”Im really in a different world and have a System Could this sound more like an average novel?

Better not to run away from reality, I have to get out of this forest. I don want to be eaten by a wild animal or more like a Monster. I was trying to climb a tree to see some means of civilization but it took more time than I would like to admit it.

when I was climbing to the top of the tree which was not a pleasant experience when you are almost naked and the branches scrub your skin but I managed to get to the top, I looked around and it was an amazing sight as I saw traces of civilization and more specifically smoke wich was not that far maybe a few kilometers.

I descended from the tree and started walking carefully so as not to be noticed by Monster like that wolf. It took me some hours to get to the source of smoke and the night had already to fall.

I hope this smoke isn from some monster I would not like to sleep the first day naked on a tree in the woods with monsters that would like to eat me for dinner

When I got close enough to see the smoke, what I saw I breathed a sigh of relief when I saw a small ball house built trees. the house was not exceptionally large, but it was enough for a small family to live without any problems

okay, its better to see whats in this house through the window first, I don want to knock to open the door for something that would kill me on the spot

I snuck into one of the two windows that was more like a small door in the wall than a window When I was close enough to the window I started looking for a hole that would allow me to see what is inside for the moment I found a small hole, enough to see whats inside When I looked through the hole I saw a small fireplace which was burning a small flame. Next to it was a bed not far from the wall on which the person was lying, probably already asleep, well its probably 7-8 P.M. It was hard to see exactly how he looked with his back to me and under the cord, but what I did manage to focus on is that she is probably a woman with long hair. ”at least doesn look like a monster, always something, ” I thought.

when I looked longer, I saw a window similar to the one with the wolf




Affection:0 (Neutral)







Armor: ?

resistance to magic: ?

Skill (??)

Title (??)

Find target for Lust pheromone 100% chance for success

do you want active skill


hmm can I use skill? what does this skill do anyway? as I thought about it, I got a reply

When Skill Lust pheromone success then will give increases your target affection by 10 and has a 10% chance on Charm Efect with a host and have 12 Hours cooldown at level 1 say robotic voice in my head.

Well what to expect with a sklll from slut goddess. well, as I understand correctly, the person who uses it will like me more and I have a 100% chance of success. Its not a bit overpower like a bend did he use it on one person until no matter what I ask, will he do it without batting an eye? i thought and robotic ruined all my fantasies

affection produce witch that methods have limit on 50 point higher than this cannot be achieved witch this skill and this skilll have 100% to success because the target is asleep and has a relatively low magic resistance levelSay robotic voice

ehh. you know what you are the destroyer of good fun mr.System ”I thought and used skill on sleeping unexpectedly the girl whom I destined will change forever

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