Wen Jianyan looked at the empty duty room, his eyelashes drooping slightly, but there was no expression on his face.

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He turned around and picked up the picture from the hidden compartment of the drawer.

In the photo, a mother and daughter, one big and one small, was standing in the amusement park, smiling happily at the camera.

At this moment, a prompt sounded in his ear:
【Ding! Your chase battle has been automatically cleared, and the hidden mission is completed!】

The moment the words fell, Wen Jianyan felt dizzy for a while, and the next second, when he opened his eyes again, he found that he had returned to the door of the cafeteria.

The riots in the cafeteria continued, and the sound of the system was ringing in the ears.

【Ding! For completing the special task of the live broadcast and unlocking the special plotline: Reward points: 5000】

【The reward of the live broadcast mission is being calculated for you:
Instance exploration degree: 50%
Reward points: 5000
At this stage, the degree of modification of the plot: 62%
Reward points: 20000】

【Remaining points in the account: 30900】

【Wow, congratulations on becoming the richest anchor in the entire instance!
Unlock achievements: With all due respect, everyone here is a poor ghost.】

Wen Jianyan was still poor just now, but now he has suddenly become rich and has become the anchor with the most points in the entire instance.
He was feeling a little dizzy by this news.

In addition to the surprise, Wen Jianyan was a little uneasy.

There won’t be any traps here…?

【It’s detected that the points in the host’s account are greater than 1000, and the system store is being unlocked for you…】

【Do you want to open the system store?】

Wen Jianyan calmed down: “Open.”

The E-level anchor’s store interface unfolded in front of him, and the stores of other levels were all grey and weren’t unlocked yet.
Wen Jianyan tried to click, and although other interfaces could be opened, all the products and points in it were in the “???” status.

However, at the top of the interface of the most advanced S-class anchor store, a dazzling golden coupon was displayed.

“Soul Contract termination document”.

The exchange method below is still locked.

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Wen Jianyan’s eyes stayed on the golden coupon for a few seconds and then he switched back to the store interface of his E-level anchor store.

Although only a limited area has been opened, the variety of goods here is still very wide.

“Hiding Robe: will not be found by any monsters for a minute”, “Substitute Puppet: Create a puppet with your smell for one minute”, “Hand of Guidance: Show you the location of a hidden object (level limit: Ordinary)”, “Book of agreement”, “Amulet”…And so on.

The efficacy of the notes below each prop is eye-catching.

Wen Jianyan’s eyes swept across the price list, and his eyes suddenly darkened:


Oh God! You need at least 5,000 points for any life-saving prop!

Isn’t that a rip-off!

He can see through the face of the profiteer in this live broadcast room!

Wen Jianyan closed the system store with a blank face.

He redeemed three and a half hours of survival time and then deposited the remaining 9,900 points into his account.

There must be a reason to give so many life-saving props in the system store.

Wen Jianyan was keenly aware of the danger signs.
Therefore, he did not use up all the points this time.

Just as the light screen was about to close, his line of sight inadvertently swept across the upper right corner again.

Wen Jianyan was startled.

This time it was definitely not his illusion.
There is a little green in the centre of the flowerpot icon, which is particularly conspicuous under the grey background.

…it sprouted?

He reached out and poked the icon.

A line of text popped up.

【Product Name: Apple Seedling】

Wen Jianyan: “…..”

I already know this, thank you.

He wasn’t sure what he had done to cause the apple seedling to germinate.
After all, he rarely turned on the light screen, let alone used the extra points to irrigate and fertilise it.

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However, based on the nature of this live broadcast room, Wen Jianyan dared to conclude that the growth of this apple seedling has absolutely nothing to do with the passage of time.

As for its role, it is even more unknown.

So for the time being, he can only continue to wait and see.

Soon, the turmoil in the cafeteria finally subsided.

The anchors sat back in their seats with trepidation.
This time, no one dared to dislike the swill-like food.
All the anchors looked dishevelled as they ate everything in the bowl with difficulty.

After washing the rice bowl and putting it back in place, the anchors returned to the door of the dormitory building before 9:30.


The frantic rummaging sound sounded from the duty room.

All the drawers were hurriedly pulled out and opened, the wardrobe door was slammed; mattresses, sheets, and pillows were all scattered on the ground, and there was a mess everywhere.

The anchors looked at each other in panic, standing at the door of the dormitory building and daring not to move forward.

Until the door of the duty room was slammed open with a “bang”, the tall figure of the old witch appeared inside the door.

Everyone was terrified.

The old witch had dishevelled hair, her eyes were bloodshot, her expression was crazy and furious, her twisted face was bulging with blue veins, and she looked like a ghost.
She gritted her teeth and stared at the anchors standing at the door:

“…Have any of you entered my room?”

The woman’s terrifying eyes swept over the anchors’ bodies, and the madness exuded from her body was frightening:

“There was a small red cloth bag, who took it away?”

“No, No.”


The anchors shook their heads in panic, afraid of being targeted by the other party.

“The thief…”

The old witch’s teeth clenched tightly: “There is a thief among you…”

A neurotic chuckle came out of her throat: “If I catch him, I will make him pay the price for his actions—”

Suddenly, the old witch seemed to remember something.

The woman stared and looked around the room with frantic eyes: “Where’s Xiao Wen? Where’s the intern teacher? Who among you saw him?”

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The anchors huddled together in a panic, shaking their heads together.

Kong Shixing said boldly, “I saw him when I was in the cafeteria.
Later, he followed the cafeteria aunt who served us the food to the back kitchen, and then I never saw him again.”

The old witch’s eyes fell on Kong Shixing’s body, those turbid and protruding eyes did not blink, as if thinking about the authenticity of the other party’s words.

Finally, the skin on her face twitched:

“I’m going out, you are not allowed to go out of the dormitory building, turn off the lights at 10 p.m.
I will come back to check after the lights are turned off.
If I see any of you outside your room, you’ll have good fruits to eat.”

After speaking, the old witch turned around and walked out without looking back.

The anchors stood there in shock.

“What’s the matter…? That NPC’s stuff was stolen?”

“It seems like this…”

“Who stole it? The player or the NPC?”

The whispering voices sounded in front of the door of the dormitory.

Kong Shixing and his two teammates stood aside, and the three discussed in a low voice.

“That NPC named Xiao Wen is very suspicious.”

“Indeed.” Kong Shixing showed a thoughtful expression: “And what he took away might be a very important prop.
In short, we will also have to look for the NPC within the scope of our ability to see if we can get the props from him.
And if it doesn’t help, we can tell that crazy woman about his whereabouts, maybe it will give us a chance.”

“Anyway, let’s go back to the dormitory for now, the identity card has not been fully unlocked yet.”

All the players walked towards the dormitory building and soon disappeared.

The air fell into a dead silence.

In the shadowy corner outside the dormitory building, the young man bent down, quietly stuck out half of his head, and looked around cautiously.

Great, no one.

Wen Jianyan walked out of the corner lightly and breathed a long sigh of relief.

Fortunately, he turned his mind quickly just now, and when he came back, he saw the abnormality in the duty room, so he quickly hid.

If he gets caught on the spot, who knows what would happen!

At this moment, the familiar mechanical sound came again:

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【Ding, it is detected that the deviation in the plot has reached the threshold, and the instance is undergoing uncontrollable changes!】

【The new plot is opening…】

【NPC teacher Yang’s alienation countdown: 00:30:00】

【The target of hatred value: Xiao Wen】

Wen Jianyan: “…..”

The barrage in the 789326qwk live broadcast room was flooding with “hahaha”.

[Hahahahahahaha hatred value, laughing to death]

[hahahahaha the car is overturned!]

[I don’t understand, there was an anchor who took this prop in the “Decai Middle School” before, but I haven’t seen such a big reaction from the old witch at that time!]

[Because the plot modification is too high.]

[Speaking of which, I have seen this copy quite a few times, but I really have never heard of this plot… ]

[!!! Damn! New plotline! Shocking!]

[If the anchor can really pass this new storyline, it is estimated that he will make a profit.]

[Hehe, can you say that once more? I think the anchor is getting cold, wanted by NPC and other anchors together.
This is not yet 100% finished!]

At the same time, the logo outside the live broadcast hall changed again.

【Decai Middle School】
Difficulty Level: D
The highest historical unlocking progress: 72
Viewing value: D+

The difficulty level has risen to D+.

The viewing value flickered, slowly changing from D+ to C.

In the live broadcast square, under the watchful eyes of everyone, the quick entrance to the copy “Decai Middle School” jumped up again and entered the first page of the recommended list.

Outside audience: ? ? ?

What’s the situation?

What the hell happened in this low-difficulty simple copy!

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