Decai Middle School

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Chapter 15.2

He narrowed his eyes slightly, examining the other person’s blurred silhouette in the darkness.

If the people who came were those senior anchors, Wen Jianyan would definitely not take the flashlight.
He would just turn around and run away.
As for whether anyone would die under Xu Yuan’s hands this time, it was not something he care about.

However, after discovering that it was Su Cheng, Wen Jianyan immediately changed his strategy.

A living comrade is more useful than a dead one.

——However, First, he had to know how much the other party understood about what had happened before.

Wen Jianyan let go of Su Cheng’s hand:

“What about the other students? How did you get separated from them?”

Contrary to his indifferent expression, his voice was full of warmth, as if he genuinely cared about the other party and his companions.

“After you entered 408, I took the initiative to leave.”

Su Cheng sniffed and looked at him in the dark.
With a rare solemnity and calmness in his voice: “Brother XiaoWen, I have to confess something to you.”

“I’m not a student, and the people I met on the fourth floor before are not students either.
We all came here with the same purpose.
They have bad intentions.
The reason why they acted with you just now is to use you to get something and trick you into exploring dangerous places.”

He took a deep breath, calmed himself down, and said the words that he had been holding in his heart for a long time:

“And… in fact, I am the same as them, we all have bad intentions.”

There was silence in front of him.

Su Cheng looked into the darkness and waited anxiously.

After a long time, he only heard a sigh from the opposite side: “Don’t say that.”

The young man’s voice was particularly soft in the darkness:

“After all, didn’t I also start working with you because I want you to help me? ”

Su Cheng’s nose was sour.

He didn’t expect that the other party would actually use this way to comfort him…

Ah! What a good man!!



[…Unexpectedly, the anchor didn’t lie this time.]

[But he was still regarded as a good person hahahahaha!]

[Wake up! This is the person in front of you who really had bad intentions!]

[Hahahahahahaha, the anchors who were trying to pit this scammer had been slaughtered for a long time.
This silly kid is caring about the wrong person hahahahaha!]

After being pulled up by Wen Jianyan, Su Cheng asked, “Brother XiaoWen, what are you going to do next? What’s the plan?”


If this question had been asked ten minutes ago, Wen Jianyan would have chosen to slack off and wait for the time to pass.

However, thinking of the bright 【0】 in his account now, Wen Jianyan could only swallow a mouthful of old blood back into his stomach.
He endure the toothache, and tried his best to answer in a calm voice:

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“I know how to find my sister.”

——After all, he had just smashed the light bulb, forcing his “sister” to be unable to show up.

However, the situation now has been completely reversed.

At that time, the points in the account were enough, and the task of returning the face to Xu Yuan wasn’t necessary to do.

But now Wen Jianyan has to do it.

Otherwise, he won’t be able to survive the next few hours!

“What?!” Su Cheng was startled and suddenly looked up at the young man in front of him: “You, have you found a clue?”


Wen Jianyan paused and said, “It’s just that this may require your help.”

Unexpectedly, after he confessed, the other party was still willing to cooperate.

Su Cheng, who was already ashamed, was even more moved at the moment.
He nodded quickly: “Okay, no problem.”

Wen Jianyan narrowed his eyes, smiled silently in the darkness, and said in a sincere tone, “Thank you very much.”

The third floor of the dormitory building.

There was no light in the entire corridor, only bottomless darkness.

Wen Jianyan touched the door of the room where he woke up according to his memory.

He took a deep breath, raised his hand and pushed open the door.

A hoarse creaking sound rang out in the dead silence, seeming particularly permeable to the ears.

Wen Jianyan stood at the door, without moving forward, and said in a calm and peaceful voice,


The voice sounded like a stone falling into the abyss.
It didn’t stir up at all and disappeared directly into the vast darkness.

No one answered.

The opened door was like a black mouth, waiting to devour the next figure who stepped into it.

Wen Jianyan wasn’t going to go in again this time:

“What, are you still waiting for me to go in?”


There was still a dead silence in his ears.

Wen Jianyan’s fingertips trembled as he unfolded the human skin portrait:

“Or… do you not want this anymore?”

The young man’s voice was low.
His tone was rising and falling, as if he was singing an aria1An aria is a long song accompanying a solo voice.
It is is usually in an opera., which sounded extremely…

Worthy of beating.

Before he could finish speaking, a strange voice sounded from the dark doorway in front of him——

“Ka ka, ka ka…”

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It was the sound of the neck bones turning, or like the rubbing sound of a utility knife when it was slowly opened.

Sharp, harsh, and creepy-sounding.

Very good.

Wen Jianyan slowly took two steps back, and before the voice approached, he suddenly turned around and rushed towards a direction in the darkness.

The sound of the rapid footsteps echoed in the corridor, matching the rhythm of the heartbeat.

Behind him was the creepy clucking sound, chasing after him like a ghost who wants vengeance.

After losing the light source, he couldn’t see anything clearly in front of him.
He could only rely on his own memory to sprint in the dark.

Almost — It’s almost there!

The ground under his feet creaked, and he faintly saw a familiar blurred silhouette not far away.
Wen Jianyan shouted sharply:


With a snapping sound, the flashlight suddenly lit up, which was particularly abrupt in the dark corridor.

Then Wen Jianyan’s slender figure turned toward the side nimbly.

There were several mirrors collected from different bedrooms.
They were leaning against the wall, and countless pieces of glass shards were scattered on the ground.
The light of the flashlight was reflected in each piece, and in an instant, it was as bright as day.


An extremely sharp scream sounded, fierce and harsh as if a sharp needle was pierced straight through the eardrums!

Wen Jianyan raised his hand to block the light.
His eyes which were stung by the bright light narrowed slightly, and he looked in the direction from where the voice came.

The female student in the old school uniform was standing upright among the countless pieces of glass at the moment.
She seemed to want to struggle, but she couldn’t move, and the bones on her body were distorted into strange angles.

Her figure was reflected in every mirror on the ground.

With a “click”, the utility knife in her hand fell to the ground.

The arm of the shadow was raised unnaturally and slowly.
Her pale, twisted fingers bent inward little by little, choking her own neck tightly.

In the next second, a shrill scream resounded throughout the building.

Wen Jianyan turned sideways subconsciously, avoiding the sudden glare of light.

At the place where he first woke up, in the mirror, the first time he was entangled with Xu Yuan, and the second time when he passively received the hidden item task, Xu Yuan was present there as well as her roommate who tried to snatch her identity.
In other words, there were two ghosts in that room, but they did not appear at the same time.

The imposter who posted the task showed low aggression while the high aggression was shown by Xu Yuan.
Although Wen Jianyan didn’t know the reason, he still decided to take a gamble.

——Simply put, it is to divert the attention and hatred of the other party.

At least not to get slaughtered immediately.

Soon, the light disappeared.

Wen Jianyan took a deep breath and looked up not far away.

Among the glass shards on the ground, a pale figure gradually solidified.

Wet, pitch-black hair, stiff and weird smile on the mask-like face, and pure black eyes.

Xu Yuan.

She slowly stepped forward and walked in this direction.
Her figure seemed to be unstable, and her shadow kept glowing.

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Wen Jianyan stood up and handed over the human skin portrait in his hand:

“I think this should be yours.”

Behind him, Su Cheng stared at the strange scene in front of him without blinking.
His fingers clutching the flashlight trembled slightly, and every nerve in his body was tense to the extreme.

He remembered Wen Jianyan’s instructions just now.

As soon as you find something was wrong, turn off the light immediately.

Xu Yuan lowered her head slowly, her gaze fixed on the portrait in Wen Jianyan’s hand.

The pale mask seemed to crack a gap, and a touch of human emotion appeared on her face, but it quickly disappeared: “Do you think it’s what I’ve been looking for?”

Her voice was rough, hoarse and gloomy with distinct malice:

“—you guessed wrong.”


Wen Jianyan shook his head and said in a calm voice: “If your purpose was to find your own face, you won’t steal the identity of a living person and lead more people to the fourth floor.”

To be precise, the person who is eager to get this “face” was not Xu Yuan standing in front of him, but the fake “Xu Yuan” who tried to steal Xu Yuan’s identity.

The task of “returning the face to Xu Yuan” is a pit itself.

As a fraudster, Wen Jianyan is very clear about one thing — desire is weakness.

If you want to achieve your goals through trading, you must find what the other party desires most.

So, what does Xu Yuan long for?

Wen Jianyan recalled the few words he saw in the notebook, organized the messy clues in an orderly manner, and gradually more and more specific guesses emerged in his mind.

He continued:

“I guess, you should have also made a deal with the mirror, but the price was to attract more sacrifices for the mirror, right?”

Xu Yuan raised her head suddenly, her face became more terrifying under the light, as if she was laughing silently, and seemed to be making silent roars and wailing.

“Don’t you want freedom?”

The young man looked at her with sincere eyes and said earnestly: “Don’t you want to be freed from endless slavery?”

He took a step forward and handed over the human skin portrait in his hand:

“I can help you.”

Time passed little by little, the air was as heavy as it was saturated with moisture, and the people who were pressed could not get through it.

Don’t know how long had passed——

Wen Jianyan found that the weight in his hand became light.
The next second, Xu Yuan’s figure disappeared, and she slowly returned to the mirror.

In the mirror, Wen Jianyan saw his face showing him a weird smile:

“I’ll give you two hours.”

In the next second, the figure in the mirror disappeared.

A mechanical sound rang in his ears:

【Ding! Congratulations to the anchor for returning Xu Yuan’s face to the original owner, reward points: 5000】

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【The Hidden Item(Epic) mission has been completed! Rewards are being given …】

【Plot modification at this stage: 83%, Reward points: 20,000】


Wen Jianyan took two steps backward weakly, leaning back against the wall and slowly slid down.

After relaxing, the physiological reaction caused by the tension suddenly appeared on the body.
The thin and straight back of the young man became tense, the slender arms of his hands trembled slightly, and he retched against the wall.

Su Cheng hurried over and patted Wen Jianyan’s back nervously:

“Brother Wen, you, are you okay?”

Just as he was anxious and worried, a mechanical sound suddenly sounded in his ear:

【Ding! Congratulations on assisting another anchor in triggering the ultimate mainline task of the instance Decai Middle School: ? ? ? 】

【Completion time limit: two hours】

【Note: If the task fails, all survival time and points will be deducted, and the anchor’s live broadcast room will be closed immediately.】

Su Cheng: ? ? ?

Wait a minute?

What’s the situation?

Another anchor?

The ultimate mainline task?

The amount of information in this system prompt was too large.
Su Cheng’s brain was like an overloaded CPU, completely unable to process such complex information.

He can understand every word separately, but when they are combined together… why is it so hard to understand?

Su Cheng immediately became quiet, stunned in place, unable to recover for a long time.

“Ah, it seems there is no way out.”

The young man on the side straightened up and looked sideways.

There were fine beads of sweat floating on his forehead, his face was pale and bleeding, and his black hair was wet with sweat, sticking to his cheeks.
He looked extra weak and helpless.

The young man sighed softly:

“Let’s get to know each other again.”

The long and soft eyelashes were raised, and the amber eyes looked extraordinarily dignified in the light and shadow.
It was still the same handsome and pale face, but at this moment, it contained a little bit of almost evil beauty, looking dangerous and puzzling in the darkness.

He stretched out a hand towards Su Cheng:

“Wen Jianyan, a rookie anchor.”

Wen Jianyan winked at him and said with a smile:

“First time meeting, please take care of me.”

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1An aria is a long song accompanying a solo voice.
It is is usually in an opera.

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