After the chasing battle, Wen Jianyan knew the layout of the dormitory building like the back of his hand.

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He cleverly used a few blind spots to sneak back into the room where he woke up before anyone could find him.

It’s the same as when he left a few hours ago.

Dirty walls, cramped iron beds, cluttered stacks of books.

Wen Jianyan’s line of sight hurriedly fell on the mirror hanging on the cabinet, daring not to stare at it for too long.

When he first woke up, he looked through the mirror and inadvertently met the face under the bed.

Even now, he still seems to be able to feel the terrifying sight coming from the corner of the room, which makes him feel creepy and cold.

Wen Jianyan took a deep breath and calmed down before walking slowly towards the mirror.

He deliberately didn’t look inside the mirror this time but took it directly from the cabinet door.

In the previous hidden mission, both NPC and Xiaojie mentioned a crucial mirror.

This made Wen Jianyan immediately think of his own experience after entering the instance.

After he glanced at the person under the bed in the mirror, the initial 20-minute survival time was determined.

And if he recalls carefully, every subsequent appearance of that ghost is in the mirror.

There might be some connection here.

Wen Jianyan tore off a pillow cover from the bed, covered the mirror, and then carefully looked down at the mirror in his hand.

It’s a very ordinary vanity mirror, oval, with a slightly faded light green plastic frame that looks slightly whitish in the dark.

There is no mezzanine on the back, and nothing can be hidden.

Nothing special inside and out.


Wen Jianyan used his fingertips to gently stroke the uneven surface under the mirror, as well as the rough holes that had been drilled by hand above the frame; his face showed a thoughtful look.

In other words, this is supposed to be the kind of vanity mirror that sits on the table.

However, now its base has been removed, two holes punched on the top, and hung on the cabinet.

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Wen Jianyan raised his head and hurriedly looked around the room.

Finally, his eyes fell on a corner of the table.

In a cluttered pile of books, there was a small blank space that looked as if it had been left on purpose.

Wen Jianyan walked there and took a closer look.

There are rectangular grey marks left on the table as if something had been placed on it for a long time.

He turned the mirror upwards to make a virtual comparison.

The size is almost the same.

At this moment, the pillow cover on the mirror surface suddenly fell down, as if it was pulled by some unknown force and slid down!

Wen Jianyan was startled, and subconsciously wanted to reach out to hold it, but he only barely touched the rough edge of the fabric.

The pillow cover slipped between his fingers and fell to the ground.


The air seemed to stagnate.

Wen Jianyan maintained a half-bent state, his eyes fixed on the pillow cover, and a fine layer of cold sweat appeared on his forehead, as if a cold breath slowly crawled over the back of his neck, making his scalp tingle.

The room was eerily quiet.

…this is a D-level instance, a D-level instance, a D-level instance.

It stands to reason that what has already been experienced is unlikely to be repeated!

He chanted over and over again in his mind.

Wen Jianyan closed his eyes forcefully, gritted his teeth, straightened up a little, and forced himself to look into the mirror.

The mirror faces the upper bunk near the right side of the door.

On the originally empty bed, a figure appeared at some point.

She was wearing an old school uniform with her back to the mirror, her long hair falling behind her, and she was sitting quietly on the bed at the moment.

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However, judging from the curved breasts and the style of the school uniform, she is now… in fact, it should be the front.

Wen Jianyan’s hand trembled, and he nearly dropped the mirror.

In the mirror, the woman’s long hair moved slightly, and the head turned around slowly—


Wen Jianyan slammed the mirror upside down.

He took a deep breath and slowly turned his head to look behind him.

The bed in the mirror was empty.

Unconsciously, Wen Jianyan was already in a cold sweat.

He took out his ID card and glanced at it.

There are still three hours left to survive, and it seems that his actions just now did not trigger any mortal trap, so… the “person” in the mirror just now may not be a danger, but some kind of reminder.

But…how to be sure?

Wen Jianyan thought for a few seconds and then opened the hidden live broadcast interface.

The barrage came in like a tsunami, densely covering the screen, which was more than ten times more lively than before.

He glanced at the upper right corner, and there were more than 5,000 people online in real-time.

Although he had a hunch for a long time, after seeing the live broadcast room growing so rapidly, the smile on Wen Jianyan’s mouth couldn’t help but be a little sincere.

[!! The anchor has opened the barrage!]

[Ah ah ah ah ah ahh, that seems familiar.]

[Familiar, my ass! the anchor is probably not going to survive tonight.]

[Open your eyes and don’t talk nonsense.
How many newcomers can pull the entire instance rating by themselves? I think he’s some big guy who came to the Novice Village to play two hands.]

[So who’s sockpuppet is he? Ah ah ah! Let me know if someone in the barrage figured it out, ok? I want to know!]

[Please, the anchor will reveal it himself afterwards.
For now, let’s just pay attention to the situation, ok? (reward points 50)]

[Please figure it out.
+1 (80 reward points)]

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Good! Roll it!

Roll it up for me!

Wen Jianyan kept his face calm, turned a blind eye to all the barrages asking about the sockpuppet, and said hello with a smile: “I didn’t expect to not to see you for a few hours, and suddenly there are so many new friends in the live broadcast room.
Hello everyone.”

He swiped through the rapidly refreshing barrage, selected a few fans with high rewards and thanked them, and then changed the subject:

“Did you all see that person in the mirror just now?”

The young man glanced at the iron bed not far away, and raised his brows with sincerity: “This is too scary, I really…don’t want to approach that place at all.”

There was an embarrassed look on his face:

“However, it seems that there will be clues.
Do you want me to go up and have a look?”

A simple question, so natural that people don’t think much about it, but it leads the topic in a direction where more information can be obtained without a trace.

The barrage suddenly became lively, and the audience watching the live broadcast shouted:

[Go! Of course, you have to go!]

[Hurry up anchor, don’t be a coward, Go! (Reward points 100)]

[Exciting! I already watched this instance several times, but this is the first time I saw the ghost in the mirror.
I’m going to sit on the small bench and wait for the good show. (Reward points 100)]

First time?

That’s stable.

According to the information revealed in the previous barrage, it is estimated that they have already seen many anchors clear the instance called “Decai Middle School”.
Since they have not seen the ghost in this mirror, it means that she probably didn’t take the initiative to attack the anchor.

Then it’s more likely to be a clue.

Although his heart is clear, the struggle on Wen Jianyan’s face became more intense, and he seemed to be very hesitant.

After the atmosphere was at its hottest, he sighed and let out a sigh of relief helplessly:

“Since I’ve said it, then for everyone’s viewing experience, I’ll climb up and take a look.”

And with the buffering of the barrage just now, that creepy feeling has been diluted a lot.

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After hiding the panel, Wen Jianyan climbed onto the bed carefully.

The metal frame couldn’t bear the heavy weight of an adult man and let out a squeaky sound.

The bed was covered with a thin cotton mattress, compressed to the point of losing its elasticity, a few faded stickers were stuck on the wall, and the edges of the sheets were neatly tucked under the mattress.

At that time, Wen Jianyan stopped.

The touch under his palm was a little wrong.

He lifted the mattress and took out a thin notebook from below.

On the title page of the notebook were two beautiful words: Xu Yuan.

Most of the content inside has been blurred, and only two or three short diary entries are left to read clearly.

{X year x month x day, Clear

This girl is really scary, I always feel that she has a gloomy and infiltrating temperament.
Every time I stay in the same bedroom with her alone, I feel very uncomfortable.
This afternoon in the water room, A Xin I said some ridiculing things, although it was a bit excessive, I also agreed with a smile, and as soon as I went out, I saw her leaving back.
I don’t know if she heard…I’m feeling uneasy.}

{X year x month x day, Cloudy
I wanted to apologize several times, but every time I saw her back, I didn’t dare to go forward.

After the art class today, I secretly followed her.
I wanted to find a chance to say something to her but never found a chance.

I followed her to the grove and saw her breaking up the ham sausage and feeding it to the stray cat.
The cat’s name is Xiaoju (Little Orange).
I’m so happy, I wanted to go up and talk to her, and then…

I heard Xiaoju’s scream.
I saw she held Xiaoju and grabbed its throat with her hands.

Xiaoju’s claws formed long bloody marks on her hand, but she didn’t move, as if she didn’t feel it.
She held Xiaoju tightly and then stabbed it in the neck with an art knife.

Xiaoju quickly stopped moving.
I was trembling all over, and I didn’t dare to move and just stood there motionless.

I should have gone up to stop it so that Xiaoju might survive.
But… I’m really cowardly, only if I would be half as brave as Ah Xin.

After I realised that my body could move, I ran back without looking back and laid down on the quilt, trembling.

I heard the sound of her opening the door and coming in.
I could feel her standing beside my bed for a long time and didn’t leave.
I also heard the sound of water dripping on the ground, but I didn’t dare to move or speak.

Please, go away.

I didn’t see anything, I didn’t hear anything.}

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