Based on the anchor’s previous operations, I don’t believe he would miss such obvious clearance tips!]

【The above user’s remarks involve spoilers and are only open to the audience.】

The strands of hair are getting closer.

The expression on Wen Jianyan’s face also became more and more shaky, as if he was wandering between the two options.

Finally, he seemed to have finally made up his mind.

The young man took back his steps, then turned around, and rushed downstairs without looking back.

In the live broadcast room, some people are happy and some are sad.

[Hahahahaha won, I already said that he’ll definitely run downstairs! An average person who encountered this kind of thing will definitely want to run away directly!]

[Aaaaaaaa I’m furious, this anchor was so clever just now, why was he being stupid at the critical moment?]

[Ah, this is really boring… I thought this anchor could last a little longer, but I didn’t expect it to be cold again.]

[Dead silent, Can the money I just tipped come back? @Live broadcast room management assistant.]

Seeing Wen Jianyan going downstairs and going straight toward the exit, the barrage became even more impatient.

[What’s the use of rushing to the exit now, just go around in the hall! Six minutes is a bit of a limit, but it’s not impossible!]

[Upstairs, Why are you in a hurry? It’s just watching a live broadcast, why are you feeling emotional as if it’s real? Anyway, if the worst comes to worst, we’ll watch someone else’s live broadcast.]

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[And to be honest, I’ve always wanted to see this anchor roll over.]

[Yes, yes, isn’t it cool to watch a novice live broadcast? I really want to see a high-IQ big shot pass the instance, so I’ll just stay here.
I don’t think any senior anchor’s live broadcast is that interesting right now.]

Although he said that, the number of people who had been at the peak in the live broadcast room began to decline, from more than 2,000 to 1,000.

Wen Jianyan quickened his pace and headed straight towards the exit ―

Then he turned to the side and rushed over to the duty room.

He didn’t prepare any tools to pick the lock this time, but raised his long legs and kicked it violently.


[??What does he want to do?]

[No? He is addicted to running in the duty room? This time is different from the last time, why did he go to the duty room again?]

[Tsk tsk tsk, These low-level anchors are all like this.
All of them like to dig into their comfort zone.
It’s really stupid and isn’t interesting at all.]

Wen Jianyan rushed in, went straight to the cabinet, and pulled it open with amazing agility.
He opened the hidden compartment and grabbed something from it.

Then he turned around.

At this moment, the tidal wave of hair had already rushed to the front of the duty room; the jet-black hair climbed up the wall, crossed the threshold and the window, and probed towards the prey who had been watching it for a long time―

The lights in the hall, under the influence of some strange force, start flickering.

The pale limbs twisted and deformed, crawling in the pile of hair.

Wen Jianyan slowly took a deep breath, his forehead and neck were covered in cold sweat, his fingers twitched slightly under the extreme pressure, and his palms were wet and cold.

He steadied his trembling and began to hum:

“This little red comb, brushing your hair before the mirror, with one brush, may you be blessed with intelligence and beauty, with the second, may happiness never be far from you, and with the third, may you be pleasing and satisfactory.”

Just now, the barrage that was still sneering and constantly screaming suddenly became shocked:

[Wait, this tune?]

[These lyrics?!]

[Is the person in front has amnesia? Isn’t that what this boss hummed just now?]

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[No no no, this boss never sang the last sentence!]

[!!I know! Crap! The tune that the old witch hummed has always been incomplete, and what this boss sings is also incomplete, but just now he put both the songs together!]

Wen Jianyan slowly raised his hand and opened his palm.

In the centre of his fair and slender palm lay a comb.

Like the whole building, the time on this comb also seems to have been reversed.
Although its colour is dull grey now, one can vaguely see its once bright red colour, and even the broken comb teeth have become complete again.

The hair stopped moving and became quiet.

Behind the youth, the drawer that had been vigorously pulled open was not closed.

Among the messy clutter that had been turned over, lay several yellowed photographs.

The dust had not yet had time to fall, and two figures, one large and one small, could be seen above.

A tall woman was standing in the amusement park, next to a thirteen- or fourteen-year-old girl, her black hair was tied into a big braid that hung down on her shoulders.
But you can still see the happy smiles on the two faces, frozen in the narrow photo.

A few words were written with a pen below:
“Happy birthday to Xiaojie.”

Wen Jianyan took a deep breath and slowly stepped forward:

“Xiaojie, mom… Mom misses you so much…”

The barrage was dead silent.



[…? What the hell?]


Liáng (涼) : A slang term, popularised by the ending theme song of the TV series ‘Eternal Love’ whose title was 《涼涼》.
Original meaning: slightly cold; chilly
Slang: be done for; be finished or destroyed; disappointed; downhearted.

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