, youll have to get over it, I will going to town in 7 days, to get supplies, so Ill take you with me. I will not send you alone through this forest, it is asking for death. she said and threw clothes at me.

I caught and saw the clothes she gave me and it was leather pants, long leather boots, a white fabric blouse that was a bit too big for me but always something.

”Thanks for the clothes, ” I said and started to put them on

Okay, if you dress, theres an ax behind the house and a pile of wood to cut into firewood. And I am going to hunt, and when I return everything will be cut, if not then you will not eat today, she said.Taking a bow and arrows from the chest near the bed, together with a single-handed ax.

I had a bitter face, because I remember yesterday when I sneak to the window, I saw a large pile of wood behind the house, and I don know if I can cut it all today.

”What did you think youd be sleeping here and eating for free ” she looked at me with angry eyes.

”of course no, ” I said to cover up my refusal to work

Okay, Ill be back somewhere in the late noon. I advise you not to go far from home, because one thing that I can safely live here is the Special smell of the herb that scares off monsters. So if you try to run away with my stuff, you won get far. she said with a scary smirk.

When I fully dressed the woman was gone, so I went behind the house where there was some old ax and a pile of thick branches and wood to chop.

ehh, I already feel my hands fall off when I look at it, if I manage to finish it today,it will be a miracle and I haven even had breakfast, where can I get the strength for it?! I complained under my breath.

I grabbed ax and was going to start work for today.

after a few hours of work I wasn as tired as I thought

even if I chopped up with a lot of wood.

This new body is not so bad I thought

As I got to know it better is quite slim and maybe 180 cm so I am quite tall together with long black hair I look quite handsome, for sure better than in my previous life. I just don know how my face looks there was no mirror in the house, so I can only assume that my face is pretty. It is a body created by this beuty goddess so she probably didn make it ugly.

when I finished chopping the sun was still high up maybe somewhere

2 p.m.

Its time to see exactly what I got from this goddess

The system show me the skills from the goddess she gave me

I said into the air and the robotic voice answered in my head

please choose which skill description you want to see first

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