Lies Is My Specialty

When i used Lust pheromone from my body began to blow pink air which began to flow to the woman who was asleep. It was quite a strange feeling as my sweat would start instead of fluid its in the air.

When the Lust pheromone was close enough, it began to be sucked into the sleeping woman. After a few seconds Lust pheromone was sucked in and there was no trace of it only a sleeping woman.

Who started squirming in the bed of the sort of would be too hot for her, which made her throw the blanket to the ground, which allowed me to see her whole body, which was a little muscular, her legs were smooth and long, her breast was of average size compared to to the rest of the body, but what caught my attention the most was her lack of underwear, which was a pleasant surprise for the eye.

All or nothing , its time to knock and wake her up, Ive had enough of standing outside almost naked in the middle of the night. I thought and went to the door and knocked several times.

After a while I didn hear anything so I knocked and said

Sorry but if anyone lives here, I was almost caught by a pack of wolves and I could barely get away and i have nothing with me, can you help me. hallo?!.

I said in a slightly loud tone. after a while I started to hear something fall with a lot of power probably a woman who would expect a visitor in the middle of the woods at night

”Who are you! ” a woman shouted behind the door

As I said, I am only a traveler who has nothing I said, hoping the woman would swallow the hook

What a traveler does in Gnar Forest, this is not the place to be entered from of your own free will or your life is not nice to you, he woman said in a suspicious voice.

As you said, it was not my will to enter this forest but through some event. I landed here and almost died here. so you can open the door and talk its pretty cool out here, I said.

I was pretty good at making lies in my past life that I was sure, it might not have been a good man, but it will come in handy now.

After a few minutes, the door began to open but they stopped just enough to see the womans head which judged my appearance, which was quite an uncomfortable feeling

”You don look bad ” trying not to laugh at my clothes but it didn work out. I was holding back from embarrassment

”So I can come in, Im really starting to freeze over here, ” I said, almost begging

”Okay, you don seem to be dangerous, come in, ” she said and opened the door. when I walked in it was much warmer but not as much as you would think but always something.

The most important thing is that she let me in so I don have to worry that something will eat me.

Okay sit down and tell me for Ederos sake how you finished naked in Gnar Forest in the middle of the night and you survived?

She said and she threw me a blanket in my direction, which I catch on and wear on like a towel. I just found out that she got dressed, it must have been when I waited for the door to open. She was wearing leather pants and a blouse made of blue fur which made an interesting combination

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