Decai Middle School

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Chapter 13.2

Kong Shixing looked at Wen Jianyan, and a little unspeakable shyness appeared on his face:

“That… Teacher, I want to talk to my friend about something personal.
Can I…”

Su Cheng was stunned for a moment, and then he also reacted.

There are some things… you can’t say in front of NPCs.

It’s just that he was so used to Wen Jianyan being by his side that he didn’t think about it at all.

Su Cheng nodded somewhat stiffly:

“Indeed, indeed, me too, have some private matters.”

Wen Jian understood, he smiled kindly and nodded:

“Of course.”

He turned and walked to the side, kindly leaving a room for the two of them to chat privately.

Kong Shixing winked at one of his teammates, who immediately understood.
He turned around and followed, and began to talk to Wen Jianyan, trying to get some information out of his mouth.

Soon, only the two of them were left in this area.

Su Cheng looked at the senior anchor in front of him with some unease.

The other party let go of his arm and asked, “What happened after you came up?”

Su Cheng simply told him what happened before.

Kong Shixing frowned:

“You guys found 408 and went in?”

Although Su Cheng was a little confused, he still nodded:

“Yes, but… there was nothing in it.”

Kong Shixing didn’t answer, showing a thoughtful look.

He turned his head, glanced into the darkness, and continued to ask: “Speaking of which, what’s the matter with you and the NPC just now?”

Su Cheng explained the information he knew one by one.

What key, sister, undercover, contacting the superiors, Kong Shixing was stunned after hearing it.

After listening, the way he looked at Su Cheng changed:

“Your storyline… is very crucial.”

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Su Cheng nodded somewhat cautiously.

Kong Shixing looked at Su Cheng and said thoughtfully, “Maybe… it will be the main line of the entire instance.”

The instance is divided into the main line and a secondary line.
The higher the difficulty of the instance, the more lines there are.

Although the exploration value can be unlocked by completing the secondary line, it cannot be unlocked to 100%.

The reward for completing the main line is not only the highest, but more importantly, if the main line is completed, even if the other secondary lines are not completed, the exploration degree will be 100%.

100% Exploration!

A trace of eagerness flashed across Kong Shixing’s eyes.

However, unlike his faint excitement, his live broadcast room was filled with question marks.



Kong Shixing is a senior anchor, and most of the online viewers in the live broadcast room are his own traffic.
Many of them have been squatting in the anchor’s live broadcast room since the beginning of the broadcast, and have never been to the square to watch it.

[Wait, the instance that the anchor entered this time is Decai Middle School, right? Has it been revised? How come I don’t remember it having this storyline?]

[I’m also a little confused.
This line sounds really important, but… Why haven’t I heard of it!]

In the barrage area, a wave of viewers with completely different styles frantically wrote “Hahaha”.

[Hahahahahahahaha, come from the next door to watch.
I am finally satisfied.
Now I am going back.]

[Laughing and vomiting.
The scammer victim alliance has gradually grown, and now it even automatically develops offline!]

[Hahahahaha, I am so happy.]

【The above user’s remarks involve the anchors in the same hall and will only be open to the audience.】

Kong Shixing knows nothing about the movement in his live broadcast room.

After a short period of thought and interest judgment, he decided to throw an olive branch at Su Cheng:

“One of the members of our team provided information that after midnight, 408 would appear every hour, and it is the only time you can leave the fourth floor.
This room is very important.
It is very likely to be the core of the entire instance.
If you say that there is nothing in it, it is very likely that you have not found a way to actually open it.”

After simply sharing his information with the other party, Kong Shixing cut to the main subject:

“We can form a team to act together and wait until the next hour, then we will go in and investigate.
Maybe we can get a different result.

Before Su Cheng could nod, he heard the other party continue: “However, the NPC who has been following you, has to deal with it.”

Su Cheng was taken aback: “…What?

Kong Shixing has a clear mind and succinctly said: “Our current instance is D-level.
Will there be important clues characters in this difficulty? As long as you get the props on the NPC, the main line task will be stable.”

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Su Cheng stuttered a little: “But…that’s not necessary…”

Kong Shixing shook his head and interrupted him: “It’s too dangerous to act with this NPC.
The instance monster downstairs is frantically looking for him, and working with him will only reduce our odds of survival.

Su Cheng’s face turned pale, he opened his mouth but couldn’t answer.

“The best thing to do now is to walk with him for a while, wait until door 408 appears, let him in again, and see if he can help us find out more information and rule out some dangerous options.”

If he really survives and leaves the fourth floor with us, we can still push him to the NPC downstairs to attract the attention of the old witch, and we will take the opportunity to escape.”

Kong Shixing looked at Su Cheng:

“You have been with him for so long, so you should have gained the trust of the NPC, right? That being the case, it’s your responsibility to get the props and information out of him before the next hour.”

Kong Shixing seemed to see through Su Cheng’s hesitation.
He narrowed his eyes slightly:

“We are the anchors.
We are living people, and that’s just an NPC.
Don’t waste the opportunity that has been sent to you.”

He put his hand on Su Cheng’s shoulder and said in a serious voice:

“On the way just now, we sacrificed a person in our team, and now there is just a vacant position.
After this instance is over, I will introduce you to our guild — our guild has the third highest number of points in the whole Nightmare.
It is one of the largest guilds.
There hasn’t been a new person in the guild for a long time, after entering you will get a wider network and richer resources, think about it.”

The other party said this with sincerity, but Su Cheng doesn’t really want to continue this topic.

His eyes wandered, and he changed the subject bluntly:

“You said… your team sacrificed a person?”

He looked to the side as he spoke.

In the dim darkness, the NPC was standing in the distance, talking to the other two anchors.

“Don’t you still have three people?”

Kong Shixing waved his hand indifferently: “There is a new one added later, but you don’t need to worry about him.
We have him for other purposes.”

Su Cheng seemed to understand: “So that’s why ah…”

On the other side.

Wen Jianyan was chatting with the two anchors in front of him.
Although his face was pale due to blood loss, it did not affect his skill and ease in saying things.

He calmly looked at the two in front of him.

One of them had obviously been instructed by the captain and had been probing him vaguely, but he was easily distracted every time.

And the other person…

Wen Jianyan’s eyes fell on “Cheng Huaquan”, and his brows involuntarily wrinkled slightly.

Although this man also followed the order, he didn’t even say a few words throughout the whole process.
Instead, he kept his head down, and his pale face was hidden in the darkness, appearing cowardly and timid.

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Wen Jianyan just had a vague feeling that something wasn’t right.

At this moment, the conversation between Su Cheng and Kong Shixing seemed to be over.

The two walked in this direction together.

Wen Jianyan ended the conversation that had been led by him and stepped forward to greet them with ease.

Behind him, “Cheng Huaquan”, who had been keeping his head down, slowly raised his head, and half of his pale face hidden in the shadows turned to Wen Jianyan’s back.

On the dormitory door beside him, his face was lightly imprinted on the glass.

A huge twisted smile hung on the corner of his mouth, a pair of pure black eyes fixedly stared at the victim who had escaped from his hands, and the upward arc of the corner of his mouth widened again.

Wen Jianyan felt a chill down his spine.

He turned his head subconsciously and looked behind him.

“Cheng Huaquan” lowered his head and looked the same as before.

Wen Jianyan frowned.

His instinct for danger was naturally acute.

For some reason, there was a strange aura about that anchor, which made him instinctively feel creepy.

Kong Shixing’s voice came from in front of him:

“Brother XiaoWen, my friend told me everything about you just now.”

Wen Jianyan withdrew his gaze and looked at Kong Shixing who was standing in front of him.

With a smile on his face, the other party said sincerely: “We will also do our best to help you find your sister, but before that, we may need to go back to 408 again.”

Wen Jianyan pondered for a few seconds, then sighed lightly: “You are right, in this situation, acting together is the best choice.”

“But isn’t there nothing in 408?”

Wen Jianyan asked in confusion.

The expression on Kong Shixing’s face was watertight: “Isn’t that better?”

His eyes glanced down and fell on Wen Jianyan’s hand, the dazzling blood made his brows jump: “Your injury is… ”

“I got it in the corridor.”

Wen Jianyan moved his wrist and frowned, “But… I don’t know who attacked me.
It happened too quickly.”

He looked candid, even when he lied without leaving a trace.

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Hearing the other party’s description, Kong Shixing couldn’t help but get nervous: “Oh, is it?”

“But you don’t have to worry.”

The young man raised his eyes, and under his long and thick eyelashes were a pair of light amber eyes filled with light.
When he gazed intently at a person, it always gives the illusion of sincerity and magnanimity:

“If anything happens again, I will do my best to protect your personal safety.”

Kong Shixing smiled: “Thank you Brother XiaoWen.”

After hearing what the other party said, Su Cheng’s face was even worse.
He stared at Wen Jianyan hesitantly, as if he wanted to say something, but in the end, he pursed his lips again.
Finally, he just turned his head away silently, and the fingers hanging on the side slowly tightened.

Wen Jianyan pretended not to notice.

He didn’t change his expression, his eyes fluttered over the top of Kong Shixing’s head.

Only Wen Jianyan and the audience in his live broadcast room could see that a red arrow was pointing straight at the top of Kong Shixing’s head, shaking regularly, as if waving the flag and shouting.

I am here!

Come and see me!

The 789326qwk live broadcast room burst into laughter.

[Damn, the special effect of this guiding hand is really funny.
I laugh every time I see it, hahahahaha!]

[I really didn’t expect that the ordinary-level hidden prop was on the opposite anchor…]

[Hahahahahahaha, I just came back from the live broadcast room next door, and everything is planned out there.
I guess they are still complacent because of the anchor’s bait.]

[I can’t even imagine it, the purpose of your deception is to deceive yourself better.]

[Hahahahaha, that’s true.
The longest road I have travelled is the routine of this scammer anchor!]

The young man was not far behind the team.
His face was hidden in the darkness.
His facial features flashed between light and shadow, looking unpredictable.

【The Hand of Guidance has taken effect, remaining stock: 0】

Very good, now he finally returns to the field he is familiar with.

Looking at the backs of people not far away, a fleeting smile flashed across Wen Jianyan’s pale lips.
The amber eyes were squinted slightly, the smile in the eyes was unpredictable, and the handsome face inexplicably carried a bit of seductive charm..

Ah, it’s better for him to deal with people than to confront the weird phantom in that mirror.

After all…

Deceiving people is his old profession.

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