they were discussing it contently in the barrage area.

[Tsk tsk tsk, it’s a shame that he got the eight-hour survival time in the beginning.]

[This kind of anchor who resists the main task, is hopeless, and it’s not worth watching at all.]

[At least a few minutes before it was disconnected was pretty cool to watch.]

[This type of death is nothing new.
Friends, I vomited blood in the 789326qwk live broadcast room next door.
Not only the anchor with the 20-minute survival time didn’t collapse, but he also raised the rating of the entire instance on his own, it’s super nice!]

[Yes, that anchor is really good, bold and careful, with a very fine mouth, and it seems that he is a trumpet of a big boss.]

[And as soon as he started the game, he encountered this strange thing, and it is absolutely amazing.]

[Really? I don’t believe it.]

[Is it true? I’ll go check it out.]

As time went by, the number of people online in the live broadcast room gradually decreased.

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【5, 4, 3…】

The bloody red words slowly appeared before the live broadcast room closed.

【Our slogan is, entertain until death.】

In the dark corridor, Su Cheng groped in fear and walked forward step by step.

His initial survival time was too short, and even though he had been desperately trying to unlock his ID card to earn points, there was only more than an hour left.

As a newcomer to live broadcast, the number of online viewers and the number of rewards in the live broadcast room were only a few hundred or so.

Therefore, even if he knew that the cost of violating the rules was high, Su Cheng had to bite the bullet and leave the dormitory.

If he didn’t do the main task, he will surely die.

The corridor was pitch-black, and only the lights in the stairwell flickered behind him, giving a strange atmosphere of depression and suffocation.

In his live broadcast room, the audience sent barrages one after another.

[This main broadcast room has been around for a while, why still nothing happened?]

[Yes, I remember that in this instance the anchors can’t violate the rules.
As long as they violate the rules, they will be targeted by ghosts.
It’s just a matter of time.]

[I thought it was the good luck of the host, but I just went to the host next door who chose to leave the dormitory to check.
They are all safe.
What’s going on?]

[Didn’t the people in front go to the 789326qwk live room for makeup lessons?]

[? ? Make-up lessons? What’s the situation?]

[The plot deviation of this instance is more than 60%, don’t you know? The ghost who would target the offending anchor was gone in the special mission.]

[? ? ?]

【Some of the user’s remarks above involve spoilers and will only be visible to the audience.】

At this moment, Su Cheng heard footsteps coming from the stairwell behind him.

It was heavy, dragging, and had an uncomfortable and weird friction sound.

Someone was stepping on the stairs and was coming upstairs.

He turned his head in horror to look in the direction of the sound.

The large, human-like shadow was distorted into a grotesque shape and was projected on the walls of the hallway by the dim light, the edges of the shadow were squirming as if some unstable existence was slowly changing shape.

A strong sense of danger hit him.

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Su Cheng turned his head and ran wildly.

He heard the woman’s “hee hee” come from behind him: “I heard that there are students upstairs who are still wandering in the corridor after the lights were turned off…”

The hissing in the woman’s voice became clearer, and the heavy malice and pleasure seemed to come through the darkness.

“It’s really unruly.”

The footsteps echoed in the empty corridor, accompanied by low humming as if a life-threatening magic sound was gradually approaching.

Su Cheng broke into a cold sweat and ran forward with all his strength—

The second floor, the third floor…

However, he doesn’t know if it was an illusion, no matter how fast he ran, the humming sound followed him like a shadow, approaching him step by step without stopping.

As if an invisible rope was strangling his neck, it tightened little by little mercilessly.

Just when Su Cheng was almost in despair, suddenly, without warning, a pair of hands stretched out in the darkness from the side and Yanked him to the side!


Su Cheng was shocked.

A cold palm covered his mouth, forcibly blocking all the sound.

In the darkness, a pair of eyes as bright as stars looked at him.

The handsome young man came close, raised a finger to his lips, and made a “shush” gesture.

This… this person seems a little familiar?

Su Cheng leaned against the wall in shock, nodding slightly, indicating that he would not make a sound.

Wen Jianyan let go of his hand and quietly approached the door.

He carefully pushed open a gap with his fingertips and looked out cautiously.

The hallway was pitch black.

A faint light source flickered in the distance, barely reflecting a large shadow that was slowly moving forward.

The old witch’s figure nearly became twice as large as before.

Her head was pressed against the ceiling, and the wet blue-grey skin seemed to be swollen and stretched to the extreme as if it would burst open in the next second; some places that were not covered by the fabric had already cracked several openings, and the water droplets fell to the ground, leaving a long string of wet marks on the ground.

The dark eyes looked out from the slits in the skin, rolling maliciously.

Before one of the eyes looked over, Wen Jianyan quickly closed the door, blocking the other’s view.

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