New Day And New Work

Its time to prove yourself and fool her. I hope these 10 afection point will help me with this.

After all, I will not tell her that I was sent by the goddesses to this world to entertain her. She will think that I have lost my mind, I have the impression that I have lost my mind when I think about this situation in which I am now.

I sat down in a chair by the fireplace and the woman sat down on the other chair next to it.

”where to start. ”I said wondering

”Maybe from how you ended up naked to the Gnar forest. ”the woman said looking at me curiously.

”ok, long story short. It all started when my comrade and I get quest to to deliver a certain item it was a well-paid job and we were short of money, so we took the assignment and set off, but when we were not far from Gnar forest, we camped for the night and I went to sleep while my friend was awake. Who could have expected a friend youve known for several years.

Will add poison to my food, and will rob me of the packed and my stuff, he even took my clothes. He left me alive fortunately, but in Gnar forest, he probably didn have the courage to kill his friend and wanted the moster to take care of me. But I managed to survive but I lost my way and so I got here I said and clenched my hand tightly

Im proud myself, I said this it without batting an eye. Now I only make her sympathize to me and I won myself a night in a safe place.

the woman looked at me and said,

If its true what you said, then you must have used all your Luck in this live so that no monster have eat you so far.

Then I can stay here overnight. I asked nicely

Im not bad enough to throw a man into the woods in the middle of the night with beasts.She said it and laughed a little

I only have one bed so youll have to sleep on the floor. Don worry, Ill give you a blanket so you won be too bad

She said it and went to look in the chest near the bed and pulled out a gray fur blanjet half my size Ill find you some clothes tomorrow so you don go around my house in his. She pointed her finger at the blanket I have put on.

”Good, time to go to sleep. Im tired after that day and someone else woke me up during the night. ” she looked at me with a dangerous look

No tricks on that night, when I catch you up to something, the beasts will be your least worrys

she said it and lay down on the bed. I swear I already heard the snoring in the moment when she lay down on the bed.

Good one danger averted. now its time to sleep. It was a tiring day for me too I thought and walked near the fireplace and lay down and covered myself with the fur blanket I was given.

Time to sleep

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