d the Epic hidden object?! No way, this one really has a bit of nb1 on him.]

[Why are you so excited? It’s not like epic hidden object hasn’t been unlocked in other more difficult live broadcasts, right?]

[The one in front doesn’t have to show a sense of superiority.
I think you don’t watch the live broadcast much, right? Most of the anchors are newbies in the live broadcast.
Let alone epic, even ordinary hidden items are hard to find.
Even if you start a new account, you can only get difficult hidden items but open epic item tasks… I really saw it for the first time.]

Wen Jianyan’s upper body swayed, and he reached out to the railing beside him a little slowly, and then leaned out with a sullen face ―


The barrage became lively again:

[I’m dying of laughter.
Now, it can be seen that the anchor is really afraid.]

[While being afraid of ghosts, he can still deceive them.
He is very professional.]

[Bah! Don’t pretend!]

[Although I haven’t torn down the anchor’s trumpet2 yet, it really isn’t necessary to pretend to be a newcomer in such a simple and rude way, right!]

[No, isn’t it? Do you really think the anchor is pretending? Is it necessary to pretend to be a chicken? Please don’t make excuses.]

[The one in front doesn’t know.
It’s because of this host, that the difficulty and viewing rating of the live broadcast hall “Decai Middle School” have increased, how can this be a real chicken, I don’t believe it!]

When the two waves of people were arguing, the old viewers who had been in the live broadcast room from the beginning were stunned:

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[What? What are you talking about?]

New viewers come up in the barrage:

[Ah? Don’t you know?]

[I also came in because of this, otherwise how could I come to see this D-level square.]



[+10086, if you don’t believe me, go out and take a look, the rating of the entrance will not lie.]

The number of people in the barrage fluctuated sharply, first decreased significantly, and then increased again.

The audience who came back were all in a daze:

[…Crap, really, the rating has really changed.]

[Even the trumpet of the big guy can reach this level with such limited resources.
It’s really too much strong…]

[Damn, no matter whether he is a rookie or a boss, I announce that I will live in this live broadcast room from now on!]

[Invest in shares in advance, and you will not lose money!]

Wen Jianyan’s face was white, he crawled out of the bed in exhaustion.

The twitching caused by the tension in the stomach finally disappeared, but the physical discomfort caused by it has not completely disappeared yet.

The mirror that was upside down on the table disappeared at some point, replaced by a small key with a faded nameplate hanging on it, which seemed to be the key to a locker.

There was a crumpled note under the key, with a line of words scrawled on it:

“Classroom 408 on the fourth floor, locker 368, Time limit: before 1:00 a.m.”

It seems that he has to complete this so-called “task” before the time limit is up.

But… Classroom 408?

Wen Jianyan remembered the words he overheard in the women’s toilet before.

The room where the mirror is located in dormitory 408.

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Is there any connection between these two rooms? Or is it just a coincidence?

Wen Jianyan read the note over and over several times, but he didn’t find any other clues.

He put the note and the key in his pocket.

At this moment, the sound of the bell ringing came from downstairs: “Ding – ding- ding-”

The bell rang ten times.

Clear and loud, as if amplified by some unknown force for everyone in the dormitory to hear.


The lights in the corridor suddenly went out.

“It’s time to turn off the lights—”

In the distance, an old witch’s voice came from downstairs.

Her voice became extremely strange.
The original thick voice was mixed with a hissing sound, which seemed weird, and in the boundless darkness, it seemed extraordinarily strange, giving people goosebumps for no reason.

“You bastards, don’t let me find out that you are still staying outside the dormitory…hehe.”


The familiar mechanical voice sounded in the ears of each anchor:

【The live broadcast mission has been updated.】

As if to push everyone into the depths of nightmares and fears, the emotionless voice continued to say:

【Released mission: Leave the dormitory after lights are turned off and explore the campus.】

【In order to bring a better viewing experience for the audience, please ensure that the live broadcast is smooth and do not disconnect!】

At the same time, Wen Jianyan heard a “ding” in his ear.

Immediately afterwards, a few lines appeared in front of him.

【NPC teacher Yang alienation countdown: 00:00:01】
【NPC alienation completed】
【Target of hatred value: Xiao Wen】

【Under the anchor’s unremitting death courting and persistent provocation, you have finally become the target of NPC hatred! Congrats to the anchor for this honour! Everybody celebrate, congratulations!】

Wen Jianyan: “…..”

…I have a dirty word that I don’t know if I should say or not.

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