Decai Middle School

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Chapter 16.1


Su Cheng looked sluggish.

He stood still, unable to move, and could only stare foolishly at the young man who called himself a “rookie anchor” in front of him.

Wen Jianyan stood up with one hand on the wall, bent over to pat the dust on his body, and sighed to himself:

“Ah… Now this situation is a bit troublesome.”

He really didn’t want to go back to the fourth floor at all.

Not only did the mirror want his soul, but the two senior anchors who had been tricked by him were still on the fourth floor; Not to mention the “God the Father” who made him horrified.
All the people he least wanted to meet were gathered together on the fourth floor.

In addition, when the plot modification level was 62%, Wen Jianyan had a headache, and now it has already reached 83% without him realising it! Whether or not something unexpected will happen next, no one knows.

Originally, he had enough points on hand to sit back and relax.

However, due to the auto-unlocking of that apple seedling, all the points Wen Jianyan had in hand were emptied, causing him to make a deal with Xu Yuan, who was working for the mirror.
Now he has to complete the task given by the other party.

And it was the kind in which you would die if it wasn’t done.

…It’s so worrying!

Wen Jianyan turned his head to look at Su Cheng, who looked like a clay puppet, and shook his hand in front of him: “Hello, are you still there?”


Su Cheng was in a trance.

The overrunning brain stalled and became a mess, and the whole person fell into repeated self-doubt.



What’s going on?

Could it be…

Wait, it shouldn’t be, or…

When he was wandering, Wen Jianyan leaned over and asked with concern,

“Are you okay?”

The handsome young man’s face suddenly enlarged in front of him, and the strong visual impact made Su Cheng lean back abruptly.


The sudden weightlessness made him suddenly come to his senses.

After two seconds of blank expression, Su Cheng slowly widened his eyes after realising it:

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He pointed at the young man in front of him with a slightly trembling finger, unable to form a sentence for a long time:

“You, you…”

Wen Jianyan put one hand in his pocket and blinked: “Me?”

He seemed to have no self-awareness, and asked with 100% sincerity and doubt: “What’s wrong with me?”

But Su Cheng won’t be deceived this time, he screamed in an out-of-tune voice:

“You… you are an anchor?!”

Wen Jianyan nodded naturally, without the slightest hint of guilt on his face: “Yes, didn’t I say that just now?”


His attitude was too natural, causing Su Cheng to open his mouth and stare blankly at the other party, unable to say anything for a while.

How can there be such a shameless person in this world!

“Speaking of which, there should be more items unlocked in the store now, right?”

The shameless liar lowered his head, tinkered with his live broadcast interface, sighing from time to time:

“Ah, really, it’s a pity that the price is too high.”

Su Cheng pressed down his suddenly swollen temple, stumbled, and concluded with some difficulty:

“So…that, then Xu Wen…”

Hearing the other party’s voice, Wen Jianyan closed the live broadcast interface, raised his head and said as a matter of fact:

“Yeah, I made it up, as well as the whole storyline.”

He thought for a while: “However, if you find it troublesome, you can continue to call me Brother XiaoWen.”

“By the way, what’s your name?”

“…Su Cheng.”

“How old are you?”

Su Cheng couldn’t keep up with the other party’s train of thought, and replied dumbly, “Twenty-five…”

“Oh, it seems that you are older than me.” Wen Jianyan leaned forward with a smile:

“It seems that I have to call you brother.”

His face was already very handsome, but now he looks even more friendly and likeable.
His voice was intimate and magnetic, and the end of the tone was slightly raised.
When he said the word brother clearly, it made it impossible for people to be wary of him.

“Is that right, Brother Su?”

Su Cheng’s mind was in chaos.

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The other party’s previous cold, ruthless, business-like and reliable appearance was still deeply etched in his mind, but now it is completely different from before.
Half evil and half innocent, this kind of completely opposite appearance made Su Cheng confused and speechless, and he didn’t know how to deal with it.

“You, don’t get too close to me…!”

Su Cheng tried to maintain his bottom line, stammering and trying to bring the topic back on track:

“Then…then your sister…and those stories…”

Wen Jianyan repeated his answer patiently: “Of course, it was all made up to match the character.”

He paused, and seemed to suddenly remember something:

“Oh, but Xu Yuan is real.”

Su Cheng: “Huh?”

The young man said lightly:

“You have seen her just now, the one with dishevelled hair and a terrifying smile.”

Su Cheng: “……”


That Xu Yuan is actually the boss!!

Wen Jianyan touched the bridge of his nose and laughed dryly: “Speaking of which, she seems to be very unhappy with me pretending to be her brother.
I am afraid that I’m going to be hated.
I hope that the difficulty of our task will not increase because of this.”

Su Cheng: “…………”

You’re pretending to be her brother in front of the boss?

You are a true warrior.

Having said that, Wen Jianyan thought of something, and turned to look at Su Cheng: “By the way, do you still remember our mission?”


Su Cheng was stunned.

The next second, memories that had been selectively forgotten under the intense shock came back to mind.

Congratulations on assisting another anchor in triggering the ultimate hidden line task of the instance Decai Middle School.

The completion time limit is two hours.

If the task fails, all survival time and points will be deducted, and the live broadcast room will be closed immediately.

The simple translation is: Complete the task within two hours or die.


Su Cheng cracked.

According to his experience of playing games over the years, the difficulty of this task is equivalent to letting the brave players who had just come out of the novice village duel with the Demon King with just the initial level equipment… This is no longer a cross-level challenge, it is courting death!

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Su Cheng was struck by lightning, and the whole person was dumbfounded.

Wen Jianyan looked at the other party’s expression.

Hmm, looks like he remembered.

He raised his hand and patted Su Cheng’s shoulder, and comforted him in a gentle tone: “It’s okay, we are now grasshoppers on a rope.
No matter what, you have me with you, okay?”

Su Cheng’s expression cracked once again: “……”

Bah, you fucking dragged me in!

However, he has taken so many blows today that he has no energy to react to this sentence now.

In the 789326qwk live broadcast room.

[Hahahahaha the truck has exploded, no one survived!]

[Hahahahaha LMAO, the expression on the face of the other anchor is really too rich.
I will watch the replay hundreds of times after the instance is over.]

[The opposite anchor will probably have a psychological shadow in the future hahahahahahaha.
The NPC, who has been with him for so long, is actually another anchor.
If it was me, I would have doubts about the whole world.]

[I really hate that iron for not being steel.
The opposite anchor can obviously take the initiative to stand.
Being cheated all the way, he can always make this dog liar pay a little price.
But he was being led by the nose by this dog liar again.
I hate it.]

[Wuwu, I also want the anchor to call me brother affectionately.
I would rather be deceived!]

[Wife! Come act coquettishly with me!]


So, the topic in the live broadcast room shifted in a strange direction again, like a wild horse who never came back.

Wen Jianyan didn’t notice the strange topic trend in the live broadcast room.

He opened his backpack and took out the Epic-level hidden item that was just put into it.

At the moment when the item appeared, the familiar sound of the system prompt sounded in his ears.

【Congratulations to the anchor for obtaining the hidden item (epic) in the instance!】

【Collection level 3/3】

Wen Jianyan looked down into his palm, the red cloth bag was still tied tightly, and it took him several seconds to open it.

Unexpectedly, this time the object is not some kind of human tissue used for sacrifice, but…

A fragment of a mirror.

It was bright and transparent.
The surface was hard and smooth, and the irregular edges reflected a cold lustre.

Compared with some “teeth”, “hair” and “broken finger”, this hidden object looks extraordinarily normal, but for some reason, such a small and thin piece of mirror seemed heavy in the palm.
A bit of icy chill spreads from the contact point, seeping into his heart little by little.

Wen Jianyan shivered involuntarily.

At this moment, the system’s prompt sounded again:

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【Ding! It is detected that all the hidden items have been collected by the anchor, and the hidden plot line is now released.
Core Tip: Return the things back to their original places.
The beginning is the end.】

The content of this sentence was very easy to understand, that is to say, as long as the fragment of this mirror is put back where it should be, all this can be ended.

According to conventional thinking, it is time to go back to the fourth floor.

But the problem is…

As someone who has been in close contact with the mirror, Wen Jianyan remembers very clearly that there is no gap in the mirror except for the gap that cracked at the end.

Take another 10,000 steps back, if this fragment was really of the mirror on the fourth floor, why would all of this end after putting the fragment back into the mirror? Wouldn’t it instead increase its power?

Wen Jianyan was a little puzzled.

He frowned, looking at the mirror fragments in his hand to and fro, trying to find some clues that he had ignored.

Su Cheng noticed that Wen Jianyan hadn’t moved for a long time.
Although there was still some awkwardness in his heart, he couldn’t control his curiosity.
He probed over and asked:

“What’s wrong?”

The two were now completely tied together.
Wen Jianyan didn’t need to hide it from him, so he happily informed the other party of the information he had learned.

After listening, Su Cheng’s thoughts were exactly the same as he had at the beginning:

“That is to say, as long as we put this fragment back in the mirror, our mission will be completed?”

His face finally showed an excited look: “Then why are we hesitating? Let’s go, go to the fourth floor!”

Knowing the way out of the predicament, the awkwardness just now disappeared, and even the swindler in front of him seemed a little kinder.

But Wen Jianyan didn’t answer, he just stared at the mirror fragment in his palm without saying a word.

Seeing that the other party didn’t respond, Su Cheng couldn’t help but get closer again and shook his hand in front of the other party:

“Are you still listening?”

The flashlight swayed slightly along with his movements, and the beam of light scattered on the wall, spreading a cold white light.

Wen Jianyan seemed to realise something, and was slightly startled:


Su Cheng: “Huh?”

Wen Jianyan: “Don’t move.”

His command was short and precise, with an unquestionable meaning.
Su Cheng couldn’t help but forget the identity of the other party.
He habitually obeyed his instructions and stood still subconsciously.

After dozens of seconds.

“…I got it.”

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