back molars fiercely.

Forgot it.

Anyway, if you ride a tiger, it’s hard to get off1; so let’s just give medicine to a dead horse2.

He took a step forward, pulled the chair in front of the table away slowly and cautiously, then reached out to Xiaojie not far away, and said in a very gentle tone, “Come.”

Xiaojie tilted her head, her facial features blurred, and her face was even more confused.

“Look, your hair is all messed up, I’ll brush it for you again.”

The other party still didn’t move.

“Be obedient.” Wen Jianyan lowered his voice a little, imitating the imposing style of the old witch.

Xiaojie hesitated for two seconds, and finally crawled in Wen Jianyan’s direction.

The pale thin arms climbed onto the wooden chair, and the twisted body sat on it little by little.
She faced the dusty mirror, her thick and long jet-black hair fell and spread out on the ground.

Wen Jianyan raised his hand and brushed it down the other party’s hair.

The moment it touched the top of the girl’s head, a sharp pain suddenly came from the fingertips, and the strands of hair squirmed as if alive.

Wen Jianyan’s heart trembled, and he began to feel dizzy.

A horrific feeling suddenly struck, as if the surrounding gaps were filled with peeping eyes, casting malicious gazes from all directions.

The instinct to run away in danger was screaming, and at that moment, every cell in him was shouting:
Throw away the comb! Get out and run!
Hurry up! Hurry up! Otherwise, it will be too late!

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……calm down!

Wen Jianyan bit the tip of his tongue fiercely, forcing his body that wanted to escape to stay in place.

He glanced at the upper right corner.

Both health and sanity have been gnawed down together, and the colour of the blood bar has also changed from green to yellow; the sanity is even more dangerous and has already turned to orange.

He slowly took a deep breath and sang:

“This little red comb, comb your hair before the mirror.”

Xiaojie seemed to have no idea what was going on behind her.

She sat on the chair with her back to Wen Jianyan, gently swaying her deathly pale calves, and hummed the tune somewhat sluggishly.

Wen Jianyan didn’t know if it was his illusion, but the facial features of the small face reflected in the mirror seemed to be much clearer than before.

The comb brushed to the bottom.

“I… remember.”

Xiaojie spoke suddenly, and said slowly with some difficulty:

“Mom, although she is very strict and sometimes gets angry, which is scary, she is very gentle to me and will sing while combing my hair, and will make a nice braid for me.”

“With one brush, may you be blessed with intelligence and beauty.”

The brush slid down the hair.

The little girl’s speech was incoherent, with a bit of dullness and clumsiness that didn’t match her age.

“I’m stupid and can’t go out.
If I go out, I’ll meet bad people and Mom can’t always protect me.”

The hot red blood seeped out, dyeing the comb with broken teeth red, turning it into a shiny, brand-new rosy colour.

“With the second, may happiness never be far from you.”

After the second brush, the mirror reflected the little girl’s gradually clear facial features, and the hair that had grown to the ground was now shortened to the waist.

“Mom, I’m sorry.”

“I shouldn’t not listen to you, eavesdrop on other people’s conversations, and I, I shouldn’t sneak out of the room at night.”

Xiaojie sobbed, raised her pale little hands and wiped them randomly: ” Mom, I’m sorry, I, I just wanted to… I’m afraid they really wished to take you away…”

“With the third, may you be pleased and satisfied.”

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One last stroke.

The comb was slowly combed down, and the speed of the blood strips finally slowed down.
At the end of the sanity bar, there was only a little amount left, and it was about to be used up before it was stopped.

The girl’s hair no longer wriggled, it became docile and smooth, as black as ink, almost no different from normal people’s long hair.

Xiaojie raised her eyes while sobbing, and looked at Wen Jianyan in the mirror.
She whimpered with tears in her eyes:

“I make a wish to help my mother.”

“Those adults say that I am your burden.
Because of me, you have to, you have to work so hard, and you’re so fierce to others.”

“I don’t want to be a burden, I want to protect my mother.”

“With my help, will my mother be a little relaxed? Not as tired as before, right?”


Wen Jianyan was silent.

He turned around and picked up the faded and dull hair tie from the hidden grid behind him.
His blood-stained fingers seemed to have not been affected by the wound at all.
He smoothly gathered the long hair behind Xiaojie’s head and skillfully braided her braids with a bow at the end.

Exactly as in the photo.

After doing all this, he gave a soft “um”.

As if hearing a satisfactory answer, Xiaojie burst into tears.

She clapped her hands happily: “That’s great, I’m helpful…”

In the mirror, the little girl’s figure became a little bit lighter, and he could only vaguely see that happy and cheerful smile.

The girl with pigtails sniffed her nose, raised her hand carefully and grabbed Wen Jianyan’s sleeve, and said with incomparable nostalgia,

“Mom, I miss you too.”

With that, her figure became transparent little by little until it finally disappeared.

Only the girl’s last sentence left fluttering and dissipating in the air.



Means impossible to stop halfway


keep trying everything in a desperate situation.

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