On the live broadcast square, the quick entrances of each live broadcast hall are arranged from top to bottom according to the viewing value.

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Perhaps because there are too many newcomers, the live broadcast halls opened this time are basically below the C-level, and the B-level and A-level halls are rare.
Which also makes the vast majority of the audience concentrated in those high-level halls.

After all, the higher the difficulty, the more enjoyable it is to watch.

Suddenly, someone saw a familiar novice-level instance somewhere in the middle.

【Decai Middle School】……?

Isn’t it a D-level instance? Why is it listed here?

——Is something wrong with the system’s ordering?

The audience was puzzled.

Seeing this, some curious viewers couldn’t wait to go in, ready to see what happened with their own eyes.

After all, if it wasn’t for the system’s ordering error…

Then there must be some variables in this D-level instance that made the system’s judgment on the viewing value of the entire instance suddenly increase.

This kind of thing doesn’t happen every day!


Frightened anchors crowded in the narrow corridor, like sardines stuffed into a can.
After the voice of the old witch fell, all eyes instantly fell on the young man at the end of the corridor.

Bewildered, they held their breaths and waited anxiously.

Under the dim light, the corridor was narrow, and the green walls were mottled and peeled off, revealing black-grey stains.

The air was dead silent.

In the 789326qwk live broadcast room, it is completely opposite to the outside world.

With the influx of viewers from other live broadcast rooms, the number of online viewers displayed in the live broadcast room continued to increase.

【Ding! The number of online viewers in the live broadcast room exceeded 1000】

【Ding! The number of online viewers in the live broadcast room exceeded 2,000】

【Congratulations to the anchor for his achievement: a newcomer!
Wow, the popularity of your live broadcast room is rising, and your high-quality live content has attracted more viewers to your live broadcast room! 】

【Ding! The number of rewards in the live broadcast room exceeded 50!】

【Congratulations to the anchor for his achievement: a small gain!
Wow, more and more loyal fans are convinced by your charm.
Please anchor, work hard, and continue to encourage them so that more people will be willing to open their wallets for you! 】

[I came from next door, I didn’t expect this intern teacher to be an anchor, I was shocked.]

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[+1 from next door.]

[Aaaaaaaaa, how did the anchor get into the NPC team? I’m dying of curiosity, asking for supplementary lessons!]

[Where is the novice’s history replay? I can’t find the homepage, is there any kind-hearted person to show me the way?]

[The one in front, don’t bother, don’t waste your time.
Anyway, this anchor is going to overturn soon hahahahaha!]


[???Why? What happened?]

Immediately after, more and more gloating “Hahaha” brushed off the bullet screen.

Although the audience that just came in was not clear, most of the other audience members have been watching from the beginning.

The dean didn’t ask anyone to get the list at all.
It was all made up by Wen Jianyan, and the crumpled booklet was now in Wen Jianyan’s pocket.

As for the “copied backup list”, there is absolutely no such thing.

But now, the heavy-duty of naming fell on Wen Jianyan’s shoulders — he either honestly said that he didn’t copy it at all, or he had to take out the booklet from his pocket and read it.

However, no matter how he chooses, it is contrary to his lie at the beginning, which will definitely arouse suspicion.

And “doubt” is like water poured on a sandcastle, which can break apart a lie that can’t stand the scrutiny.

That is the case in reality, not to mention that it is still in the instance now.

With the temperament of an old witch, it is absolutely impossible to miss such an opportunity.
Once caught, this host will surely die.

It seems that the short and glorious career of this anchor is probably coming to an end.
Although it is a pity, most of the viewers has become more excited.

After all, the car is overturned, and the more fierce the flip, the better it looks.

The entire corridor was shrouded in suffocating silence.

All eyes fell on Wen Jianyan.

The tall, fleshy woman leaned slightly to the side.
Her small, sinister, dark eyes looked through the gap on the side of her glasses, and the bottom of her eyes flickered like the sharp blade flashed a second before it fell in front of the guillotine.

The dim light flickered overhead, and the light was reflected at the edge of the somewhat crooked lens, blocking the look of the young man’s eyes.

His face looked pale and weak in the light, his lips were pursed, and then calmly and slowly, little by little, he reached into his pocket.

The audience in front of the screen held their breath subconsciously, greedily watching the anchor’s every move.

Soon, Wen Jianyan’s fingers were pulled out of his pocket.

They saw that in his hand was a piece of white paper folded in four-folds.
It was wrinkled with irregular marks on the edges as if it had been torn from a notebook and scribbled handwriting faintly visible on the side.

Wen Jianyan unfolded the paper.

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The rustling sound of paper rubbing sounded in the dead corridor, making people’s heartbeats quicken.

“Jiang Ze.”

The young man’s voice sounded in the corridor, gentle and clear.

The audience in the live broadcast room was stunned.

[?? How did he read it?]

[What’s going on? Could it be that the anchor is trying to slip through by making it up?]

After a few seconds of silence, a weak voice sounded at the end of the corridor, and replied in a low voice:


“Zhou Fangyuan.”


Wen Jianyan read one name after another, and each time he read one, there would be a high or low response from the crowd.

This is absolutely impossible to make up.

What’s going on? Did he really make a copy when the audience wasn’t paying attention?

When did this happen? They didn’t have any impression at all!

As if to answer the doubts of the audience, the camera in the live broadcast room moved, zoomed-in, again and again.

It finally landed on the piece of paper in Wen Jianyan’s hands.

The white paper is still wrinkled, with a few lines written in extremely scrawled handwriting:

[Onion, cabbage, garlic, pork, chilli peppers, remember to buy toothpaste and washing powder.]



A dense “???” floated through the live broadcast room.

This, this is… a shopping list???

Wen Jianyan lowered his head, stared at the few lines on the shopping list without changing his face, and continued to read it with great confidence.

“Zhao Runcheng.”


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“Fang Ke.”


After realising what happened, the bullet chat exploded.

[??? The anchor has memorized the list!!]

[Shit, what kind of memory is this! Did he not forget!?]

[Not necessarily, right? Maybe he had expected this, so he secretly memorized it.
After all, there are only a dozen names.]

[Didn’t the person in front use his brain when speaking? Isn’t that more difficult? What kind of pre-judgment level is this!]

Soon, except for Cheng Wei, who was “not enrolled”, everyone else completed the roll call.

The old witch stood on the spot, squinted her eyes and looked around slowly, and let out a cold snort from her nose.
She couldn’t tell whether she was satisfied or disappointed.

She turned around: “Let’s go.”

Wen Jianyan let out a slow breath, folded the paper again and stuffed it into his pocket.

By the way, he secretly rubbed his wet palm on his pants.

So close.

Fortunately, his occupation is too high-risk, so he has developed the habit of subconsciously remembering all the important information in front of him.
One is to prevent his lies from being exposed, and the other is to play on the spot at a critical moment.

After all, the point of a lie is in the details.

Even trivial details can be fatal if neglected.

He took a deep breath, turned his head to look at the anchors behind him, and raised his chin:

“Didn’t you hear what Teacher Yang said? Follow us.”

Just now, the audience was still sighing about the anchors’ extraordinary memory and prediction ability, but the wind direction suddenly changed:

[Fuck, fox pretends to be a tiger.]

[Damn, the scoundrel is successful.]


All the anchors looked at each other in dismay, stepped forward in fear and followed behind Wen Jianyan.

The old witch went straight downstairs and walked toward the dormitory building outside.

It was dark outside.

The small campus was immersed in the burning twilight, like a small cardboard box that was about to be squashed.

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A few dozens of meters away from the dormitory building is a low-rise building with only one floor.
The gate was opened, revealing the grey-black cement floor moist with water or sweat.

Like a restaurant, there are several rows of long grey-yellow tables side by side.
The protection leather on the tabletop is peeling off, and it looks greasy under the dim light, as if it has not been carefully cleaned for many years.

At the end of the dining room are two desks that have been put together.

Huge food bowls made of white iron were placed side by side on top of them, steaming hot air flowing outward.

The old witch stopped at the entrance of the cafeteria, turned her head to look at the anchors behind her, and said coldly, “Here we are.”

The woman looked around, her tall figure brought a terrifying sense of oppression.

The anchors gathered together in silence, waiting for each other to speak.

Only to see the old witch raise her short and thick fingers, and pointing to the cabinet next to her: “Your lunch boxes are all there.
After you finish eating, wash them and remember to put them back.
If you lose them, you will have to pay.”

The old witch then pointed to the clock hanging on the wall of the canteen:

“After eating and washing the dishes, go back to the dormitory by yourself.
You can access the door of the dormitory building till 9:30 p.m.”

She grinned, and the maliciousness in her expression could hardly be concealed: “If you don’t come back on time, I won’t open the door for you.”

“Okay, you can move now.”

After speaking, the old witch turned around and walked towards the dormitory building while humming a song.

Because of the close proximity, Wen Jianyan heard the last words she sang this time:

“…pleasing and satisfactory…”

She hummed the little melody, and her tall and fat body quickly disappeared into the dark night.

Wen Jianyan was stunned for a moment, then quickly recovered to his senses.

He took a step forward, clapped his palms, and raised his voice:

“Did everyone hear what Teacher Yang said? The freshmen who have received their lunch boxes came here, and lined up in two rows to go in to eat.”

As a liar with skilled business skills, he has integrated into the role of “Intern teacher” without any psychological barriers.

In just a few words, not only Wen Jianyan transferred the remaining authority of the old witch to himself, but also naturally became the one who controls the overall situation.

All the anchors instinctively follow his order.

After a short period of confusion, everyone carried their lunch boxes and honestly lined up in two rows at the entrance of the canteen.

Wen Jianyan nodded without changing his face, and said with satisfaction,

“Come in.”

So, the imposter calmly took two rows of people into the canteen and commanded them to line up to eat.

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