Did I Really ...

Everything is white no matter where you look, one thing that stands out is the woman on the white throne the face is delicate and ethereal so much that it feels like it one touch will break.

But bigger surprise is how she is dressed, the only thing that protects her from my stare is the white rays which, come out of nowhere.

Welcome and be proud to be chosen by the Beauty Goddess from millions to get a chance to entertain me out of my boredom

”You would like to know how a worm as you are able to entertain me ”

I didn ask anything, I thought

Very simple, I will send you my world along with some skills and helper that will enable you to entertain me. Okay, all I wanted was said and now.

Survive it as long as possible and do the deeds that will be worth my attention!

before I wanted to shout what was going on, the black hole appeared under my feet in which I immediately fell.

I opened my eyes and saw tree leaves and rays of light when I tried to get up my whole body was sluggish which made me fall over my face. it took me a few minutes to get up and where i didn look there were trees that were long and Iwas only wearing some rugs covering my private honor.

What was this arrogant woman about. Whathever I died or I drink too much last night and have a strange dream. ok, no matter if its a dream or after live, its better to move forward than to stand still.

I walked a few minutes and saw a wolf about 15 meters ahead of me, immediately when I saw instinctively hid in a bush with which I was going through. Fortunately, the wolf did not notice me.

but on closer inspection this Wolf was wounded

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